How To Register Your Domain Name With NameCheap | Tips & Live Demo | Video 2

By | October 6, 2019

so you’re starting a business planning
to start a business or perhaps have already had one up and running for a
long time and you know that the success of your venture while it starts with
providing value through your products or services hinges on making others aware
of that value that you offer the first step to establishing your web presence
to make that happen is registering a domain name and that’s exactly what I’ll
show you how to do in this video let’s do this welcome to the video how to
register your domain name with namecheap I’m really excited to have you here
I’m Kevin Striker with tru lift digital marketing and this is video 2 in a 12
plus part video series on how to easily create a web presence for your business
even if you have zero technical skills starting with a business idea in mind or
existing business in place if you already have one like I said in the
intro the first step to creating a web presence is locking down that domain
name or your website address so your customers and potential customers know
where to find you on the web now I could just blow through this video superfast
click here go here enter this etc like the other videos on YouTube
or it can provide you with greater value by helping you steer clear of pitfalls
and potential problems that result from setting things up too hastily because
that will just cost you more time and aggravation down the road registering
your domain name is an important step and should be done correctly I created
my first website in 1996 I’ve already done a lot of the wrong things so I’ll
do my best to ensure that you can avoid that and very quickly before we get into
it I’ll just add that if you are interested I’ve also put together the
ultimate web presence checklist that you can download in PDF version for free
that contains all the steps that we will be covering in this video series taking
you from this point was perhaps no web site or web presence to a functioning
website and social presence that is set up to track visitor interactions with
your brand and/or company and retarget those visitors so that you can get and
keep more customers use it to follow along or is it a guide to make sure you
don’t miss any steps in the process or perhaps do them in the wrong order just
click the link on your screen right now to download your checklist okay let’s
get right into it at the simplest level owning a blog or website involves two
main pieces your domain and your hosting the domain name or web address is the
address on the internet that people use to find your site
and the web hosting is the service that actually stores your website’s files you
put your website files which contains all the data like text images and coding
related to your site’s content on your host servers then tell your domain to
point to those files on your host servers when someone puts in your web
address or domain name into their browser in this video we’ll deal with
the first part of getting that domain name registered in the next video video
3 we will talk about lining up your hosting provider and then in video 5
we’ll go over how to point that domain name to the hosting provider so that the
two of them can work together ok there’s the theory how about we put this into
practice as I mentioned let’s assume that you have your business name in mind
that you would like to get your domain name for I’m not an attorney and I don’t
play one on the internet so when looking into business naming if you haven’t
already done so you may want to check with your local Chamber of Commerce
local business development office or appropriate agencies to make sure no one
else in your geographic region state province or even country has the same
name for their business it would suck to build a business and your brand around a
name only to find out in a year or more that your business is getting confused
with somebody else’s and you have to change names for me the business name
that I’m gonna go with is tru lift digital marketing and with that in mind
I would like to get the domain name tru lift dot com very quickly as a side note as
a general rule if you get the chance for your business you will likely want to
get a dot com or commercial extension failing that if it has already taken
than a dot net or if you are not-for-profit for example when you may
want dot org as you will see shortly there are numerous other extensions that you
can get depending on your business but dot com is a solid catch-all just my opinion
okay let’s get a domain name so to get to the Namecheap website simply click on
the link in the description area of this video but before you do in the interest
of full disclosure this is an affiliate link if you feel you’re getting value
from this video and from the rest of this series I would appreciate if you
would use these links it helps me keep this information free the links are
provided to me directly from Namecheap or their affiliate managers you will not
pay more by using these links but if you don’t feel that the value is there and
if this is the first video that you have watched for me then perhaps I haven’t
earned that click from you in that case feel free to go
directly to and you will end up in the exact same place no hard
feelings we can still be friends if you later
feel I have earned your support then please click the link before you
purchase I really would appreciate it you will see a page similar to this the
UI or user interface basically the way the site looks may appear slightly
different to you as companies are always changing their UIs
but basically you will see a screen like or pretty similar to this across the top
header you get an idea of the products that Namecheap offers and the functions
that they provide under the domains tab you’ve got registration transfer and so
forth down the line they offer hosting built in and various functions related
to that they’ve got a drop-down related to apps security and then of course once
you get your account set up you’re gonna be you’re gonna have the ability to do a
few things in there as well to manage your site if you go down the page a
little bit depending what you intend to use Namecheap for they give you some
suggestions of services you may require from them basically upsell services
depending on whether you’re looking as an individual business or reseller
you’ll likely want business but that depends on you and then if you scroll
down a little bit further there is a testimonial section to give you some
comfort with what other people are saying about Namecheap you can chat with
a live person if you want or get stuck with anything and then you have more
links to various parts of the site at the bottom in the footer section let’s
just go back up to the top what we are interested in here is a domain name and
in particular registering a domain name now Namecheap also offers hosting but I
personally use Namecheap for domain registrations only so why is that would
it not be easier to get both of your domain name and your hosting from the
same provider one login one password probably integrate well together right
well it’s nothing against Namecheap the reason I do it to be honest is because
I’m a little paranoid I suppose unfortunately there are bad people on
the Internet I’m not trying to fear monger here although it might seem like
that in this video series in addition to establishing a social presence you also
be creating or improving a tremendous asset of your business your website I’m
just not comfortable with keeping all my website eggs in one basket and I’m
definitely not an alone in that sentiment if someone were to hack my
hosting account which I would have a backup of and I’ll show you how
do that as well and get access to my files but not be able to access my
domains I would simply take my backed up files
and set up new hosting and point my domain to the new host your domain is
still safe or if down the road for whatever reason I want to change hosting
and I had my domain name registered with the same company I would have to
transfer the domain name to the new host as well which can be time-consuming
annoying and confusing if you aren’t tech savvy I registered my first namecheap domain name in April 2012 and I’ve since had 10 more domain names
registered with them as well I haven’t had one problem with their service they
have a great search feature which I’ll show you in just a second and they have
great customer service so let’s get me namecheap domain name number 12 and
learn how you can get yours as well so like I said what we are interested in
today is domains and registration of domains in particular I’m going to right
click on it and open it up in a new tab to show you where you can find a little
more information specific to registering a domain if you’re interested the page
has a similar format to the home page if you scroll down a bit and are curious
why you might want to register a domain name it explains why here but what I’m
more interested in is showing you down here towards the bottom here you’ll get
an idea of the features related to registering a domain name with namecheap
and then the pricing that is available so you can see that you can register
various TLDs top-level domains or extensions each has a bit of a different
price you can see the different prices depending on how many years you commit
to it’s slightly cheaper to commit to a longer period a whopping 10 cents a year
or so so imagine the only reason you might want to opt for longer terms the
convenience of not having to renew annually I just go annually they provide
you with a lot of notification before your year is up in my experience you get an
email notification at 1 month 15 days 7 days 3 days and one day before the
expiry just ask my wife I need a lot of reminding but even for me 5 reminders
will work ok just wanted to quickly show you that I’ll close out of that tab I
mentioned support earlier so I’ll quickly highlight the support drop down
here there is a support center support update info a knowledgebase you can
submit a ticket converse live through live or converse through live chat
and report any abuses within the system like spam phishing scams copyright
infringement etcetera I’m gonna go here to the Box in the middle the root
domain that I want is trulift I just put that in and that’s it
I don’t need to add the dot com extension here and hit enter and unfortunately
this tells me that domain that I want trulift dot com is not available which
sucks I’ve got the X here and this thing here saying it isn’t available and down
here I’ve got make an offer so if I really want tru lift dot com there is the
option to make an offer to the owner so if I click on that link I can make my
offer and Namecheap will present that offer to the owner I’m not interested in
doing that I just really don’t want to make an offer but what I am interested
in is checking out the Whois information for that particular domain name so if I
click this link that is going to open up a new tab if I scroll down this gives me
some data on the domain name trulift dot com the Registrar which is the company
that registers the domain name like in our case name cheap is epic Inc the
domain was created December 31st 2006 updated March 16 2017 but more
importantly it expires December 31st 2017 so I’ll make a note of that and
maybe I’ll have a shot at possibly purchasing this domain at that time if
they don’t renew it now of course I’m not going to wait for it I need to get
my site rolling now but maybe I would want it in addition to the domain that I
will get today or perhaps down the road it can be my main site and I can
redirect all the traffic on my site that I’m going to create now to it now in
most cases down here you will also see the name of the person that has this
domain name registered or the registrant in my case you would see Kevin Striker
with my business name where I live including street city state country and
then my phone number in this particular instance the fact that I’m not seeing
that personal information for the registrant here is due to the fact that
this person who registered trulift dot com has used a service that acts as a
privacy blocker so rather than seeing all of that person’s information you are
just seeing the contact information for a third party privacy company in this
case anamize inc now if I open a new tab I can open the site that Namecheap
pulled that information from by typing and then
go to this field here and enter trulift dot com and hit enter it’s basically
the same information we saw in the last page you have the registrar’s name the
creation date and update date and the expiration date down the page you will
see the personal registrant information that in this case is blocked and
substituted with the information for the privacy company and if I wanted to open
a new tab to see what the site looks like tru lift dot com
you can see that this is just a placeholder
it doesn’t redirect anywhere and they are not using it and it is not a
potential competitor to tru lift digital marketing this person likely
bought it for the purposes of reselling it to someone so like I said I could
offer that person a price but I’m not going to bother I just don’t want it
that bad I just wanted to show you some of the roads that you can go down to
find some of the information on a particular domain if you’re interested
and I also wanted to show you what the Whois site is and the information
contained in it for reasons I will soon explain okay
so I’ll just close these tabs obviously I can’t get trulift dot com so I’m just
going to go back and I’m gonna try again how about tru lift digital and hit the search button and that tells me that it is available
checkmarks tell me that it is available as does the text and they provide me
with a price so now since I want it I can either put
in my shopping cart here or here I’m going to go here and then I can view my cart so the prices in u.s. dollars but if I
want to change that to euros British pounds Canadian dollars etc I can here I just want to confirm that I’ve
got the right domain that’s right I can change the number of years if I want I
showed you earlier that price really doesn’t change much I can auto renew it
if I want which means it will just charge whatever card I put on file when
I open the account with them I’m not gonna bother remember I said they will
remind you quite a bit it’s up to you there’s a small ICANN fee of 18 cents
which stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
numbers a necessary fee to get a domain name whether you get it through
Namecheap or otherwise I can X out of that item in my cart if I change my mind
and don’t want it and it gets deleted from my cart whois guard as it says
here grants you anonymity and privacy what that is is a feature that is free
for the first year that hides that personal information of yours on that
whois dot com website basically a privacy blocker so if the guy that owns trulift
dot com that I showed you had not had a privacy blocker like Whois guard
anyone on the internet would have been able to see who he is what his
mailing address is company name etc a privacy blocker just replaces all of
that information with that of the privacy blocker company now I’m not
about to hide anything or do anything Shady that’s for sure but Internet
privacy where you can get it isn’t a bad thing in my books I can toggle that off
but it’s free for the first year so why not just keep it the same thing with a
premium DNS you can toggle it on or off it apparently has superior uptime and
extra protection and speed but I will not have a huge site right out of the
gates that could even benefit from that right now and foreseeable
future anyway so I’ll just leave that off then there’s the opportunity to get
some additional stuff quite honestly I don’t go for any of that so I’ll just go
back up to the top of course it’s up to you I don’t have any promo code so I’m
just gonna hit confirm order before I do I just want to quickly mention I’ve got in my cart but while I’m here I might want to see if is available it’s kind of long for me so I
prefer to go with my main domain of but I may want to buy
it anyway the reason for this is once I establish a bit of a name for this
company if someone remembers name of my business tru lift digital marketing but not the exact domain name of and puts as a URL I can redirect them to my main URL of by redirecting I mean someone types in but they automatically go to truliftdigital dot com I’ll show you
how to do that in video 5 of this series if you’re interested or if someone down
the road decides to call their business tru lift digital marketing I want to
take that domain name so they don’t maybe it prevents possible headaches
later the reason I bring it up is maybe you want to look into something like
that as well just something to think about anyway I’ll do that off screen for
this video demonstration I’ll just keep going with the first domain name i’ll
hit confirm order that’s going to take me to this page where i can either log
into an account if i already have one which i do or i can create an account
for the purposes of this video create a new account to show you what that looks
like just follow the instructions on the screen
to create a username and password rather than have you watch me type through
editing I’ll just quickly skip to having the information already added I just
wanted to jump in quickly and say that for those of you who intend on watching
this entire video series or even for those that don’t in creating a web
presence you’re gonna run across numerous instances where you will be
setting up new accounts that involve passwords to help you out there since
it’s nice to have all your passwords for your web presence in one spot I’ve
created a web presence password tracker that you can check out and download if
you want by clicking on the link on your screen right now or down below in the
description area if you’re watching this in YouTube which will explain what it is
and how to use it pause this video now and check that out if you want and then
come back if you do decide to download the password tracker there is a section
where you can input your name cheap username password and email that you
used to sign up with to help you keep that information together even if you
don’t get the password tracker make sure to keep this information someplace safe
and handy let’s keep going here if you want to be on namecheap’s newsletter
mailing list keep this box checked I’m gonna uncheck it and again I’m not an
attorney but you might want to check out the Terms of Service since going forward
would mean you agree to them the link is here and then click create account and
continue my browser wants to know if I want to
save that password I’ll just close that this is the page that pops up it kind of
lets you know what stage you’re at right now obviously we’re in the account
portion but after we are done filling in the information below we’ll go to setup
billing order etc we’ll go through all these steps right now quickly it kind of
Auto populated these two fields here I’ll just quickly fill this out it’s
pretty self-explanatory rather than have you watch me type I’ll
just edit my information in there off-screen just put in your company name
if you have one fill in your address including city
state zip and country then fill in your phone number and fax
if you have one for extra security you can require phone
verification in addition to requiring a password in the event that your password
is stolen or hacked to reset your password you will receive the new
password by phone it’s up to you I’ll just leave that one unchecked for now
and click continue it basically takes you here to the setup
stage and you just verify that the information here is correct this is the
information that will show up on the whois dot com website if you do not have
Whois guard pretty basic it can be all the same contact information for
registrant administrative technical and billing contact or you can modify it as
applicable then you get to this Whois guard section it suggests just to keep
the box checked to enable the Whois guard at the time of purchase perfect
you can check this box if you want to to save the contact information for future
purchases I’ll just leave it off and just hit continue again so here you are
in the billing section just fill out your credit card info I’ll do that in a
second if you scroll down a bit it’s just got your contact information for
your receipt remember this is a tax deductible business expense
so put your receipt when you get it in a safe place it’s not a ton of money
obviously but bookkeeping can be a real pain so just a friendly reminder as soon
as you are done with your domain purchase you will receive an email with
all the relevant purchase information that you can print off for your files
and then there are some renewal settings if you get lost with anything or unsure
or have any problems remember you can almost chat with a live person so I’ll
go to the top and fill that form in right now and keep going here’s all my
card information blur it out from my own protection I can check this box if I
want Namecheap to store my credit card information that’s up to you you can
then check this box to have your registration automatically renewed where
the box is below it to just have your domain automatically renewed or your
Whois guard to automatically renewed like I said I’ll leave that unchecked
and hit continue and that basically takes you to your order page kind of
your last opportunity for confirmation up here it says it is using the previous
settings to configure domains etc this is where you review your settings you
can update your shopping cart change your Whois contacts and payment details scroll through everything and make sure
everything looks good to you including payment details and so forth here’s your
last chance to change it if not hit pay now and that’s basically yet they’re
smart marketers so they’re hitting you up with a quick quality survey as part
of the thank you you can opt out of it to skip it I’ll quickly give them some
love okay there you go thank you page you
are done that’s it for this step if you followed along with me you just
registered your domain name with namecheap congratulations you will be
getting a couple emails now from Namecheap look for those and I’ll see
you in the next video where we will keep rolling with the setup of your website
by getting your hosting lined up so that you have a place to save your website’s
information if you want to subscribe to the truliftdigital channel on YouTube
to get notified of new videos as soon as they are live just click on the logo on
your screen right now to do so if you want to go directly to video 3 now just
click on video 3 and I’ll meet you over there
thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon

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