How To Properly Upload Videos To YouTube

By | August 23, 2019

Ok I just had a request that someone was wondering
how to upload a YouTube video. Now, many of you that are my subscribers, or are watching
this video probably are saying, “You know, I’ve uploaded a ton of videos and I think
this video is going to be pointless.” But my question to you is, are you doing it right?
Are your videos actually being found and watched? If not, this video is for you. I will show
you how to properly upload a video to YouTube plus I will show you what YouTube deems as
important. Let’s take a look. Ok to upload that video the first thing that
you need to do is to sign in to YouTube. So go up here and click on Sign In and login.
Now that we’re logged in, on every page right at the top you’re going to actually see an
Upload button here and all you need to do is click on the Upload button. Ok now what
it’s going to bring you up is to this screen right here and you can either drag and drop
your files here and it will start to upload or you can click on it. I’ll go ahead and
click on this and select your file here from your desktop or wherever you have it located.
And now what it is it’s going to basically bring in to this screen while it’s uploading.
This is where you need to put in all your information of how basically people are going
to find you. Now, the title is the most important thing, you want to do a lot of research on
it, see what people are actually searching for so I’m going to go ahead and give this
my title here, I’ve already done the prep work on it. Outside of the title the next
two sentences of your description are the most important thing, so I’m going to go ahead
and put the next two sentences in there, and we’ll make sure that it’s done right, we have
a call to action, that’s something that most of you can improve on. I’ll tell you, I’ve
seen a lot of descriptions and a lot of your descriptions are weak, I’d spend a little
bit more time with your descriptions there. So you can go through your descriptions a
little bit. Ok, another thing is tags, tags are extremely important. You want to make
sure that you use the tags properly this is so important, you’ve got to do some research,
I’ll have a video coming out actually on tags and how to actually do tags. But from this
screen I like to do a couple of other things, keep it in a privacy setting, I like to keep
it private for right now until I have all my tweaking done. You want to make sure that
you keep the same category, always keep the same category. You want your channel to be
an authority in a specific category. There’s another that you probably don’t know that’s
on this screen right here, this add to. You click on this you can actually add it to a
playlist, if you don’t know what a playlist is I’ve got a video coming out on that as
well. So you can do that really quick. For Monetization you can add ads to this as well,
I don’t want to add ads to this one. You can add a video location, so we’ll go ahead and
put in my location, ummm Utah, ok, and recording date as of today. So now it processes through
and it actually picked up my thumbnail so you can go ahead and select a thumbnail or
if you have custom thumbnails enabled you can actually upload a custom thumbnail. Ok,
last step all you need to do is double check your work and change your privacy setting
from private to public and hit save. Ok now I know some of you are probably wondering
how long does it actually take to upload this YouTube video. Now it really depends on how
big your video file size is and how fast your internet connection is, so it might be a while
to upload this video. Now for me what I do while I wait for my videos is I practice my
magic tricks, now check this out! Wasn’t that cool? That’s so awesome. Now for my latest
trick, I hope I really have this down, it’s a really cool trick. All you need to do is
look at this YouTube logo on my shirt. Look really close. You are getting really sleepy,
when I click my fingers you’re going to wake up and subscribe to my YouTube channel and
watch all my YouTube videos. Did it work?

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