How to Rank Your Videos on YouTube|First Page Ranking Tips 2019

By | December 5, 2019

Ron Lyons: If you’re struggling with first
page ranking in You Tube as a new channel then stick around because I’m gonna show you
exactly how to rank your videos on You Tube with the ranking tips I use to not only rank
my videos, but dozens of other channels as well. Ron Lyons: Hey, creators. I’m Ron Lyons, founder of Creators Accelerate
bringing you the latest tips and strategies that I’ve discovered in my journey as a creator,
and has helped dozens of channels accelerate their message. We’re in this You Tube journey together, so
don’t forget to subscribe, and hit the bell notification to get alerted about new content
weekly, so you too can experience what it’s like to accelerate your channel. Let’s dive in to the video. Ron Lyons: I started my first You Tube channel
on August 31, 2018, and in 30 days that channel reached over a thousand subscribers and counting. More than 80% of my videos rank on the first
page. But not only have I done that for my channel
I’ve helped dozens of others do the same. How do I do it? Well in this video I’ll show you the proof
and the exact ranking tips that I used to make that happen, so that you too can rank
videos on You Tube with first page ranking. Ron Lyons: All right, the first thing I want
to do is show you some proof as examples of my videos and a few of the channels I have
taught how to rank on You Tube. All right, so here I am in my laptop and I
just want to show you a handful of videos. This one is Save Money Going Green, Best Eco-Friendly
Products Ideas. You can see here first page ranking on some
of the top ones here. Actually some of these other ones are ranking
as well. Here’s another one, Green Products, and this
has generated over 41,000 views since October 27th of 2018. Here’s another one, Eco-Friendly Phone Case,
again front page. Our first page ranking on quite a few of them
here generating over 26,000 views since August 31st. All right, and here is the Save Money on Energy
Bills. Again, first page ranking on several of these
tags here generating 18,000 views since September 21, 2018. Keep in mind that each one of these has a
search volume, which I explain later. And so, you can add all of these up based
on how many searches per month these tags are getting. Ron Lyons: If we go over here’s one of the
channels that I’ve helped called, YesterKitchen. This one was from January 9th, and you can
see here this channel actually only has 364 subscribers. And so, here we are ranking in the first page
of quite a few tags on this one. And then here’s another channel that I’ve
helped. This one was January 9, 2019, 4,913 views. Again, a ton of tags here ranking in the first
page. This one is Dr. Yazdan, 8,119 views since
January 11, 2019. This space is extremely competitive and still
ranking on the first page on several tags on here as well generating thousands of views. And then another one, another channel that
I help called, Self Leadership Louisville generated over 7,000 views, almost 8,000 since
November 8th, and again extremely competitive and still ranking for several tags on the
first page. Ron Lyons: Now that you’ve seen the results
how do these new channels with no authority get that kind of first page ranking? Well I’m going to give you four strategies
that you need to do in order to rank your videos on You Tube. Now understand that You Tube is a search engine
not a social media site even though they have some functions as a social media platform
they are first and foremost a search engine. In fact, they are the second largest search
engine in the world next to Google with over one billion users and over five billion videos
viewed per day. In order to get your videos ranked you have
to follow some strategic ranking tips. Ron Lyons: Number one is you have to use the
right tools. Just like anything else in life whether you’re
a chef, construction worker, beauty professional, or a fitness expert you need to have the right
tool. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked
channels who are struggling what tools they are using, and they give me the deer in headlights
look. Speaker 2: Huh? Ron Lyons: Now this is a must. There is no compromise here. The process is far too complex to just guess. But you don’t have to spend a bunch of money
to get the right tools. In fact, I’m gonna show you how to get started
with tools for free. Now these are the tools that I recommend to
get started, and that I use. One of the tools you need to have is Tube
Buddy. This is a free install. You can install it on most browsers. I’ve put a link below for you to check it
out and get it installed right away. Now there are other tools similar to Tube
Buddy. This isn’t the only one out there like this,
but as a newer You Tube channel myself I found after trying out some of the other ones that
this was the easiest one to use, and had the best process of finding keywords to rank. Keep in mind that there are options to upgrade
to paid plans as well, but you can use if totally for free in the beginning. Ron Lyons: The next tool that is completely
free is called Keywords Everywhere. This is an extension that is free to download. The link to download is below in the description. Unlike some of the other tools there’s actually
at this time no upgrades available, so you never pay anything for this one. This tool gives you what’s called the search
volume and tells you what keywords are being searched and how often they are being searched. A pro tip is if you’re a newer channel you
want to keep your keywords at a thousand, or less searches per month in the beginning. This extension shows up on the right on your
browser right here. And then once you type something into the
search bar you can see a number pop up like this that tells you how many searches per
month there are for this particular keyword. Another pro tip is to use keywords that have
more than zero searches, so that you can gain more views. If you don’t then no one is going to see your
video. Ron Lyons: The next tool is the You Tube Search
Predict Bar. Now this is just the You Tube search bar,
and when you type something in like this, say we type in eco-friendly products, you
can see as we type the search bar gives you a drop down of options with words that are
being searched on You Tube. Again, totally free to use and this one doesn’t
even require any download. One pro tip here is to click on the words
that do pop up to make sure that Keywords Everywhere gives you a search volume for them,
so that you can pick the ones that have a number. Then you just plug that keyword into Tube
Buddy, and get the scoring. That’s it. That’s the exact process I use for ranking
videos in You Tube. Ron Lyons: For a detailed video on how to
use these tools titled, How To Keyword Research in 2019, click on the cards above, or look
down in the description below. I have screen share with you to show you exactly
how to use all of those tools. What tools are you using right now to find
your keywords? Have you been ranking your videos with success
with those tools? Let me know in the comments. Let me know what keywords you’ve been ranking
for. Ron Lyons: Okay, number two for first page
ranking is creating compelling title and tags. Now most experts are gonna just give you a
vague overview and basically tell you what you already know, that you need to make a
compelling title and have tags. Well we know that. Besides being Captain Obvious that really
is just useless information if you don’t know what exactly that means, so I’m gonna show
you. Now yes, of course you need to have a title
that entices people to click on it, and of course you need to have tags, but what exactly
does that mean? Ron Lyons: Well here you can see that I’ve
put together a group of keywords that I found by using the tools I mentioned above. The secret is you want to find keywords that
are all hyper-relative. In other words, they all say the exact same
thing just in a different way. You don’t have to have a bunch of extra keywords
that aren’t even relevant because all it will do is confuse the algorithm and your video
will never rank. You just take this group of keywords and you
simply start putting them together to create a title. Now sometimes it’ll come easily and you’ll
see something that fits. Other times it’ll take some time, but you
have to take your time. Be creative and figure out ways to make the
title sound enticing by adding on descriptive words like, how to, or best, or tips, or anything
provocative to capture the viewer attention while still keeping the keyword in there that
has search volume. Now you have up to 70 characters that you
can use, so make them count. Ron Lyons: Here’s a pro tip. You want to have a main title and a sub title. The main title is first, and is what we call
front loading, which is simply putting the main keywords that you want a rank for at
the very beginning of the title just like this. Now even the sub title needs to be relevant,
but it can have a different variation of that main keyword. Again, keep it relevant if you want first
page ranking. Now once you have something that looks good
and is clickable with the keywords that you want that are front loaded, you simply take
the remaining keywords you found that are relative to the title and use those for the
tags. You don’t need to use all of them, just the
ones that are hyper-relative. I’ve made this mistake many times before,
so there’s no point in you doing it too. If you came up with a ton of keywords that
are hyper-relative then great, but if you only have a few that’s okay too as long as
the quality is there. Don’t just shove something in there to fill
up space. Ron Lyons: Now there is more to this process
that we just don’t have time to cover in this video, so be sure to check out my video titled,
You Tube SEO 2019 that you can find in the description below as well up here in the right
corner in the cards. This video is going to dive deeper into the
SEO strategies using these keywords to create a clickable title, effective tags, and a compelling
description to tie it all together, okay. Ron Lyons: Number three to first page ranking
is You Tube ranking factors. Now what this means is that You Tube is going
to rank your video based on certain factors that they analyze and use to determine the
value of your video and whether they should recommend it for Rank That Video. Here are four ranking factors that you can
control. Keep in mind there’s literally hundreds, or
even thousands of ranking factors, but you want to focus on the ones that you can control,
and those are … Ron Lyons: 1. The Click Through Rate, or what we call CTR. This is simply how many people see your thumbnail,
which is called an impression and how many of those people actually click on it. This is measured in your analytics. You want to look for a percentage of between
2 and 10 percent. What this means is you want a highly clickable
thumbnail, which means make it stand out from the crowd. Use compelling pictures preferably with your
face in it. People want to see you, and use over saturated
colors to make everything stand out. Keep the text to a minimum, no more than 30
characters, and use the picture to capture attention. You can use free software like, Canva to create
these thumbnails very quickly, okay. Ron Lyons: The second ranking factor is Watch
Time. Now although you don’t directly have control
over this ranking signal after your video is released, you do before you release it. How do you increase your watch time? You have to create engaging content that has
a mix of value and entertainment. You need a framework. If you’ve ever watched the movie Gladiator
there’s a scene in there where Proximo explains to Maximus that the value of how to win the
crowd as a gladiator and that it is the key to winning his freedom. He goes on to tell Maximus that he wasn’t
the best because he killed the other gladiators quickly, but because the crowd loved him. He goes on to tell Maximus if you want your
freedom you must win the crowd. Ron Lyons: Well it’s the same thing on You
Tube. You have to win the crowd. The only way to do that is to get them to
watch your videos, so give them value, but also entertain them. This is why we are called creators. Use all the resources at your disposal and
pour your heart into it. Learn about lighting, and sound, and how to
edit your videos, so they’re the best quality that you can possible produce. Now this doesn’t mean you have to spend a
bunch of money on equipment, but rather learn with what you have, okay. Ron Lyons: The third ranking factor is Engagement,
which is likes, shares, comments, and subscribers. Comments are probably the best way to engage,
but you still get rewarded for all of those factors. The best way to do this is to make a direct
and intentional call to action in the video. Don’t be vague. Ask a compelling question to get people to
comment. Make sure you like and answer all of those
comments, especially as a new creator you should be answering every single one. A pro tip is you’re going to get haters, especially
if you do controversial topics. But that’s okay, the haters will actually
watch your videos more and make more comments. Be polite. Answer their comments with questions to keep
them engaged and keep them responding. But of course, if it’s inappropriate, or just
flat out mean then delete it. But otherwise, welcome the haters as well. You Tube rewards your video for engagement
even if it’s negative. Ron Lyons: Last and certainly not least, number
four to first page ranking on You Tube is to get Inbound Links, or what is often referred
to as Back Links. The best way to do this is to embed your video
on blogs, share posts as a guest blogger, and of course share your video to social media. Each time someone finds your video off of
the You Tube platform and they click on it, it takes them to the You Tube platform. This triggers the algorithm and tells You
Tube that your video is bringing you the people to their platform for free. This is free advertising for them, so the
more you can do this the better. Now if you don’t have enough time, or authority
to do this effectively you can have someone do this for you, so that you can generate
more views to your videos, and of course increase your ranking on You Tube. Ron Lyons: Now the difference between getting
three views and three thousand views can be quite a big difference in where your video
ranks in You Tube. If you don’t have the influence to gain that
many views off of You Tube then you’ll want to look at outsourcing this to a reliable
and trusted source. Just be cautious because we’re not talking
about buying views, or anything spammy, or unethical that isn’t going to be beneficial
in the long run. We’re talking about sharing your video on
blogs, websites, and social media to drive traffic to your videos. If you aren’t clear about how back links work,
or you just want more information then make sure you click on the free Beginner’s Guide
in the description below, or on the channel banner to the far right. Here you’ll get more tips on ranking as well
as how to start your channel right, including more information about back links. Ron Lyons: All right, there they are. The four ranking tips to help you get first
page ranking in You Tube for 2019. I know it’s a lot of information, so make
sure you go back through, take notes, look below for the show notes for resources, and
make sure you get my free Beginner’s Guide to You Tube that has even more information. Also, for daily support that you need to grow
your channel you’ll want to join our Facebook community where you get your questions answered
and connect with other You Tubers who are growing just like you. Don’t take my word for it. Check out some of the testimonials from other
channels in the Creators Accelerate group by going to the testimonial playlist that
I’ve linked in the cards above, or down in the description below. Don’t forget to give a thumbs up, or hey,
even a thumbs down if you didn’t like the video. Give your feedback, or questions in the comments
below, so that we can connect and grow together. Ron Lyons: My passion is to help creators
just like you learn from my mistakes as well as training and mentorship I’ve received from
some of the top influencers, so that you too can accelerate your channel. Let’s connect. Remember you’re just one video away. That’s all for today. I’ll see you in the next video.

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