How to Rank High on Google Without Writing Content

By | September 17, 2019

– As a marketer, as a business
owner, as a entrepreneur, you probably don’t have too
much time to write content. So, how do you continue to
keep getting more traffic from Google without writing content? Hi, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to teach you how to rank high on Google
without writing content. (upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way, if I release
more content like this, you’ll get notified, and if you’re on YouTube,
click the alert notification. The first tip I have for
you is create a podcast. If you haven’t already checked it out, check out my podcast Marketing School. It’s a daily five-minute
episode that just breaks down our latest, greatest marketing technique that helps you get more traffic. But here’s what people don’t really know. Google now indexes podcast content. You can actually get
your podcast, the audio, indexed in Google, and
that can continually drive you more traffic. And they do this automatically. They transcribe your podcast. They make it searchable in
the Google Podcasts apps and, that way, when people
are searching for stuff that you cover in your podcast,
you can get traffic for. Now, here’s the thing,
you may be thinking, oh, podcasting takes a long time. Not really, you can just
riff beside your phone and talk into your iPhone. To give you an idea for our
podcast Marketing School, my co-host and I were to able to record a whole month’s of content
and we do it on a daily basis. So, that means our podcast
is every single day where we’re able to record
a whole month’s of content in roughly four to five hours, that’s it. And we can do that in
one or two sit-downs. In other words, we’ll sit down one day, we’ll record two hours’ worth. We may come back a few weeks later, sit down for another two hours, and record another two weeks’ worth. Now that you’ve created a podcast, even though Google’s going to transcribe and is going to rank your podcast, you may find that it won’t
rank you as high as you want. So, Google has a set of guidelines and, as long as you follow the URL that’s on the screen here, you can see it right down
there, go to that page, it’ll break down Google’s
guidelines for making sure that your podcast is indexable and you’re getting the
most searched traffic from Google indexing and
ranking your podcast. The next thing I want you to
do is double down on videos. If you’re already creating
videos, great, good for you. If you’re not, then start
busting out your phone and just creating video-based content. You can even do this with your laptop. Video is so powerful. Videos appear in 16% of all
SERPs in the United States. That’s according to Rank Ranger. That shows you that, hey, creating text-based
content isn’t everything. If you want to rank on
Google, videos is another way. You got podcasting now, you got videos. Those are great ways
and, according to Moz, that number’s actually 21%. So, whether you want to
follow Rank Ranger or Moz, either way, the number is substantial. A lot of the results that are ranking on Google now are video-based. For that reason, you should consider creating video-based content. What we’ve found is, when we
look at video-based content, the ones that do the
best tend to be videos that are at least five minutes in length. Videos that are one or two
minutes, that are super short, we don’t really see them ranking Google, so you should consider avoid
creating too short content. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to create an hour worth of video content, you know, quick five, six, seven-minute
videos is long enough. The next tip I have for
you is get guest bloggers. One of my last startups, Kissmetrics, we grew it to over a
million visitors a month. Now, eventually, I ended up
buying back the Kissmetrics site and I merged it into,
which is another story. But we got to a million visitors a month and we did that without
writing our own content. You’re probably wondering,
how is this possible, Neil? Well, we reached out to all the other bloggers in our space and said, “Hey, would you like to
publish content on our site?” Sometimes, you have to
pay them money to do so. Sometimes, they’ll do it for free. But, once you build up
enough of an audience and enough people are posting, you’ll get everyone to
start posting for free. In other words, you’ll get
a ton of guest writers, you won’t have to pay a dime. And, during our peak, we were getting seven to
10 new articles per week, consistently, that was
over a year stretch. So, if you don’t want to write content, doesn’t mean other people
can’t write content for you. Remember, when those articles rank, they’re ranking because
they’re on your site, and that means you get the
traffic, not anyone else. The next tip I have for you
is optimize your old content. Use Search Console, look at your articles that rank on page two or
three, and improve their CTR. In other words, if you
can put the keywords that people are searching
for within the title tag, within the meta description,
you’re going to get higher clicks which is going to get you more traffic and eventually boost your rankings. You can also use tools like Ubersuggest for the keywords that
you rank on page one for. Take those keywords, put into Ubersuggest. It’ll give you all the
long-tail variations of those keywords. Integrate those keywords within your copy. You don’t have to rewrite it, you can just integrate those keywords, at least the ones that are super relevant and won’t take much work. You probably won’t be able
to integrate all of them because you’re not rewriting
or writing a ton more content. In other words, you’re
just adding a few keywords, the ones that are super relevant
that you haven’t included, and what you’ll find is, if
you rank for the head term, you’ll naturally and easily rank for the long-tail term as well. Next tip, create tools. You’re probably wondering, “Hey, Neil, you have this
tool called Ubersuggest, “it gets you a lot of traffic, “but we can’t afford to do that.” Well, there’s a site called CodeCanyon, and CodeCanyon makes it
where you can buy scripts and other easy-to-use tools. Pop them on your site. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Whether it’s calculators. My first SEO analyzer that
I popped up on my site, I ended up getting it from
CodeCanyon back in the day. And when you do that, you’ll find that those pages
will naturally be popular. If I look at my site on, what do you think the
most popular pages are? They’re all tool-related, whether it’s the SEO analyzer, whether it’s the backlinks tool, whether it’s the A/B testing
tool, or even Ubersuggest. Tools are super powerful. So that’s it, if you
follow all of those tips, you should be able to get higher rankings without creating more content. And of all the strategies
that I mentioned, my favorite one is the tools because the tools
continually produce backlinks which helps all the other pages on your site boost their rankings. If you need help boosting your rankings without creating content, check out my ad agency Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoyed this video, like it, share it, tell other people about it. Make sure you subscribe to the channel and leave a comment if you have a question and I’ll do my best to
answer and help you out.

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