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By | August 22, 2019

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How to remove sod? We remove sod primarily with a sod cutter that takes a 12 to 16 inch
strip of grass out after the area is good and dead with Roundup. You take as little
dirt as possible and it scrapes it off and leaves nothing but the bare dirt there. There
are several brands at Lowe’s and Home Depot of these machines but they all pretty much
work the same way, and that is the advised way to take grass out of the yard it’s been
contaminated with weeds or Bermuda grass. The cheaper way to do this is to still kill
the area with a Roundup application, and then you can go in there with a weedeater and cut
the grass down, turn the weedeater upside down and cut it down absolutely as low as
you can to the dirt, and then rake up all of that dead material out of there and bag
it up and get it out of there. And then lay the grass down on top of that. The problem
with that is that we do not guarantee the grass that way, we don’t have any problems
with it at all, and we don’t have near as much to haul off so that it’s a cheaper service,
you don’t have to pick up and rent the sod cutter and everything, but you can do the
weedeater method, you can create some problems for yourself that way, there’s going to be
some dying grass and some rotting grass. If it doesn’t all rot evenly it might settle
unevenly. You’re probably going to have to water more upfront to get the air pockets
out, it’s very important when you lay new grass, to get the air pockets out. You want
as much dirt on dirt contact, meaning the earth, it’s the dirt on the bottom of the
grass, you want as much dirt on dirt contact and then water that dirt, so that it kind
of sandwiches together and gets rid of the air pockets. If you do not get rid of the
air pockets the weedeater method could help along, the new roots will start to grow out
of the bottom of the block of grass and then when they hit an air pocket they die, and
so that is one of the problems with doing that. That is also a problem if you do not
water enough or something like that. The purpose of the excessive watering that first day is,
not only to, you rip the grass out of the ground and you traumatized it and moved it
around, the primary reason for doing that is to get rid of those air pockets and seal
it to its new home.}

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