How to Rank on Google First Page (#1 Ranking with a NEW site)

By | February 19, 2020

in this video I’m going to show you how
to rank on Google on the first page even if your site is new if you type in
bora-bora sharks into Google right now and click google search you will see
that my website travel croc calm is the number one result on Google and this
website has a very weak domain without backlinks and I’m still managing to rank
on page one I’m going to show you exactly how I did it and how you can do
the same for your content as well if we analyze the search term in a giraffe’s
bora-bora sharks you will see that my website is the featured snippet Travel
croc and my domain rank is just two you can see that over here and with this
week domain I’m managing to outrank some insanely strong websites such as
TripAdvisor with a domain rank of 93 smarter travel with the main rank of 80
another Trip Advisor the New Zealand version of it with domain rank 85 and
other websites such as staff dot codon and zette with domain rank 88 I’m
beating all of these websites and I’m ranking at the number one position and
I’m gonna show you exactly how hi everyone my name is Greg Kononenko on
this channel I publish regular videos where I show you how to get free traffic
and how to rank your site on page one of Google click subscribe just below this
video to stay up to date so can your site really outrank big websites
establish websites with a lot of money and a lot of authority this is one of
the most common questions that I get asked on this channel so I wanted to
record this video to show you that it’s absolutely possible for you to rank your
site on page one of Google so I’ve already given you one example where my
website travel Cronk outranks a ton of other very powerful websites such as
TripAdvisor let’s look at another example and that’s the keyword Bora Bora
facts I’ve actually just started typing it in here so you can see that it’s a
really frequently searched term that’s recognized by Google Bora Bora facts so
if I click that you can see that my website is ranking at the number three
position for this keyword Barbara facts and I actually outrank even Wikipedia
for this keyword do you guys also want to
Wikipedia for some of your target searches if you think this is pretty
cool and you’d like to do that then drop me a comment below and let me know that
you’d like to do that as well the first thing that you need to do if you want to
rank on Google first page is to make sure that you choose the keywords with
the right difficulty let’s use the travel niche as an example for this
video one of the ways to find great keywords for a blog in the travel niche
is to type in names of different countries into ATF’s and after you bring
up the results inside keyword explorer for that country choose the option on
the left having same terms that’s going to bring up all of the keywords in the
href database that have got the word vanuatu in them you can see we’ve got
16,000 208 keywords and a lot of them have got pretty high keyword difficulty
if your website is brand new or still in the early stages then you will want to
make sure that you choose a maximum keyword difficulty and apply filter with
a maximum value of 5 and then click apply to see what kind of results it
filters now our keywords have been cut down to 371 however all of the keywords
that we’ve got here are extremely easy to rank for and many of them are
excellent candidates for your blog this is an example for the travel niche
however you can absolutely apply the same technique to any other niche which
have an issue your blog is in after that you will need to apply your judgment to
see which keywords hold high value for you or lower value for you for example
survivor Vanuatu probably is not going to be suitable for a travel blog time in
Vanuatu might not be suitable for a travel blog however keywords such as
champagne Beach Vanuatu Vanuatu volcano especially fishing in Vanuatu might
actually be excellent topics for articles for a travel blog step number 2
that I normally do in my keyword research process when I want to rank on
page 1 of Google is to look for weak domains in the top 10 domains on the
first page of results the way to do this would be if we wanted to consider
further and analyze this keyword champagne Beach Vanuatu would be to open
this surf options so that we get this drop down of results and then look
detail on page one of search engine result pages these are all of the
results that are currently in Google coming up on page one and what I’m
looking for is this value a R which stands for a Travis rank and ideally we
want to see as many websites here with high values of a are as possible so and
a our rank of for example 17 tells us that this is a very strong website and
probably might be a tiny bit hard for us to compete with so Wikipedia you can see
has got IR of 17 but what we want to see is websites like this centered or travel
that has got an AR rank of 8 million 600 or eight point six million which means
that in the overall legal era of websites on the internet it’s towards
the bottom so the strongest website is number one in the weakest is at the very
bottom ideally I’d like to see at least two or three websites that have a rank
of over 1 million because that then tells me that there are other weak
websites that are managing to rank on page one
so my website will also have hope of ranking so for this particular keyword
champagne beech Vanuatu we can see that there are three weak websites that are
managing to rank on page one so this is a massive teak and a really good sign
the next thing that I do is I check the length of content of these competing
pages this is a manual job but it does not take too long so you can open each
of these in a new tab and then calculate the number of words on this page so you
can select all of the text like this and either copy and paste it into Microsoft
Word which will give you the word count or you can use an extension such as word
counter and this one has told me that there are a hundred and four words on
here so then I will copy and paste this URL
into a brand new notepad document and I’ll put down hundred and four and I
will repeat this with each of the results so then I will open up my
favorite escapes and do the same thing this article on my favorite escapes calm
is a little bit longer so when I count these words it’s got 1576 I’ll add that
into the not bad and in just a couple of minutes
you can end up with a list that’s looking like this so this is telling us
that most of the pages that are currently ranking on page one actually
have very short content so the longest one is my favorite escapes they’ve got
1576 words however all other articles are extremely short and also when we
look at the Wikipedia that’s ranking number one they basically have got no
information on champagne Beach in Vanuatu they’ve only just got 71 words
so this means that nobody has actually written a proper guide on champagne
Beach in Vanuatu so far and this keyword is getting 1,100 searches per month
which is pretty crazy no one’s taken advantage of this opportunity now why is
this important here is why Google loves long-form
content Google loves content that is in-depth authoritative content that is
the exact reason why this super-weak website my favorite escapes com
they’ve written a decent guide on champagne Beach Vanuatu and look at the
websites that they are out ranking they’re out ranked in Vanuatu travel
which is a very strong website domain during 57 they are out ranking daily
posts they’re out ranking and they’re out ranking flight network
only because if we look at the word count we can see that they’ve they’re
the only website that has actually written a proper long-form content so
rankings on page one of Google they don’t depend on the a our age rafts rank
or on D our domain rank of a website that is a part of the consideration
however one of the main things that Google wants is they want to show super
high quality in-depth content and that is the exact reason why my favorite
escapes com are there at position number five out ranking all of these massive
websites that is also the reason why I outrank all other websites for such
keyword terms as bora-bora facts where I’m out ranking Wikipedia I’m out
ranking travel team and various other sites because I have written a proper
long from article with a lot of media and
it’s an in-depth content whereas the Wikipedia article which by the way I’m
out ranking I’m ranked above Wikipedia for bora-bora facts they actually have
very little content if you look at it there is not a lot of information here
my article is longer it’s more in-depth and this is why Google prefer to show my
content instead of Wikipedia’s content so the takeaway here for you is to make
sure that you don’t just focus on domain rank but look at the lengths of the
underlying content the next thing that you’ll want to look at if you want to
rank on the first page of Google is the intent of the search let’s say you are
analyzing the keyword combination by genes and you’ve brought up all of the
terms that include that combination and you might come across something like
where to buy bell-bottom jeans by the way I have no idea what the bell-bottom
jeans are but anyway it might seem like a good keyword because it’s got a decent
search volume it also seems to have a buyer intent which you might think is a
good thing and it’s got a keyword difficult of just for and when we look
at the first page of results for this keyword we can see that every single
result that comes up is actually a shop or a store where people can actually buy
those jeans those bell-bottom jeans there are no blogs on page one at all
and that is because Google knows that the person who is entering that into
Google they actually want to buy jeans they’re not looking for blog or
information on bell-bottom jeans they’re not looking for references for where
they can go and buy them they’re actually looking for a store that sells
them and so if you write a blog post with where to buy bell-bottom jeans and
put links to all the different places you never go into ranked on page one
simply because there are no other blogs that are ranking there and that is a
sign that Google does not want blogs they want to show shops on page one so
pay attention to that and make sure that when you’re analyzing your keyword you
have any situations similar to what you can see here where some of the results
are actually blogs such as this my favorite escape
calm which is a blog with information with about the topic of the search if
there are already one two or three blogs on page one that have got information
types similar to what you’re going to write your article about that is a good
sign that’s what you want that means that you will have a very good chance of
getting there onto page one as well the last step of what it takes to rank on
Google first page is to make sure that your content is the best content out of
all of the pages that you can see on page one so far that usually means at
least 2,000 words that usually means that you need to insert some
high-quality images on a lot of my posts I also embed YouTube videos Google likes
reach media content so make sure that you insert several
attractive images also you can embed other people’s videos from YouTube just
grab the embed code from YouTube and insert them into your blog post that
will allow people to watch those youtube videos while they’re staying on your
blog that will in turn increase user engagement metrics the time that the
user spends on the page and Google tracks all that and they will know that
people stay on your page for a long time they enjoy your content and therefore
you will increase your chances to go up the Google rankings this is what I do
personally to rank on Google first page even with my very weak lower thority
websites if you enjoyed this video and want to get similar videos in the future
make sure to hit that subscribe button just below this video take the bell
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next video thank you so much for watching I’ll see in the next one

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