How To Rank First Place On Youtube [Video SEO]

By | August 27, 2019

Inside this video, I’m going to share with
you on how to get your videos ranked number one on Youtube for any of your keywords or
your markets. And also too, I’m going to reveal to you a
service that will help you get your website on the first page of Google for your website
as well. So let’s get straight into it. Welcome to Outsourcing Live. My name is Tyrone
Shum, world’s leading outsourcing expert, author, speaker, and also entrepreneur. I’m really excited to reveal to you a service
that I’ve launched about 6 months ago with a very select, few clients that I’ve been
working with and we help them basically rank on the first page of Google, achieving in
the number one results, or on the first page of Google. And also we’ve been doing that
as well for Youtube with a few other clients as well. One of our clients has received 94% increase
within a month for about 20 something thousand views, to about 40 something thousand views,
approximately. And they’re absolutely ecstatic about that kind of result. So stay to the end of this video where I’ll
reveal with you a little bit more details on how you can access to this service, and
also too, if it’s not right for you right now, how you can get a referral fee just for
simply recommending this service and getting 10% of the recurring income as well, too. So what I’m going to do right now is to show
you 3 tips on how to be able to rank your video on the first page of Youtube based on
whatever market you’re in. And I’ve been applying this strategy to all my videos on Outsourcing
Live. For example, if you type outsourcing right now, we’re ranked number one. The first thing is in order to get your videos
on the first page, is to make sure you have a transcript associated with your video. So
if you have a virtual assistant, and this is perfect for anyone who has a team around
them, and is outsourcing stuff, get your videos transcribed. Once that’s transcribed, upload
them and put them associated with your videos. That has been very, very powerful way because
I can get my videos found much quicker, and also too, Youtube searches through these transcripts
and actually finds whatever keyword is relevant for people search. Second strategy is to make sure when uploading
your videos that you have your main keyword, or your targeted keywords in your filename.
So for example, a lot of people have been uploading like video1.mp4 or .mov to Youtube.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a video. But if you’ve got a keyword
that says, outsourcing to the Philippines, what you want to do is have those keywords
outsourcing-to-the-philippines, put that inside your file and make sure it says that in the
filename and then upload that. That makes a significant difference to have your videos
ranked on Youtube. Now the third tip is to ensure you get lots
and lots of traffic driving to your Youtube video. And what we’ve been doing is we’ve
been focusing heavily on trying to target the keyword outsourcing for Youtube which
successfully worked because now we’re ranked number one. And what we do with those kind of backlinks
is we’re using a software called Unique Article Wizard, which you can actually get access
to that software by simply clicking on that link below here. So those are 3 tips that I can provide for
you and that’s what we’ve been doing in our business. All right, so as I was saying at the beginning
of this video, I’m offering a service called SEO Services HQ which allows us to be able
to take over and do pretty much a turnkey solution for you to rank your website on first
page of Google. Simply visit and you will
be able to see 3 different packages that we offer. We’ve got the Essential Package, the
Pro Package, and the Platinum Packages. And basically that allows you to be able to choose
from one of those packages which suits you and your budget. Also too, I like to offer you something as
well. If you’re interested in becoming a – what we call an affiliate, or a referral of this
service, you can also get 10% of any person that you refer to this service and receive
it on a monthly basis because this is a monthly service. Just 5 customers, you will get your services
all for free, but if you do wanted to use this and you need a service like this, saving
you time and effort, you can definitely check it out by clicking on the link below as well. So the question for today’s video is: What
do you think are the biggest issues people are having with videos online, or online videos? All right, that’s it for today’s video. Feel
free to share this video on Facebook, Twitter, and also Google Plus as well. Love to hear
and also listen to your feedback as well. Thank you so much for watching this, my name
is Tyrone Shum from Outsourcing Live and I’ll see you inside the next video. Bye for now. To stay up to date and receive the latest
videos, subscribe to the Outsourcing Live channel by clicking on the Subscribe button
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22 thoughts on “How To Rank First Place On Youtube [Video SEO]

  1. Tyrone Shum Post author

    @socialmediacurator thanks. To upload transcripts: view your video and on the top menu bar you will see a link called "edit captions/subtitles", click on that. Then click on the button that says "Add New Captions or Transcripts". You will be able to upload your transcript there. Cheers.

  2. Tyrone Shum Post author

    @TheSmokingAndroid I know it's not for everyone and the clients I have been working with have an existing business who knoq how important it is to market it online via Youtube and Google. I have clients who I am charging a lot more than that per month.

    Though if you are just starting out, then this service is not for you and that's why I have these free videos. Remember I have a business to run and I can provide so much free content – but it won't make me any money. That's why I offer services

  3. Tyrone Shum Post author

    @TheSmokingAndroid I am sure you can find other services who will charge you next to nothing, but just be weary as you will get what you pay for.

    In regards to transcriptions, I got quoted around $12 per 500word transcription. As my VA transcribes everything for me, it's all tied into her monthly salary. For a 500 word transcript it takes her around 45 minutes to complete.

    To answer your question about affordable methods – best to send a ticket of what you need at asknreply . com

  4. Tyrone Shum Post author

    @TheSmokingAndroid That's cool. If you need anything as I mentioned just send a message via our support system and more than happy to send you contacts to help you. I just can't post the contact details here for privacy reasons.

  5. Michael Galacgac Post author

    Tyrone, where did you get the information about filenames having to do with rankings?

  6. Tyrone Shum Post author

    @socialmediacurator Definitely. Youtube uses this to search and find your videos, otherwise they only rely on tags and descriptions, which may not be complete.

  7. Tyrone Shum Post author

    @MichaelGalacgac I asked an expert in Video SEO from the creator of Video Shadow and he recommended to put the keywords in the filename. It has made a difference for my videos from what I see. Thanks,

  8. REI Tips Post author

    Hi, I took a look at your SEO services, but don't actually see any pricing listed for the packages on this page: /packages-pricing/ Did you remove the pricing? How do i find it? Thanks.

  9. Amin Jalili Post author

    Hey do you do this on the site you linked for YouTube channels too or only websites?

  10. Razor - Million Dollar SEO Mentor Post author

    I tested this extensively mate (as I do with just about everything) and it's definitely a Video SEO Truth. 😉

  11. Tyrone Shum Post author

    I use a cream colour wall and light it up with white light. Thanks.

  12. Jeanette Flores Post author

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  13. Eric Flanigan Post author

    First time here Tyrone…great to be here (obviously I'm doing some "searching" eh? LOL

    Great job on the production (top notch). Would love to get a peek at your tools and techniques…well…that means watching more videos of yours doesn't it? Yeup…that's an easy stretch! Thank you for the tid bits on this one…and the service you provide. I agree with titles and backlinks…however, the transcript was a light bulb moment…thank you…will look into that! Sometimes I rattle on!

  14. James Powlett Post author

    theres loads of videos like this on you tube , its all bullshit , people are only interested it seems in looking at stupid or pointless videos

  15. Tonya Alves Post author

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