How To Rank Better in Google Search | #1 SEO Tip

By | August 26, 2019

Hey everyone,
this is Jake Burns with the Bigger Better Biz channel We’re going to go
over my favorite tip for growing your traffic with Seo,
so let’s jump in. My favorite way to improve your seo is
with Page Titles right there, and with your Meta description you can
change on your website. I’ll show you that up here.
So up at the very top is where the title is on your website.
See it pop up right there, and getting the Meta description.
You can see it right there, I’ve highlighted it in the back end code
of the website. You can make this whatever you want it
to be and I suggest making it very specific to the given page as well as
specific to what you’re trying to get people to search for on your website.
Same goes for your Page Title. Page Title should match your page
information as well as what your site is about. So by putting a very specific page title
and a very specific Meta description that talk about your website,
use keywords that are relevant to your website.
You’re going to get more traffic. You’re going to get more people who are
trying to find you online on Google. That is something I guarantee.
All right, so let’s check back on Google were I did
a quick search for marketing agencies near Sharon,
Massachusetts. As you can see,
the Page Title appears right there along with the Meta description that ties back
to our website and what we have on the homepage because we use those terms.
We rank really well for marketing agencies near our location in Sharon,
Massachusetts. Very,
very simple. If you align your keywords,
the things that you know people are going to search for to find a business
like yours, you align them with your website and
what you have in the Page Title and the Meta description and align that also
with what you have in your page. It’s a winning combination and I
guarantee you’re going to get more traffic.
Okay. Thanks so much for watching and I look
forward to seeing you in our next video. Thanks so much. Hey,
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