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By | January 26, 2020

hi this is J.R. Fisher with also before we get started let’s make sure that you go
ahead and click that subscribe button if you haven’t already done so that way
you’ll be notified about all the videos that we have upcoming it’ll really help
you in your business and whatever you’re promoting so make sure you go ahead and
click Subscribe and let’s go ahead and get started right now now in this video
it’s really exciting we’re going to talk about how you can rank on the first page
of google and youtube and i’m going to show you proof that we did it so stay
tuned let’s get to it II so we’re going to go ahead and make
sure we’re logged into YouTube and as you can see we are logged into YouTube
here I want to make sure everything is set up just right ok so we’re logged in
to our YouTube page here let’s go ahead and go over to our channel now what
we’re going to do is we’re going to just pick a video we have in here and we’re
going to pick this one here now this one is brand new it is five days old so it
has not been on YouTube very long at all but we’re going to go ahead and pull it
up and what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how we actually optimize
this video in 5 days it was on the number one page of the search results so
here’s how we’re going to do that first off we’re going to click here and we’re
going to go into edit now once we’re in edit it’s important to remember that
when you’re making videos you want to make videos that people are searching
for don’t make a video and try to have people search for it so in earlier
videos we taught you how to find different keywords and we’ll go over
that again some more but basically what we did in this particular video is as
you can see the top here the name of this video is how to add playlist your
YouTube channel and then we add it in three minutes because we can do it
pretty fast and then we took that same thing and we put that right here okay
for our title so that’s our title of the video so then as you scroll down you’re
going to see that the description also has the same thing how to add playlist
to your youtube channel so we’re going to scroll down here and we have our tags
and guess what we have playlists we have YouTube we have how-to youtube how to
youtube spread out a little bit organize your channel add playlist to your
channel so what we did is we took the same term that you see here how to add
playlist to your channel in only three minutes now on this particular video
let’s go back to where somebody would view the video so we’re gonna go back
one page here we’re going to stop it so it doesn’t
play but if you notice this particular video at the time we’re airing this was
published on january 15 so it’s only been on here for five days and it’s been
on here for five days let’s search youtube and see how it shows up how to and you notice as i type it’s actually
populating this is populating there because that’s a popular search term so
we’ve now searched it this is the first page result of 38 million results okay
so let’s scroll through here and there it is it’s on the very first page and
this is only five days ago this video was posted so quick reminder you want to
make sure that you are going to be doing videos that people are searching for not
doing videos that you want to get them to search for it’s a whole lot easier to
fit that need now keep in mind these are the very same techniques that we used to
sell millions of dollars of products online feel free to contact us with any
questions you can always email us at training at jr. Fisher calm you can also
find us at survival k please leave your comments below I’ll be happy
to answer any questions you may have have a great day

8 thoughts on “How to Rank 1st Page in Google and Youtube – JR Fisher

  1. James G Rivera Post author

    Wow, you made it on page one with Derral and David!

  2. Kick Butt Courthouse Training Post author

    Great Job and Video.   Im implementing this today!!!  Thanks for the step by step easy to follow. You made something challenging for most of us…into a No Brainer Easy to Follow System.   Thank You So Much!!!  Perfect timing, Im making a bunch of small videos to put great timing…great content.  great heart!!!! This is Richard from Texas!!!


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