How to Rank Videos on the First Page of YouTube Fast — 5 Tips

By | September 29, 2019

– So how do you get your videos to show up on the first page of
YouTube search results? Personally, I’ve ranked hundreds
of videos on the first page and in this video I’m going to be breaking down five of my best tips. Coming up. (upbeat music) Hey what’s up, Sean here with THiNK Media, bringing you the best tips
and tools for building your influence with online video and in this channel we do
a lot of tech gear reviews because most tips and strategy
videos just like this one, so if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. So one of the most powerful
things about YouTube is that it’s the second largest
search engine in the world. And this one fact has actually
been largely responsible for how I’ve built my
brand and business online. Creating strategic videos,
ranking them in search results and then getting views for
weeks, months and years to come. And recently we flew out to
Panama City for a conference all about how to build your
influence with online video. It was cool to connect with
influencers, be on some panels, be in some other sessions
and just see the city, but then I dove into a
training that really broke down how I built my business and
how we’ve continued to grow and create a greater
impact here on YouTube, and across the board
online around the world and on social media. And I actually want to share the first part of that right now. And it is all about the
five basics of getting your videos to rank in search. I also go into my story a little bit and I’ll also post the time codes below and the top YouTube comment,
as well as the description If you want to skip
around to different parts, If you want to jump to
the straight content or if you want to watch,
you know, all of it, just click those time codes
to go anywhere you want, in the video. Alright saying that, let’s jump
into the training right now. I’m excited to jump into this, my passion is actually helping
people build their influence with video and I’ve been
doing it for a few years, but I have a question, does anybody here have a YouTube channel? Do you have a YouTube
channel raise your hand? Okay, cool. So, maybe a lot of people don’t yet and I hope that by the
end of this presentation that you will see why you should. I love all the social
media platforms and I think Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat,
so many opportunities, but there’s a lot of
opportunities on YouTube and I’m excited to talk about that. And our goal is to talk
about really how to start, even if you haven’t
started a YouTube channel, like many of you in this room have, or if you already have one, how to grow your current YouTube channel, even from scratch and turn
it into a full time income. So let’s dive into it,
before we get there, we can start with a kind of a quick story, so you know where I’m coming from, kind of a little bit of my story. I’m from the US and I come
from a state called Washington. That’s up in the corner of the US and it’s kind of known for Seattle. Although that’s not where I grew up. I grew up in a small town
an hour north of there. And Washington, Seattle area,
kind of known for Starbucks, Nirvana, Macklemore, Microsoft, all kind of came from that area. But myself, I did not come
from any cool city environment, I came from the country. You can see me here just
kind of climbing in a tree. I actually grew up on
a farm, horses, goats, things like that. And what’s so amazing about that is that I think about my life today, and I didn’t come from Hollywood, I didn’t come from, anybody in my family, nobody does video. I didn’t come from anything like that, but because of the power of social media and platforms like YouTube,
it completely changed my life. And just back in 2003 though, there was two major life changing events that happened to me that year. The first one was that I
met my now wife, Sonia, she was a Starbucks barista
and so you can imagine that’s when I really
got addicted to coffee. I was drinking a lot of coffee
so that I could see her a lot and get to connect with her. And that was also what happened in 2003, that was the year that
I started doing video. And for me I was actually
volunteering at my local church, in my small town and you
can see there’s some lights from the hardware store
on the table there. There’s the green screen
fabric for the video, was from the fabric store,
we just stitched it together, put it up on the wall and
so maybe you can relate to just doing whatever you can, if you have to used duck tape
to like get a project done. You do whatever you can to get things done and that’s definitely where I started. And eventually Sony and I got
married and life was good, you know we’re going
through life, but then we, oh yeah, I was waiting
tables during this time and I started posting videos to YouTube and actually the first videos
I was posting was in 2007, so almost a decade ago and I was managing my small
church’s YouTube channel. And those videos were
terrible, like they were, I hope nobody ever sees those
videos, because usually, our first pieces of content
are not our best stuff, right? And so we all have to start somewhere, but then it was actually a few years later that we hit the hardest season of our life and just kind of out of nowhere all this stuff began to happen. One of the first stuff was, my wife actually went on
a trip and got very sick. We’d only been married just two years and she got very sick, ended up getting a chronic
illness and she almost died. She lost a lot of weight
and was in the hospital and we were going through
this very dark time. And on top of that there
was also the housing crisis, around this time, this is
around 2007, so in the US, the real estate market just collapsed and so we were losing our home. My wife is such an incredible woman and she was working multiple jobs, I was working multiple
jobs just to pay the bills. We had big dreams, but
we were really struggling and now we’re losing our
home and on top of that, we were losing jobs, we were losing money, and I don’t know maybe you can
relate to a season like that, where sometimes it just seems like, maybe, everything is just going wrong and you’re just kind of
wondering why is this happening? And how are we going to get through this and is this ever going to end? And that’s some of the things
that was going through my head and there was actually six days where my wife was hospitalized and I was by her side the
entire side the entire time and I was asking that question too. You know, why is this happening? But I was also tapping
into really a reason, my own personal reason, for wanting to make money on YouTube. To build my influence online, because I was kind of
desperate in this moment thinking how am I going
to provide for my wife? We were dual income we were both working and things were changing
and I was thinking how, what’s our future going to look like? And how are we going to get through this? And I think that’s a
very powerful question that I want all of you to ask yourself, why do you want to be an influencer? Like, what do you want to do this for? I love this event, I love
this particular conference, because we’re learning
how to get more followers, you know we want to
learn how to make money and monetize our content, but I really think the
influencers who are going to be the most successful and the
ones that are going to last through the good times and the bad times have a deep reason that
they want to do this and my reason, one of them, so I can you know, support my family and really to care for my family, but it’s also to make a
difference in the world and to impact the lives of people and I encourage you to
really tap into your why and I know that all of you
in this room probably have really deep reasons, you know
that go deeper than money, that go deeper than just fans, followers, but actually making a
difference and making an impact. And the influencers that succeed the most have a powerful reason for
why they are doing this. And out of that season however, a lot of good things happened, because it was during that
time that we started to really experiment on YouTube and
I learned that, you know, difficult roads can often lead
to beautiful destinations. You know, sometimes it’s
out of the pain of our life that we discover our purpose
and that everything can change. And during that season, was exactly when I started
to experiment on YouTube. I started to say how does this work? How do people do this? How can you grow? How can you make money and be effective on this platform. And I started to do these
different weird videos. And here’s a video where I
was baking salmon in tinfoil, something that my step
dad taught me how to do and I started a YouTube channel and I set the camera on
the table and I was like, hey I’m going to show
you how to bake salmon. I have no cooking experience,
but I put it on YouTube. That was one example. We have a couple, Chihuahuas Does anybody in here like
dogs, raise your hand? You have dogs, you like dogs, yes. My wife and I love dogs. We have two Chihuahuas. Sophie and Rosie. And we made video reviewing like, a box that comes with treats and things for your dogs and toys. And I also did a video during that time about just gift ideas for men. It was called Gift Ideas for Him and I just went through during Christmas, whether you’re shopping for
a boyfriend or a husband or a brother or a father. I just put some ideas in a video and I was putting out
these YouTube experiments. And that leads us to our
first tip and that is this, that YouTube is a search engine. So YouTube is a platform that people go to to type in questions looking for answers. And we all know google,
right, as a search engine, or different search
engines we might research and look for things. But YouTube, in fact is the
second largest search engine in the world. So people that are looking for
answers are going to YouTube. And so here’s how this works and how what I began to discover. Actually before we get there,
this is unique in social media because Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, are not search engines. YouTube is a search engine. And so here’s what that means practically. If you right now were to go
to the YouTube search bar and type in gift ideas for him, then you would see that that
video I made a few years ago should be in the top few spots there and so what we call ‘ranks in search’ and so it shows up as a search result and is about six years
old, it’s five years old. So the video is five years old, but today as we’re at this
conference and we’re, you know, connecting here, that same
video still, is in search, and so people type in a
question, they type in a search and it shows up on the other
side of that search result. Now what’s crazy about that and here’s a tool you should
write down or take a note of for YouTube, its called
‘vid IQ’ and it gives you all this data, all those
stats on the right side there. And so it gives you a lot of numbers, which I’m not the best with, but what I’m pointing to right there is it says ‘2.3’. That number right there is saying 2.3 people per hour are watching this video, so as we hang out for the next few minutes about 2 and a half people are
going to watch this video. This video is five years old. So even though I made it five years ago and I was just sitting on
my couch with my dog, Rosie, looking really funny there next to me, it still gets views 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and when you add that up that
means that five years later this video is still getting
over twenty thousand views every single year and it’s not stopping. If we look at that salmon
video, if someone types in, we talk about food, YouTubers,
this applies to any topic, any niche that you would want to be in. Or a food YouTuber if someone types in ‘how to cook salmon in tinfoil’
my video ranks number one. It’s five years old and it has almost a quarter million views. Pretty incredible right. And its getting about 30
views every single day. So as i began to discover this years ago out of that really hard season in our life I began to kind of get a
light bulb moment right? This is really powerful. And if I keep doing this over and over creating simple YouTube videos
and just posting them online, but leveraging YouTube as a search engine then I can tap into this incredible power and today now, one of my main
channels, THiNK Media TV, gets 1800 views every 60 minutes, so across all the videos on that channel, 1800 people are seeing these
videos and watching them, but not because I’m posting
new content, although I do, and that’s important, but because I’ve build
up this library of videos that are showing up on the
other side of the questions that on my topic, people are asking. And so would you like to know
how to rank videos in search? Would you like to know how to do this? Is that okay if I share that? Okay, great so here’s what you do. So number one, you can go
to the YouTube search bar. Now this is completely relevant
for Spanish or any language. YouTube is a global platform and people are searching
terms in every language. So if you go to the YouTube search bar, this example is going to be in English, but if you go there you just start typing into the search bar and if it
doesn’t work on your phone, it definitely will work on a laptop. You start typing ‘how to
cook’ and what happens, just as one example,
whether you’re in lifestyle, gaming, beauty, travel, it doesn’t matter. You just start typing something in and you’ll see these predictions. It’ll start predicting
different search phrases, like, basically finishing
your sentences for you. YouTube is finishing your sentences. And so we see here ‘how to cook rice’, ‘how to cook chicken’ ‘how to cook salmon’ and if you do another space,
it’ll get even more specific. So now ‘how to cook salmon in the oven’. Well that’s very different than ‘how to cook salmon on the grill’ and that’s also very different than ‘how to cook salmon healthy’ and so it gives you all these
more nuanced distinctions. And so what you want to do then, an important point here, is look for very specific video ideas. We all understand, we feel
like it’s so competitive and if you say something like,
you know, best eye make up. You know, not my industry or
topic, but if you type that in, that’s broad, but if
you get very specific, like ‘how to cook salmon
in a tinfoil boat’ or whatever these different questions. And the way you’re going to discover them is in the search bar. When you get very specific you can start finding these topics in your arena that nobody has covered yet. And so then, once you
figure out those terms, you want your title to be exactly that. You’re description to have
that same phrase in it and then that’s how you
do the tags on YouTube. So now this particular video
is me reviewing, some like, green juice powder that you mix with water and kind of healthy and it is in the title it says ‘best greens powder’ and then I have the video optimized and it ranks in the search results. So when you do that, that’s
kind of the basics of this, then you can start getting
your videos and your content to get one of the things my friend says, you can get view while you snooze. How many want that to happen, right? While you’re sleeping people
can discover your video, discover your content and
you can continue to grow your influence on auto pilot. And so that’s just kind of the overview, but I did put a check list
together if you’re interested at and
it goes through the 17, just quick things that I
do to every YouTube videos, so that it ranks in
search engines like that. Okay so I hope that you
found that training valuable and if you want to grab my
personal YouTube check list we’ll link that up in
the description below or on the YouTube card or
just go to and that has been the steps
that I go through every time that I upload a video so
that it ranks in search. Question of the day, have you
started ranking videos yet? Are you still maybe, you
know, confused on the subject, have you tested anything? Let me know in the comments below if you have any specific questions and I would love to cover
those in a future video. So thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe for more videos just like this and to see other clips from
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with online video. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon.

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