How to Rank #1 on Google for the World’s Most Competitive Keywords | Ranking First Page for “SEO”

By | December 28, 2019

100 thoughts on “How to Rank #1 on Google for the World’s Most Competitive Keywords | Ranking First Page for “SEO”

  1. Veena Rafi Post author

    Hello Neil, we deal with accessories… Everything is good about the product. people like it and they buy but we still need to uplift our brand. How to do that in a meaningful way. Thanks..

  2. Rohit Kaurav Post author

    Neil, I am much confused about backlink part please can suggest me which kind of backlink helpful me for my website to get a good rank.

  3. Gaurav Pathania Post author

    Hello Neil Sir,

    Good Evening,

    I am Website Developer specific in wordpress. i want to create my own agency type online. so can people view my work and hire me. i dont know, which brand i should use or Name that will identify me uniquely.

    and also i am expecting from you will guide me, how i can grow my personal business about website development. i need deep advice and guidance from you.


  4. perfect shubh Post author

    Hey neil, I'm going to start blog on blogger. Is it good on blogger because I don't have enough money for paid blogging on wordpress. Please suggest me. Thanks

  5. Bilawal peerzada Post author

    Hey Neil I'm huge fan of you brother you are just Amazing In explaining

  6. Intel Properties com Post author

    Thanks for giving away this information for free!

  7. Intel Properties com Post author

    Neil – what video platform / software do you use?

  8. Scroll kmr Post author

    Hi Neil
    I write blog posts on blogger.
    I write in "Education & Job" category.
    My articles got millions of views from the websites for which i write,
    But when i post them on my own blog, it isn't even searchable on Google.
    In fact I'm unable to understand "keyword ranking".
    I'm on blogger from 3 months with 70 posts

  9. Shery Sheikh Post author

    Sir neil you're amazing i'm a follower of you from pakistan you know what i watch your every video, read your blog regularly you know what you're amazing, funning, attractive, you always speak truth your work is super super super boom amazing i'm start loving you I really have no words to say Thanks for helping thousand of peoples!!!
    Love from pakistan

  10. RAHUL BISWAL Post author

    Neil, you have such an excellent knowledge in the field of SEO and marketing.

    Yes, in-depth is the base of any good blog.

  11. Wil English Post author

    Thanks for your video. I'm from Indonesia ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ. Now I've been making a free course about learning English. And I'm focus on making UX. And I don't have a lot of content. But now, your video makes me think of SEO. so, what's your advice?

  12. Dhanur Sehgal Post author

    Hi sir. Is it safe to choose org, net, info, Co domain extensions?
    How much they really affect seo?
    Do people more likely click .com in search results than other extensions?

  13. Darshan Popat Post author

    Sir i have just started my blog,initially i am struggling to write awesome content,so,what should i do

  14. Wilfred Michael Post author

    I'm new to digital marketing.

    I'm looking to build a brand that covers online marketing needs.

  15. Flavius Noja Post author

    Nice tips Neil! This is a pot of gold for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Kade Johnson Post author

    Hey neil, I don't understand how having alot of money can help with seo. Are they just buying authority backlinks?

  17. RAID Muzaffar Post author

    hey neil my post is on page one on google wohoooo!!

  18. The Sheepster Post author

    You and Brian Dean must be competing against each other considering he gave out YouTube ranking tips and he ranks #1 for SEO… (On YouTube)

  19. Tips load India Post author

    I would like to ask a little question that is top level domain affect our site ranking?

  20. Mr. Golden Thumbz Post author

    Hey Neil I'm a gaming YouTuber that creates content related to Madden 18. How would I create a brand around that?

  21. Naman jain Post author

    Sir i want to become like u i am only writing blog what more i can do to become a good digital marketer

  22. Mr.Yukesh Post author

    Hey Neil, I want to start a blog on tech niche & I don't know where to start. Help ME

  23. Ashish Sharma Post author

    do bloggers charge for collaborating?like if i ask them to link my page in their blog.I am a novice and i hesitate while e-mailing for collab. Please help!

  24. Calogero Panepinto Post author

    Hey Neil,

    I have watched your videos for a long long time now and they are awesome.

    Just a quick one…

    Can I implement your tips for my affiliate site?

    I know it may seem a daft question, but I have always wondered if Google looked at affiliate sites differently?


  25. DIPANKAR k Post author

    Ur the 1st person i ever met on any online platform who was able to rank for more than 42 crore search results!!

  26. rahul tiwari Post author

    Actually, I have read your article it's great I also want to start my own blogging site related to science fiction so don't worry I'm not going to use this trick on you also I want to take more advice you can you please give your email address

  27. Hamza Rafaqat Post author

    How bots know that a page is beautiful? Do they just read css or actually understand more depth things. i.e night mode e.t.c

  28. magazatv Post author

    Hello,have 2 website one freelancer an other food order but no matter what to do,i m nearly give up,wonder what can be done ? thanks for nice video…

  29. BSE IMPORTS/EXPORTS Post author

    Wonderful video Neil. I love it and I do share your tips and videos. I have a niche on page 1, rank 3 and trying to grow it. Question. I have affiliate links and Google Adsense. Is Adsense causing me to lose in the long run. Should I remove Adsense totally from my website? currently I am getting pennies from Adsense. But it all helps I guess.

  30. shivam J Post author

    New to your channel and I must say you explain each and every detail very well.

    Does Sharing your articles on social media like Facebook makes back links and sep rankings?

  31. Telugu Hacker Post author


  32. Neha Jain Post author

    Wanna build a brand for travel.. its very competitive and what you're saying, the big ones are already doing it.. how to come close to them ??

  33. Naga Man Post author

    Dear Neil,

    That was a very encouraging video on competing with High traffic high competition keywords…Till now, I have only read or people telling us to target high traffic low competition keywords to be successful as a small blogger…

    But today through your keyword SEO, you have proved that it is possible. Keep up the good work!

  34. Learn Android Applications Post author

    Sir, how much blog posts need to be in a website to rank and when can i link my website to adsense?

  35. Shubham Raj Post author

    Hello Neil, we have a news website which is 1 month old and I have a question. Even when I post the latest news which is not posted by any other news website, my post is not on the first page. So my question is how long does it take for Google to trust my website and show my posts in its search results.

    Is it normal and my site needs to be old or am I doing something wrong?

    One more thing, I am following all the SEO tips from your website and YouTube channel.

  36. Thee Bull Co Post author

    Neil, awesome info thank you so much. I am looking to be the number one site for my niche on google. I just started my page about a month ago but iv been in my niche for over 6 years. Im well respected and well known. what advice do you have for me to own my niche. if you get back to me thank you so much.

  37. Dhaval Soni Post author

    Hey Neil , greetings ! I'm a 17 year old Indian and I have completed writing my 2 e-books, I'm not so sure how to release them so that people know, but I want them to be known because I have put a lot of effort and value writing it! I'm thinking to launch it with various social influencers but give us your thoughts!

  38. Enigma Post author

    Everything goes to href and semrush at the end … I just started and don't have enough money to buy their subscription. ๐Ÿ™
    There should be a free tool in this "information age".

  39. Sonia Dhar Post author

    Hey Neil awesome tips! Just starting my new company, need all the support. Where can I find your tip/ videos on writing my first blog? Much appreciated love your enthusiasm! God Bless

  40. Hector Garcia Post author

    Hey what's up Niel, thanks so much for that important information, I'm in the Drop Shipping business, I'm currently selling phone accessories like cases, popsockets, car and desktop phone holders, can I create a brand if I'm dropshipping this products?

  41. Aman yadav Post author

    I run an tech website , so what type of business can I do online .

  42. Estefani Chumpitazi Zavala Post author

    Hello Neil Patel, thank you very much for your content. I am just beginning to see you and read you and they are proving very useful for me. I am just starting in this world and I do not know if I have chosen the niches well.
    * The first blog talked about things from India, clothes, festivals, mandalas and more.
    * In the second, about news of the most popular movies and series, lists of series and movies of netflix and news about actors.
    My questions are: is the niche well focused or should I talk about a single topic? Thank you so much.
    PD: I apologize if it is badly written, because I am using a translator. Greetings from Peru.

  43. MishkaProductions Post author

    Hey anyway to get you to do a 1 on 1 class? Maybe over FaceTime ? Or Skype

  44. MishkaProductions Post author

    Thanks for the reply, do you do any Shopify things?

  45. thanepullan Post author

    how does a person that does not necessarily want to be the face of things build a brand

  46. Joe Hernandez Post author

    Haha i love this guy "people don't want to look at ugly Shit".. haha….

  47. Marvin Nkom Post author

    i want to run seo for a site , can please give me some startup tips, the content and everything is already in place

  48. High As Duck Post author

    Hi Sir , i want to know from where i get the list of all related keywords of a niche ?

  49. Netlovers Post author

    please make practical Video about make free backlink

  50. Insane Jason Post author

    So guys please donโ€™t use this against Neil ! ๐Ÿ˜‰ btw thanks Neil!!!

  51. Wendy M Post author

    You have a spirit that made me interested in something. I'm never interested! You are infectious!

  52. Mean Gene The Killing Machine Post author

    Whatโ€™s your email bro I just have a couple of questions.

  53. Mukul Sharma Post author

    Hey Neil… I blog about weapons and i have started to produce quality content thanks to the skyscraper technique (Brian Dean)…..but i don't have much visitors….give any idea relevant to this….


  54. Lalit Agrawal Post author

    Congrats Bro you outranked moz & you are now on the 2nd position but you have to defeat searchengineland

  55. รถmer Senocak Post author

    Hi Neil, what happened to your website "nutritionsecret" ? It was a challange project of your but when I try to open it, it goes to redirect me to the another page.

  56. Sarthak Srivastava Post author

    Hey Neil… You're awesome man.
    Your videos really inspire to keep going and not giving up. We are learning and improving every day through your website, blogs and videos. Please guide on how to get sales on an e-commerce website. Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Hassan VEVO Post author

    Hey, Neil Patel. Did you designed your website theme? OR its present on wordpress.

  58. svntrs Post author

    Hey Neil, trying to build a brand around my blog Life Management for moms to find purpose, get organized and generate an income so they can stay home. I have colors, images, all social channels but I dont use YouTube, but do fb vids for how to start a biz or blog from home. I dont know what might be missing. Brand suggestions? Thank you for your content!

  59. Gaming Gajju Post author

    Hey Neil ! First of all Tell me this strategy's work in 2018 Because this video is 7 Months old.
    2. I Deal with a company i have to rank his site on first page of google in india for a Highly competitive keyword and its difficulty is 42

    If i rank it on first page
    This will be a Big Achievement for me.

    Give me a tip that helps me

  60. Wisdom John Post author

    Thanks very much for the video sir….
    My website focuses on scholarship and job recruitment,please how can I get traffic to my site cos I do not get traffic at all

  61. Nalinan Raju Post author

    Hi sir, I'm doing private investigation. Currently I just open up my own company, I have crated a website, blog, YouTube channel (on progress), social media's. Is there any things else I can do in order to to rank in first page of Google?

  62. Sajib Khan Post author

    Can you pls make a video on Own branding??
    I have chosen my brand name "sk sajib" , Already i opened the account in 14 different social profile with my branding name.
    Like facebook,youtube, twitter,google+,brandyourself. com,about me,pintarest,instagram,stackoverflow,linkedin and etc.
    But i didn,t find any single result on google 10 page..

  63. Blake Pritchard Post author

    Wow. Anyone who is ranked on Page#1 for "SEO" needs to be listened to. Always amazing info.

  64. Rob Ross Post author

    Hey Neil,
    So, if I have your your ethos in check (apart from that I liked this video) if I back-link juice from my website to yours youโ€™ll do the same! Challenge accepted?

  65. Master Post author

    This guy is the best…..all the other SEO mentors try and get you to pay insane amount of money to learn all that we are learning here!

  66. Arkadi Manucharov Post author

    Hey Neil,

    I own a website for football predictions and I've developed a product that actually works ( That's what our results show anyhow). The thing is that I am having trouble ranking for any of my keywords and I am getting really small amounts of organic traffic. All of my competitors have a product that is inferior to mine and have no to very small amounts of content on their websites. But these websites are very old and have hundreds of thousands backlinks. How can even begin to compete with them? Please help

  67. Saswata Baksi Post author

    Hey Neil, I just created a website on a niche English grammar, and recently got Adsense verification, So now what are the steps I follow to make it to a whole different level. Thanks in advance

  68. Janek Beglarjan Post author

    Neil my friend how can i build an brand in fitness and electric travel stuff like electric scooter skateboard and so on kind regards

  69. Gopika Focture Post author

    Hai Sir,
    I have change my title tag, keyword and meta description
    but no change have came across… So wht i wanna do next

  70. Learn TheNew Post author

    thanks for making the video what the reasons behind the decreasing page rank already which is ranking in the top 100. @LearnTheNew

  71. Crazy Cool Compilations Channel Post author

    Nice video brother and you just got a new sub! Lol not to mention you uploaded this vid on my birthday.

  72. Game of Death Post author

    Sir I am using the free blogspot site provided by the Google to create my blog posts. I am asking you that is it good to use that ??
    Please tell me.

  73. Ranking Factory Review Post author

    Great job, thanks for the information.

  74. WGM 247 Post author

    I googled "SEO" but don't see you on the first page of google? I'm based in the UK… however i see that you are on page 2 and 3rd position.

  75. Shivani Malhotra Post author

    Hi Neil, thank you for the informative video. Can you explain how to get ahead in the field/domain which is already very saturated and there is tons of information already out there, probably everyone has written on the topics you can think of. How to stand out in this situation?

  76. Ranking Factory Revolution Post author

    Super video, keep them coming.

  77. African chocolate chip Post author

    Thanks for the info.
    I'm into beauty salon business I started about four months ago and also on Google. I think am doing good but I need more new client. I wish you and I could share email so you could look at my Google page and see if I'm doing something wrong. Again thanks for the info

  78. Tapasya Clinic Post author

    Thank you, Very very much for great explanations.. here and on your site too…
    You are my first teacher as far as website and optimization is concerned…
    Thanks. A ton.

    Please answer my question about brand creation and ranking… I am a Dental Surgeon.
    It's my channel.


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