77 thoughts on “How to Recover Your (DYING) Facebook Traffic

  1. Suresh Chaudhary Post author

    I just loved the thumbnail 🙂 Check out my thumbnails 😛
    Superb video content. Keep posting.

  2. EVERFIT TV Post author

    Is it possible to reach to each and every fans or followers from a page which has 100000 likes…
    Coz it just reaches to 1500 or 2000 max..

  3. Siddharth Naik Post author

    Trying hard to get traffic on a Tech Niche website. But it's not getting one over the time.

  4. TechnicalGuru420 Sammy Post author

    Insta is giving big competition to fb….what do you think Neil ?

  5. hello Post author

    facebook disabled my ad account…they r not even telling me why!

  6. Kaizen Lee Post author

    Facebook is always changing its algorithm just so that it can continue to milk money from advertisers. I'd say if you are just starting out in Internet marketing, then don't set up a fan page. Just create another account for your business purposes.

  7. Sihan Karadia Post author

    My question is off topic. But, should I buy email bucket list for marketing services I provide through my website . And if yes, which sources are reliable to buy.

  8. SKM Software Post author

    I have boost my post many times, it's true that I have got many post engagement but not get any traffic to my website.

  9. Lester Diaz Post author

    True, I have a bunch of Facebook pages and we only get less than 5% engagement rate. The solution is diversification, I built a subscriber base in Messenger of about 40k people and 30k people in email, that helped over time supplement the lost traffic

  10. the man the myth Post author

    I've learned and came to the conclusion that no matter what you do, you'll have to pay if you wanna reach your fans (more than 1% of them). FB is F*cked up man, it would be nice if they charge less per click to reach your own fans at least, sigh…

  11. jckgamer Post author

    Do you have any advice on marketing CBD products online?

  12. deepankar roy Post author

    Nice thumbnail seriously I was bored from that orange thumbnail

  13. Engr.Mansoor Habib Post author

    Hey Neil,
    So after watching a lot of your videos and in each video hearing you say that comment your question and I will answer and help you out, here's my problem.
    I do affiliate marketing, that means a new website with tons of content, literally a whole bunch of content. I do all the usual things, I mean I use FB advertising, make the page for the site, group, share stuff, directly related to the site and indirectly related, but in the end, no matter what, the conversion is very slow and low, the page likes are close to none. What can I do to get better results from the advertising or the outreach? How can I get relevant page likes and drive traffic to my site?

  14. Anuj Shah Post author

    Hey Neil, from where do get these supper accurate tips?
    Trust me your videos helps a lot.

    Take care man. Keep inspiring.

  15. Baldeep Birak Post author

    Great tips. Comments with links is a must (until they stop that)

  16. Jens Hoffmann Post author

    I have generally no problem with getting engagement (and getting traffic to my website) on Facebook..but the idea with the messenger is really good. Thank you for the advice and greets from San Diego..(I moved here a year ago)..Jens

  17. Josue Pena - Online CEOs Post author

    How to recover your DYING fb traffic = use Instagram before they kill it 😛

  18. Goku supersaiya Post author

    neil patel can u sharing how to do messengger marketing? which messenger marketing software is best? thank you so much 🙂

  19. Ajay Malik Post author

    Hi Neil, Great Video as Always. Liked Before even watching.
    Can you tell me how to get fb follower when No One Knows Me.

  20. nitin sharma Post author

    somehow i convinced my boss for content marketing as a pilot project but he is very eager to see traffic and profit increment through content mkt. so how much time limit i should set to fulfill his goals

  21. Yannic Gallion Post author

    Thanks Neil. 🚀My Engagement on clients site really dropped a lot without engagement ads but thank god there are great alternatives with Messenger Marketing. Will probably make a video about it soon. 🙏

  22. The Bacon Experiment Post author

    Started using many chat because I found a huge drop on fb.
    Will use the link in the first comment tip! Thanks Neil!

  23. Lakisha Sarbah Post author

    Thanks Neil. I have been struggling with my Facebook Business page. I will try what you suggested.

  24. varun kumar Post author

    Please make a detailed video on how to pick a niche and how to analysis market for the niche?

  25. MasteR BlasteR Post author

    😆 fakebook is a dumpster fire and will soon go the way of MySpace. Goodluck if ur holding on.

  26. Slinkout Post author

    Hey Neil, I'm a huge fan of your blog and podcast.

    Recently I started using Ubersuggest and I love it . I was wondering what the SEO difficulty actually means. I have x% of chance to rank where? First page? Second page?

    I'm sorry if my question is dumb, but I'm a newbie in SEO. Thanks for your time.

  27. Mayuuh Akamine. Post author

    Hey, Neil! I met you some months ago, during an event called Empreenda Sem Fronteiras in Brazil. Your speech really inspired me, but took some time for me to get the courage to start. I want to say thank you for your content, for your work. You really care about people and your audience can feel it in every single word. Hope I can be as big as you someday.

  28. Dan Post author

    Have these been tested?

    Tip 2: It seems like highly engaging posts will work well, but when you link away from Facebook to your website in a different post then surely Facebook won't want that to be shown as much. Regardless of whether people engaged well with your previous post.

    Tip 3: I'd like to see some evidence of Boosting doing well to help posts that you haven't paid for. I'm very sceptical of this one.

  29. Mohammad Ahmad Faruqi Post author

    hey neil,
    a bit off the topic but could you please explain that why nearly all the keywords your tool ubersuggest gives have low difficulty scores.I want to ask that if the tool is credible or not?

  30. Weight Loss Ninjas Post author

    I agreed with everything until you said boost your post. Boosting is a good way to go broke quick

  31. Ryan Ninnemukker Post author

    Great video neil…I have major problems getting my posts with my blog post links out to "Public" It seems that Facebook extremely limits my reach…how can I change that without boosting my post?

  32. RankWatch | SEO Software Post author

    All these tips were excellent and can be executed instantly. Facebook is undoubtedly changing its algorithm consistently, and we need to upgrade our strategies accordingly. This has been an impressive video which was short as well. Great Work Neil. Cheers.

  33. Mint Green Info Post author

    I set up Many Chat but haven't started running ads yet. Will try that. What message do you use initially to get people engaged?

  34. COCO VIBEZ RADIO Post author

    Facebook is sabotaging page . I can’t see my 3557 friends page and I can’t see nothing on my page. When I talk to Facebook to fix they ignore . Is my next step to go trading standards

  35. Trading251 Post author

    None of my ads are getting aproved because they say i offer crypto content and i DONT , have tried to fix it but nothing yet , any video on what can i do or an advice ? … thanks !

  36. Tiago M. Post author

    Hey, Neil, what's the best tip you can ever give me about facebook targeting? I've already seen people making lots of money with less than $100. What do you suggest? Thank you very much! 🙂

  37. How To Excel At Excel.Com Post author

    Always have awesome content Neil thanks for the information.

  38. Anthony Tornambe Post author

    Great Tips to recover your facebook traffic again.

  39. Samuel Hasan Post author

    Thanks! Neal I have been noticing this of what you speak about and most of it is true thanks for the reassurance.

  40. Muskan Khan Post author

    May Be Facebook Gone Die Due to its rules which are direclty effecting publishers whom invest thier money to get the audience for thier page but i think now they will take another option in this matter

  41. Oliver Jones Post author

    Engagement on pics is different and I linked to engagement on links. So if you want more traffic and to improve link reach, you need to get more engagement specifically on links by doing less clicky content and more content designed specifically for engagement in the newsfeed.

  42. Nina Della Rosa Post author

    o meu algoritmo no YouTube mudou e não consigo recuperar to muito triste com isso 😢

  43. Sarahbel Connelly Post author

    It work at a social media giant and you gave great advice

  44. SEO Worker Post author

    Thanks for this easy method Neil, I will implement before FB team fix them 🙂


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