How to Rank Videos on the First Page of Google in Minutes

By | August 10, 2019

It’s the close of 2018 and did you know
that right now search engines are driving MORE & BETTER quality traffic to your business
right now than social networks are? In this video, I’m going to prove to you
that search is on top and then we’re gonna talk about 5 VIDEO SEO tips that you can use
to rank your videos on Google fast! So, are you ready?! [Music] Hey Entrepreneurs! It’s Salma Jafri – I’m a Video Content Strategist
and YOU are in the right place if you want to grow your brand with video. Be sure to hit the red subscribe button and
the bell icon next to it so that YOU are the first to know when I upload a new video. The two trends I want to talk about,
the first one is by Shareaholics, that shows that at the end of 2017, search has actually
overtaken social networks in terms of driving traffic to your website and to your business. Now this is pretty much unprecedented because
Social has been on top since 2014. But now the trend has shifted and Search is
again the number one way to drive cold traffic to your business. The second important trend you need to know
is that market research firm, SimilarWeb is saying that YouTube is going to be overtaking
Facebook as the second largest website in the US this year. That means that the ranking is now gonna be
Google first, then YouTube, then Facebook, and then Yahoo and Amazon make up the top
5 drivers of traffic. So what that means for you is that if you’re
on Google AND you’re also on YouTube, you are gonna be dominating search engine traffic. So now it’s time to capitalise on these trends
and figure out how we can use search engines and how we can optimise our videos using VIDEO
SEO to rank on Google as well as on YouTube. So here are 5 ways to rank your videos on
Google, fast! Tip number 1 is to make more YouTube videos. Now since Google owns YouTube, it is able
to rank your YouTube videos on Google in a matter of minutes! (not hours or days!). And in the first 24 hours, your video is actually
promoted more and given a fighting chance to rank. So your job is to promote it even more and
build up that momentum in the first few hours. Now a great example of a content creator who
uploads videos to YouTube and does so consistently is everyone’s YouTube hero: Gary Vaynerchuk. He has two shows – AskGaryVee and DailyVee
– and he uploads content using those 2 shows every single day to YouTube, which helps his
videos rank on Google. Tip number 2 is to find keywords that are
going to rank well on Google specifically. Now here’s the thing: when you do a search
and video results come up on the first page of Google search results, then you know that
you can have the potential to rank your videos on Google as well, because Google is already
displaying video results for that search phrase. Now, you can use a plugin – a free chrome
plugin – called TubeBuddy to find keywords that are specifically gonna rank well on Google
as well as on YouTube. And that’s the plugin that I use to find those
keywords that help me rank my videos on both YouTube as well as Google. My third SEO tip for you is to upload your
customer service videos to YouTube. What! you might be thinking….those are personalised,
one-to-one customer videos, like answering a specific query. How do you scale that by putting it up on
YouTube? Here’s the cool thing. These videos are actually a goldmine because:
a) they show you talking to a real person and therefore make your brand more personable. b) they answer prospective customer queries
that other customers might have as well, and c) they help you rank for long-tail SEO keywords. In fact, this strategy is exactly how eyeglasses
firm, Warby Parker, got 6000 plus views on a personal, 1:1 customer video which they
uploaded to YouTube. Now you can use HubSpot Video to create one-to-one
personalised videos for your sales team or your customer service teams. Now you guys know that I’ve spoken at a lot
of HubSpot events over the years and so I’m a big fan of the HubSpot brand and I’m really
excited that they’ve come out with a way for you to create videos using their software
and then upload them to YouTube to get all of that Google juice. You can even upload videos using HubSpot to
your website or as a video FAQ, or just to show your team in action. If you’d like to learn how to use HubSpot
video to make personal one-to-one videos in absolutely no time at all, then check out
the link in the description. SEO tip number 4 is to jump on trending topics
with video. Now new and complex topics are often best
explained with video. Now if YouTube sees that a trending, breakout
search term is driving voluminous amounts of traffic, it is going to show a video carousal
on the first page of Google search results, giving you massive real estate opportunities. Take Elon Musk, for example. When he was recently in the news, tweeting
his thoughts about taking Tesla private, a Google search for his name brought about a
YouTube video carousal which was dominated by videos created in the past 24 hours. So these YouTube channels got amazing SEO
juice by jumping on a trending topic and being really quick to make videos around that topic. SEO tip number 5 is to transcribe your videos. When you upload a YouTube video, it automagically
transcribes it for you. And therefore you want to to go ahead and
enable Closed Captions because transcription files can be read and indexed by search engines. You can then edit your YouTube transcription
file for any errors, and then download the SRT file. Now the SRT file can then be used as the basis
for writing a blog post. So it’s really easy to create a blog post
out of the SRT file and then you can upload that blog post to your website and also embed
the YouTube video along with it. Doing this is going to help Google contextualise
your video and also give a ton of text to help your blog post rank well on Google. If you’re not already making videos, then
check out HubSpot Video to make quick sales, marketing and customer service videos really
quickly. HubSpot Video is the sponsor of this video
and their software is going to help you welcome 2019 by being ahead of the curve. Remember to go after what you want and build
a brand you love because YOU can #BeTheMedia!

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    WOW! Salma. Great content. I use HubSpot and did not know about the video feature. I am going to look into it. I guess it makes sense that using Google platforms like YouTube will parlay results. Interesting that social is beginning to lag behind search. That indicates to me that those who search want to get right to it and bypass the extraneous noise on social. Thank you for your content that gets to the point.

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