HOW TO RANK in FIRST PAGE of Google Search Results | A Beginners Guide to do SEO and get to page one

By | December 12, 2019

Hi today, I’m going to outline in a non-technical way what matters to reach the top on Google? my name is Simon Elkjær and I have made website for almost 20 years since Before Google was even a thing in my home country. I have my own marketing agency and one of the areas I’m very interested in is search engine optimization in short search engine optimization or SEO Is about optimizing your website’s so that Google understands what the website is all about. But this is a very Short and simplified version of what’s needed? In fact, there’s a couple of hundred Parameters that Google considers when it comes to search engine ranking as I said in the beginning of this video This is not a video about the hundreds of technical details needed to rank but an overall Understanding on how Google picks the number one winner. So how do I get to the top of Google? First and foremost, you must learn the difference between Google ads and organic results This video is about getting to the top of Google in what we call the organic results but this is not actually the top rankings as the top three or four in Google rankings will be reserved for Advertising which can only be obtained through paid clicks However, it is worth mentioning that ad blockers removed the Google ads and when this happens the organic results are at the very top Google s works as an auction system where you bid on a keyword the auction is symbol Whoever bids the highest on the keyword wins for the same reason click prices increased dramatically every single year and it can be difficult for Especially smaller companies to compete as the price just keep getting higher and higher over time Therefore you could focus on getting the top of the organic results instead These results are determined by an algorithm that Google has refined at week since it launched in 1998 Google’s end goal is to show as good and relevant search results as possible The algorithm is thus designed in to favor those landing pages that that have been the best and most relevant content for the given search Google’s Artificial intelligence keeps track on how visitors behave in Google when searching on a given keyword one of the use of behavioral parameters that we know they are looking at is whether you returned back to Google and how quickly you do it if you search for Let’s say cheap pizza on Google and then land on a website that sells pizza for $50.00 then there’s an imminent likelihood of you leaving the page immediately to click on a different search result This is because the search intent did not match the search result in that example the price was simply too high compared to what you were looking for in the long run that example will have the Consequence that the search result that sells the expensive Pizza goes further and further down in searches for cheap pizza You may ask you yourself should I really be number one is what I offer on my landing page better than my Competitors offer if your landing page delivers a poor user experience, you won’t be able to win on Google in the long run There are hundreds of different things Google looks at when they analyze your site and determine its rankings. It is very technical and can seem overwhelming but fortunately you can group all these factors over all Categories as the following no.1, the website has to be technically optimized though the Google and the user gets the best possible experience the landing page Content must be good and relevant to the person searching on Google content should satisfy both the person searching and ghoul number three is your website must be Authoritative in the eyes of Google and the user it is difficult to get to the top of Google’s organic search results It is not something you just do it requires hard work over a longer period of time Don’t let anyone convince you that there are agencies with that unique solution for Google to optimize your page so it automatically comes up and ranked at number one in the organic search results if your competitors websites is more inviting and contain contains better content is a bigger brand and even Outperforms you on price it will be almost impossible to rank I have tried a symbol as I can to explain what you can do to get higher in the Google rankings this Resulted in a six step guide on how to Google optimize your page step number one get your website’s technical foundation right before we go into it all I just want to invite you to turn on your Logical sense of thinking let your logic guide you to the top of Google. Are you ready? This the logical thinking turned on you must show that your website is safe to visit you need to make sure that your site has an SSL certificate if your site has the SSL certificate then there’s like an HTTPS and my green padlock in front of your domain HTTPS means that your that data communicated between the visitors and your website is encrypted Google thinks logically that your website effort to be the best experience must be Safe to visit your website needs to be fast It should come as no surprise that if you have a slow website, it will hurt the user experience It is perfectly logical right Google needs to be able to read your content This is also quite logical for a non-technical person however it can be a little difficult to understand how to Speak to Google and I often see examples of people filling the landing page with graphical elements that slow down the page Significantly. It is also typical for people to stare text content behind the tab Google are able to read what’s behind these tabs, but there’s still an Optimization point here you should make it as easy as possible for Google to read your content You can think of it like this if Google can read the content You’re hiding then Google is designed to understand how that YouTube views your page And if you hide comes in from the visitor, then Google could think well, this content is probably not very important logically Google must have access to your website web designers who create a new website my blog so that Google can access the page These blockades is designed to prevent the test website simply indexed and crawled into Google There are various of different different ways to block Google access and the Googlebot But it’s vitally important to avoid blocking Google BOTS before the pages. You want to rank the website should be in standardized HTML This is again slight difficult for the non-technical people to Understand but it means that among other things that if something is a headline then the headline should be tagged with headline HTML Too and that way you serve the information about the content on a silver platter for Google Which is also a great way to optimize the content to get higher and Google results I made a whole video about basic SEO HTML And if you want to learn more about HTML I’m planning to me make an entire video about me creating an entire SEO friendly website from scratch using only HTML and free software. Don’t miss out on this subscribe now Step number 2 get noticed by Google when you create a new website There was a very little chance that you appear automatically in Google at least on keywords that drives real traffic you need to take action yourself and actively Optimize your page to appear in Google. There are a few different things you can do to appear in Google for example, you can take ownership of your page in Google’s search console, which is the Google’s own tool in this tool you can request Google to impact your page when you’re ready to get noticed by Google in addition you can keep track on how many links you have Received and as well see which words your rank for and which generates traffic Subscribe to my channel and hit that pill button if you want to get noticed by new videos I plan on making an in-depth video about Google search console step number Three optimize content for google here comes the point that some might disagree with my advisor Therefore not necessarily the same as other SEO consultants But do you remember like step number one, you need to reactivate that logical sense? Once you’ve done that then critically review and analyze your website if we take an hypothetical example you have a blog post that you would like to rank on several keywords first and Foremost make sure that your post is better longer and more in depth than blend the search Results currently occupying the top rankings objectively. It’s Really difficult to rank number one on a post that simply contains 300 to 400 words on a topic Therefore you need to strive to write long and resourceful text Good content takes other media into play as well The best content is rarely just text It’s important to keep in mind that we all consume content differently and it’s far from everyone who loves text therefore you should also add visual elements such as images and videos to your content your page title and Description should be catchy and match your concept when talking about Optimization we need to talk about the page style and description It’s also called the title tag and the meta description the page title and a description Should be precise explanation of what the user can expect from clicking on your search result The one that gets the most clicks and keeps them on the website for the longest time wins in the long run But be careful though. We do not want to encourage clickbait It can be a negative effects for you to do so you can’t promise anything in your page title and description that you can’t deliver on if people search for cheap pizza and you write the following in your page style buy the cheapest pizza online with free delivery then will not work for you in the long run if your pizza is both expensive and the Delivery isn’t even free step number four showed the users. They have arrived to the right place This is actually a iteration of step number three it’s about Google understanding that your visitors has landed on the right content and you must optimize against the search intent or the problem behind the search no matter how much text and how many images Videos or anything else you add to your landing page? You must never forget. The focus is on search intent Must keep your eyes on the ball at all times And make sure you solve the problem that the users might have if they are looking for answers to a question That you do not answer in your post Then they will have to return to Google to find the answer make sure that you are the enth road for the users My main rule is that you should have one piece of content per search intent one should never have too many focus keywords on one page although cheap dog food and best of food are quite similar it Would probably make sense for a landing page for each keyword phrase Don’t try to make landing pages several things at once You can easily get traffic from many different keywords on a landing page you will be able to see that in the search console Once you first get started The search is you find in there and not necessarily the ones you thought but what is typically a common denominator? Is that no matter how the user spells out the search terms? It is the same problem there They are facing or question They might have Google detects if the visitors leave the page quickly if I search in Google and Google sees that I returned after 17 seconds to click on the new search result Google use artificial Intelligence knows that the first search result was not a solution to my problem If you finally get the first place in Google, it is important to keep up with the competition If your competition optimizes a constant, you should do the same yourself So you remain the page with the best concept step number five get recommendations from other websites. Ok. This step is for you Who has everything figured out if you’re not 100% sure that your content is the best and the technical setup is on point Then you should wait with this step. This step is link-building step You can build many different link types to optimize your page for google And there’s a huge difference in quality of links in short you want the best links pointing to your content that you can get? Let’s equate links with recommendations on your resume. Imagine a bookkeepers resume. Let’s set up three different scenarios Bookkeeper number one has about seven recommendation none of them from anyone, you know, but they all seem quite real book Kiba number two has a recommendation from Jordan Belfort his mother and Bernie Madoff is Described as being a very creative as doing accounting book Kiba number three has Recommendations a short, but great one from Elon Musk. I Guess you won’t exactly be tempted to hire the bookkeeper number two Number one has a pretty good profile and might be great for the job. But along comes bookkeeper number three And she is instantly your favorite because she has received a great recommendation with great Authority This is the same with links. Sometimes a great link is stronger than 7ok links Quality can easily overshadow the quantity links from government knew such Professional magazines tend to be really really great but there’s a big gap in the difficulty of getting a link as you might imagine For example, you can go to an online forum in your niche and create a post that Contains a link to your website such a link provides very little value It does so because anyone and everyone can easily do it and it does dilute the value pages ranking Number one usually tend to get several links like this every day without them creating it themselves so you have to keep up with the organic flow of links if you have written the Ultimate guide to the best dog food you might want to try pitching this post to the number one Online website in your niche in the pitch process. You will learn that many websites will not just add links to pages they do not know very Similar with resume recommendations really to get a recommendation You also have to do something that may should just serve the recommendation My best advice is to try it out and find out what works for you the last option is that you might see in search engine forums and Facebook Fiverr reddit or other websites that are That many people are selling links and unless you know exactly what you’re doing You should refrain from buying links You might just end up with a recommendation from Bernie Madoff a page that Google does not trust Which might end up damaging your trust in Google if you want to buy links then consult an SEO expert before doing so tip number six get to the top of Google the top three of Google today is increasingly helped by big brands This does not mean that you have to be Nike Lego or Gucci to be ranked number one in your niche But you’ll have to think about your content promotion as branding of your business It’s all about getting the most clicks out of the Google search engine if your website is called certified dog food expert come and you have always Branded yourself as an expert in dog food then your chance of ranking on Something with dog food could be greater than the bigger brands in modern Google updates Google is getting better at figuring out if the author of the content and the domain has any trust in ish So branding yourself in podcast Pinterest YouTube guest posting as an expert in your niche is more Important than ever keep adding value to your part of the world and think long term when you do your content and your content Promotion, then you might be able to establish yourself as a mini brand in your niche. You want to become an influencer? I hope this gave you some understanding of the basic mechanics of SEO Remember that no course or no agency? Can give you direct access to the top rankings in organic search results It requires hard work and continues optimization of your content user experience and inbound links if you go through step 1 through 6 and Understand how much work there is in every step of the way then, you know, you should start today Remember the best time to start was 10 years ago. And the next best time is today, please like and subscribe I hope to see you in videos soon

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