How To Rank YouTube Videos – Top 10 YouTube SEO Tips

By | August 8, 2019

What’s going on, everybody? In today’s video I’m going to be showing you
step-by-step how to rank your videos on the first page of YouTube as well as the first
page of Google for your different keywords and search terms and things like that. If you’ve ever tried to rank a website on
the first page of Google for a different keyword, you know that can be challenging. You can spend six months, tens of thousands
of dollars sometimes, and then Google might change the algorithm, and you’re back to zero. Fortunately, with YouTube videos, it’s actually
much easier. Sometimes, you can get ranked within the same
day the first page of YouTube and occasionally the first page of Google. For whatever reason, it’s a lot easier to
rank YouTube videos, which, for you, as a video marketer can be a huge advantage. Now myself personally, I’ve done this with
numerous videos and there’s about 10 key strategies that I’m gonna go through in this video and
tell you exactly how you can do the same and of course, nothing’s guaranteed, but most
people even professional video editors and different marketers, they ignore some of the
most basic YouTube optimization steps. So, step number one for ranking your videos
high. When you’re thinking about starting a YouTube
channel or doing a YouTube video, you should look at other marketers and see what’s videos
are already getting tons and tons of views. So you almost never want to just like start
with some random video idea that has never really been done before. You wanna just start with a blank sheet of
paper, try to find 10 or 20 really good ideas that already have tens of thousands of not
hundreds of thousands of views. As the famous marketers, Russel Brunson says,
“You never want to be the pioneer.” The pioneer’s the person who just kind of
goes off and does their own thing without actually first having done some research to
see what’s currently working. So a lot of times, the best ideas are just
ones that you model somebody’s else video that already has a ton of hits and you never
want to copy anybody, but you want to know what’s working first before you just start
blindly making videos. So after you have about 15 to 20 different
video ideas and with your first couple videos you don’t need to get too crazy, they can
just be simple videos, kind of like this one where maybe you’re just talking to a camera. You don’t need to get into theatrics and drone
cameras and things like that. I would recommend just keeping it simple for
your first couple videos. And after you have a couple ideas you want
to remember to keep your videos a minimum of five minutes. If your video is just a minute long, YouTube
tracks how long people watch your video so a video that is one minute long and someone
watches the entire thing, that’s one minute of watch time. If another video has like 10, 20, 30, even
an hour of watch time, that video’s gonna get promoted a lot higher than a shorter video. So you almost never want to have a short video,
always try to do a minimum of five minutes and that’s really not that hard to do. I try to do about 10 minutes for my videos
and I’m actually trying to do them longer from now on. So the next tip to rank your video high, you
need to keep in mind S.E.O., search engine optimization, this is gonna play a huge factor
in ranking your video. So with S.E.O. you never want to choose a
key word that might only get five or ten searches per month. The keywords that I try to target typically
get anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 or more searches every single month. The easiest way to find out how many searches
a keyword is getting, Google AdWords, you should sign up for an account. If you don’t have a Google AdWords account
you should get one today, it’s free to sign up and you can do a lot of competitive analysis
and research to see what people are actually typing in. And to get more specific, there’s a lot of
YouTube tools like I use vidIQ. So vidIQ actually tells you exactly how many
people are typing in different terms in to YouTube as well as how competitive it is and
then it has this whole formula and it gives you a score, so it’s a really helpful tool
which I’d definitely recommend checking out. I’ll actually put a link to vidIQ below in
this video and definitely check it out. They have a free version as well as a paid
version, I use the paid version because I just want my videos to be super optimized
as much as possible. With the keywords as well you should have
about 15 keywords. I think there’s 15 different options for keywords
on the keywords section when you’re doing your YouTube video description and then you
should sprinkle those keywords in throughout the keyword description. You never want to keyword stuff where you
just put them without even making sense, so you want your keywords to actually make sense
within the description. But you should fully fill out the description,
many YouTubers leave that blank or they might just put a couple words when in reality you
can pick up a lot of S.E.O. juice and get your videos ranked a lot higher if you actually
fill it out. So I would browse around at some of the top
YouTuber sites and see how they fill out their descriptions and then model that. Within the video description you can also
put different links and things like that, so you can put links to other videos, affiliate
links if you have those. There’s a lot of options so just try to model
the top YouTubers and make sure you try to fill out as much as possible. I don’t know how many characters it is but
you can actually fill out quite a bit so don’t forget about that. Alright, next up, whatever your topic is you
should have the idea that you’re gonna be creating multiple videos. So let’s say your topic is around gardening,
you should have eventually like 10 or 20 or even 30 or 40 videos about gardening and you
should create playlists. Playlists help to rank your videos, help to
cross-promote your videos and also just keep you organized. So definitely use playlists. Next up, you want to create a custom thumbnail
and this is not gonna make your video go viral or anything like that but I think every little
part of optimizing your video helps. Having a custom thumbnail, which is just the
thing that you click on when you see a YouTube video, if it stands out more than another
video you’re probably gonna click on it. So you should definitely try to get some custom
thumbnails on your videos, I can almost guarantee you it’ll help. The best way to get those done because me,
I’m not an artistic person whatsoever, I’ve actually tried to make thumbnails and it didn’t
turn out well. So you can outsource this on sites like Fiverr,
Upwork, different places like that and get it done for under 10 bucks. What you do is you can just look at other
YouTuber videos that rank really high and just screenshot two or three thumbnails that
you really like and then tell your designer to make it look like that. You’ll get a couple renderings and then you’ll
have your thumbnail and it’ll look very professional. Actually, a couple different S.E.O. tips,
so when you save your thumbnail file, save it as the keyword that you’re trying to rank
for. If you’re trying to rank for gardening tips,
save your picture for your thumbnail as gardening tips.jpg. You can also do this with your MP4 file, so
when you’re uploading your MP4 file to YouTube, you can actually save your MP4 file as like
gardening tips.mp4 and that will help it rank a lot better. Next up you have your channel page, so this
is basically just a space where you can advertise yourself a little bit. This is another thing you can get done on
Upwork or Fiverr and this is something, again, I’d recommend looking at other peoples YouTube
channels to try and get a good idea. Like, if you’re the gardening person you can
say gardening tips and then a picture of a couple flowers or things like that. Then you can also put in links to your website
and different resources and social media, definitely optimize that. Again, this is something that can be done
for under 10 bucks, just try to find a couple good ones and then send it to a designer,
they can get it done within a day or two. Okay, the next tip, and we’re almost getting
to the final 10 tips, you want to have a transcript for your YouTube video. YouTube does one of these automatically but
it’s just not very good. So when I used to have YouTube do it for me
automatically it would have bad spellings and sometimes it just wouldn’t make sense,
so I use a service called Somebody, a live human being, actually transcribe
your video and then sends you the full transcription. Depending on how long your video is, like
if it’s a 10 minute video, I think it’s like a dollar per minute so it would be about 10
bucks. And the reason you wanna do that is that it
will also help to rank for S.E.O. It’ll just be a more clear cut version as
opposed to YouTube’s computer-generated transcription which is not the best. So, definitely get that done. It’s affordable and they turn it around really
quickly. Then also if you want to eventually turn your
YouTube video into a blog post that can help as well because you’ll have a full transcription
of it and you can just send that to a writer who can optimize a little bit better and then
create a blog post out of it. So that’s another good reason to get a transcription
done because you always want to cross-promote and multiply your content. So tip number nine, at the end of each video
ask people to subscribe. Say hey, thanks for watching the video, please
subscribe. Not doing that, you know, some people might
just watch the video and then turn away but adding the call to action is 100% of your
videos you should do that. So the last tip, and this is kind of the secret
ninja tip here, if you really want your videos to get on the first page of Google, sometimes
the first result of Google, and also the first page of YouTube, this is what you need to
use. You need to use a service called The HOTH,
and I’ll put a link at the bottom of this video so you can check it out. Basically what the HOTH does is they- like,
if you already did these nine steps I talked about, your video should be ranking pretty
high. The HOTH takes it to another level, they put
articles and links and do all this other crazy S.E.O. stuff that I’m not even honestly sure
what the heck they’re doing but all the videos that I’ve used the HOTH for have skyrocketed
to the first page. And I never want to guarantee someone a first
page result but I can almost guarantee if you follow those nine steps and then use the
HOTH for even super competitive keywords, you can get your videos ranked in the number
one position, or very, very close. The HOTH is about 50 or 60 bucks and basically
the way it works, you put the link to your video, you put the keywords that you’re trying
to rank for, you put the subject of your video and then one or two other pieces of information
and then I think it takes them like two or three weeks and they have people in the Philippines
or somewhere that do all this crazy S.E.O. stuff and it’s white hat optimization So if you’re familiar with S.E.O. there’s
black hat optimization, which can get your videos ranked super high but you can also
get banned for doing that. White hat optimization is the more legitimate
way of doing it and these people do this for a living so I trust them, hopefully it doesn’t
turn in to black hat optimization but I’ve had great experiences with them so far so
I highly recommend them and I’ll put a link at the bottom of this video. Okay, so there you have it, 10 tips to rank
your video number one on YouTube as well as Google. I’ve done this with numerous videos, I plan
on doing it with other videos. I’m gonna try to get this one ranked pretty
high, we’ll see how it goes and, you know, watch this video a couple times and follow
what I’m talking about, this stuff works. And in the video description I’ll just put
it step by step so if you don’t want to hear my annoying video again you can just copy
and paste the step by step and then try that out with your video. When I was first trying these optimization
tactics out I think it was for a real estate video and I literally just took a picture
of my cell phone or a short video of fireworks that had nothing to do with real estate but
then I just optimized it from what I’m talking about. Within a couple days my video was number one
on YouTube. I took it down but I was like wow, this stuff
is pretty powerful, this stuff actually works. So follow these steps, definitely check out
the HOTH, definitely check out vidIQ, I’ll put links to both of those. And then please subscribe to me and share
this video, like it, do what you’ve gotta do and I’ll see you on the next video. Alright, bye.

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