How to RANK YouTube Videos on Page ONE – 5 Video SEO Tips for SMALL Channels

By | August 16, 2019

hey there are you a youtuber with a
small channel looking to figure out how to rank your YouTube videos hey my name
is Chris from and in this very exciting episode we’re
talking about exactly how to rank your YouTube videos on the first page of
Google when I share with you five video SEO tips that work whether you’re big or
small youtuber so hey if you haven’t already hey definitely get the video
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you don’t know this channel is all about you the home business entrepreneur right and
empowering you with the mindset and the marketing skillsets all right to get
results and get that breakthrough that you deserve alright so hey your small
YouTube just small youtuber I got a small channel hey so why has the at the
time of this video right you’re wondering well is it possible for you to
be even being able to rank your YouTube videos cuz you don’t have subscribers
you don’t have anybody watching your videos so how can you overcome can you
beat out or even compete with the big youtubers or stick around but actually
share with you five video SEO tips that are gonna really even the playing field
and believe it or not have really nothing to do with your subscribers
count alright so let’s get right down into it alright the first tip that I can
share with you guys gonna help you rank your YouTube videos it’s thinking about
audience retention and watch time alright if you don’t know YouTube is a
search engine all right so they have algorithms that they use to determine
which videos that they want to promote and they’re they’re all about the end
consumer right they want to make sure that the consumer finds the most
relevant content for the question that they’re asking so keeping that in mind
you want to make sure that your videos have elements in it that allow the user
to be able to watch that video and watch it all the way through as much as
possible right because if you don’t know like I share with you right now just
looking at the analytics it on YouTube what is the big thing that
they’re talking about right now is impressions yes and watch time alright
so retention and watch time is a big deal so in order to do that one the bed
good ways you can do that is by making sure that your videos has a really good
hook alright so what do I mean by hook is that hey the first 5 or 10 seconds
you’re telling your viewer hey what exactly what you’re gonna learn from
this video and you’re doing it in an exciting way maybe in a little bit of a
mysterious way or something like that right for example the hook that you got
in this video was hey how to regular YouTube videos even if you’re a small
channel right that money got you exciting right and that’s why you stick
around to watch the rest of the video you want to make sure that you have a
hook that puts them in and it’s mixed lets them know the hey I’m on the right
video oh I’m gonna learn something that’s exciting
ok I can’t get I can’t wait I let me get ready and get processing their mind to
watch the video because remember it’s funny that right now people’s attention
spans are like like zero almost like seven eight seconds something ridiculous
so you got that quick amount of time to really capture the attention and that’s
when they’re determining whether or not they’re gonna stick around the watch the
rest of your video or not the second tip that will help you in order how to write
how to rate your YouTube videos or even if you’re a small youtuber is thinking
about the engagement alright so when I say engagement I’m talking about
hey the likes on your videos write the comments on your videos this shares on
your videos these things are important because remember YouTube is a social
media platforms right and so they’re looking at the social engagement that’s
around your video the more days and there’s engagement the more that’s being
talked about and no more YouTube will feel like all this thing is happening
because you don’t if you don’t know there’s no certain way their algorithm
works and it has to do with how much engagement is happening before they move
on to the next level so they’re spreading it out to different levels
depending on their amount of engagement so you want to make sure that hey
there’s watches and views or comments things like that great way to do this be
sure to be promoting your videos as soon as you upload your video if you don’t
know how to do that I got a quick video I’m gonna share with you a link in
the description on some top 10 strategies you can use that are free for
the most part to allow you to promote your YouTube videos alright and another
great engagement tip – with the secret tip that’s real nice
is live video if you’re not doing like videos you might want to consider that
because YouTube gets us gives you so much juice your boo-boo-boo-boo boost in
your video SEO from just doing the live video is a great advantage that you can
take as a small youtuber to get your videos out there the third tip that I
hope you rank your YouTube videos alright even if you’re a small youtuber
youtuber and video SEO tip that will help you is the thumbnail
alright so believe it or not that thumbnail is a big thing so remember
we’re talking about the two big factors is watch time and click-through rate
right so the the thumbnail is part of that click-through rate right what gets
people to click through and when they see a picture of your video to actually
click through and watch your video right so the thumbnail is actually a big deal
surprisingly it’s a big deal bright because there’s something about the way
the thumbnail is set up so that people want to actually watch your video so
something I can share what you need what I’ve learned in terms of thumbnails is
that it doesn’t really have to be as complicated as you think it is or you
got a lot of people that are graphic designers and they can make your
thumbnail look all jazzy jazzy fresh which is cool but if you’re a small
youtuber like me and you know how to really have the time or the money or the
expertise to do all that you can really do stuff like that are really simple
that’ll really work well like you can just take take real quick pictures of
yourself right during the video like a screenshot of the video and then go to
canva camera comm and you go then you can create a nice little thumbnail sort
of like this right and it’s real simple and I mean and the whole idea is to make
sure that when you’re doing it I would recommend and make sure that it’s very
broad it’s very easy to see like you want your your person needs to be able
to see what exactly you are riding on there right very nice and clear
you know cult colors so that’s someone once is that I can share with you that
will help you with your thumbnails but a lot of times sometimes you know you you
never know what it is that you to a doctor to click to wait but I
thumbnails definitely something that will help you get those views and keep
those clicks and get that get those ranking right the fourth video SEO tip
that will help you rank your YouTube videos is looking at your headline
alright I would have to probably say the headline is probably more important than
the thumbnail in terms of clicking late because the headline is what people see
is what catches their attention right so the funny the headline is so powerful as
a matter of fact I did another video you can check out too in terms of how
describing how the 50% of people don’t even don’t even read an article or or
rather their their first impression of the article is depending on what the
headline looks like right just reading the headlines all they look at so it’s
really really powerful you want to make sure your headline sticks out and it
just captures the attention so a great way to do that is to bit is to basically
decide on what it is that you’re gonna talk about and make sure that that
keyword is in the beginning part of your deadline so for example in this video I
was doing an Amazon on tutorial on Amazon affiliate marketing I put that
right in the beginning of my headline that’s actually a big dealer actually
makes a difference the closer you can put it in front but it’s not me and it’s
not the end-all be-all but it helps a whole lot to do that and other ideas you
can also go go and search like if you’re gonna search and decide on well what
what headline do I want for my for my videos right you can go to let’s see we
just go to youtube and you can actually search your keyword and find out what
other people are using for their headline so for example if I go to
Amazon affiliate marketing and you just want to know you can just look here to
see what kind of what kind of headlines people are using here to help you decide
on how to write your headline right and it’s a great way because you can already
tell that this has already worked for many people right this is basically
basically you know market intelligence telling you what people like already so
this is that’s an example of how you can kind of create a headline even if you
don’t know how to just by looking at the keyword
and figuring out what people are already liking what it has worked for other
videos and then my tip video SEO tip that’ll help you to rank YouTube you
rake your YouTube videos even if you’re a small channel it’s to make sure that
your keywords or where they need to be alright so there’s three main places
that your keywords she’ll always be now I say keywords you hopefully you know
what I mean I mean like your specific keywords you’re going after that tells
you that that you’re going after because that is what your audience is searching
for around your particular niche so let’s say for example we’re looking at
the same Amazon affiliate marketing video right I want to know some keywords
so you can see here some of the keywords that I found that I did that I found
right and so my main keyword was Amazon affiliate marketing so what I did was
you want to make sure that it’s in your headline right that’s the first place it
needs to be the second place it needs to be is in your description right
preferably right there at a time it needs to be in your description and then
the third place it needs to be is in your tags alright and if you do this
what you’re doing is you’re telling YouTube what your video is about you’re
helping YouTube understand that your video is optimized for this particular
keyword and that if solon searches for that keyword this is what they sure
content is the best fit for it right another bonus tip you should really
consider specially for youtuber is make sure you mention that keyword in your
video so not only is it in your headline your description and your tags but you
also mention it in your video as well huge because YouTube has software where
you’re able to determine what you’re talking about
what you’re talking about when in terms of whatever it is that you say and now
we’ll play into the ranking of your videos and I hope that was helpful
that’s pretty much what I’m doing right now to grow my YouTube channel as you
can see my channel is relatively small so under three minutes subscribers yeah
I have a few videos that I’m doing their ranking pretty high in the rankings and
what is that gonna mean what that means is that it doesn’t really matter about
your subscribers to be honest right if you just do these simple things which
anybody could do with you’re a big youtuber small you too
you can start to get more results start showing YouTube your series that your
videos qualify and they’ll start ranking them and start helping you putting them
in the suggested columns and a lot of different things you’ll start getting
more traffic more views more watches which leads to more subscribers right
and then it started getting start growing that channel so hope you enjoyed
it if you did definitely give this video like alright definitely subscribe to the
channel and hey quick question question of the day what are you doing as a small
youtuber or not as maybe you’re a bigger youtuber that is growing your channel
what’s your big main main SEO tip that you found to help grow your channel and
oh by the way hey if you want to know what my record number one recommendation
is for making money online well then hey could the link below alright is gonna
take you to that program and get sweet and get some more information alright so
till the next exciting episode my friend this video has been on how to rank a
YouTube videos alright 5 video SEO tips for the new for the small youtuber small
channel hopeful was helpful alright until the next exciting episode be
blessed stay hungry out there I see our next one alright bye now

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