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By | October 14, 2019

How to promote your youtube video on google plus | Video Marketing So this is my youtube channel I have facing problem with the color use a Lot of member will face a problem with the Google press use it is very effective thing is called Google+ shadings Any YouTube when open the video they can option call it for will be there one is called blogger shady? Google+ Facebook Twitter And LinkedIn in shading by option will be mandatory so Google bliss so here I can promote a is my brand page for the south will use here I am not posting anything here the previous position here, so this posting I can reach by multiple communities that this girl Alta tips So I’m going to the way communities Sothey loose not only Hill 3 you can promote by recipes are chops anything Not only for a specified because is only for What is called YouTube channel here it is called? Website both will be there We can promote the indium rough content So this country we can reach to the multiple people’s so we can generate the more traffic is not only for healthy lives not only for What is called jobs not only further call simple here? I can go to this one and click option call his communities Till now I’m not unique own communities now I can go to the search for option call is Offers I’m looking for offers once. I’m clicking for upper purposes was that here News what is that a fluid Marchetti FMR nothing? But it became prime or the other product into the my website We can promote into the through my WebSphere Apple iPhone X mobile phone here. I can sale my mobile phone through my website here So click this mark So more offers here is there the special Apple will be there in my website if anybody come into my website is click this product into the They’re going to Amazon if anybody sailed through my website. I can generate a Mon to the my afraid marketing product None website, but like any web say we can add that product into the your portal Anybody’s sell your product into the through website the disk I can hitting em on through the other website that is called a flea market So same adding this product here. This copy this URL So I am click the special offers here here The special offers they showing for this job search forums anything so I can click put a Plate Put in plucky a flitch market now here. I’m looking for is got donuts In giant you can post into the all groups Clear this is called website, but now I’m discuss about the I can promoting my YouTube video using with Google+ communities look here. This is Cal amazing healthy benefits for copper bottle So when using copper bottle what is the use of the things by health it so I can take this freedom here Just and probably this video here I’m going to click for pulse So I’m going to wear Google+ page Healthy lips So this is call your health rips go to the world communities Google+ very key role play for any website is nice and promoting and indexing and cable building purpose for Please write on Google+ Key role play for Romani your website keyword building from on your website Keyword building Traffic generation and Website are various And increase your brand avenues and earth lead generations So your I am take each and every group just to open for the new tab So yeah You can go one by one here Previous I’m Annie with the website previous tutorial now Manny with the my YouTube just go here Copy this URL Google password option Collies join Appear here very very important score when you’ve copied the your you to BL Don’t forget the Astra for YouTube. Please remember Suppose the time will be YouTube maybe your dailymotion our vimeo uh Other channels we can add by the Ashford. Uh that particular domain name is mandated The vector will be exploited as exposure is mine. It is call your trending so yeah Again using this one option is called So I’m taking as a start Here look this one What are you to turn name The channel plans to Do to prepare Click for Post you can write your healthy benefit. Healthy tips held Behind by tips healthy tricks like that empathy using my ass sucks your interest Item everything only for this year, so you can write by like this also And the benefits Click fourth Divided by how many members No members are dead 33,000 just shit is done my posting When you’re posting will check there will be done or not will be check when you’re posting time. I go to other one blissful joy You click this option Bleep, but what you had asked a lot of things what is that? I think is? Check it done now go to other committees now click for giant Not like here Post asking by category epz add the category will check the category will be there like this look Other Dada categories each committee we can use a multiple ready will be there It’s come to here join Opposed So accessibility I’m jail liquid join It We’ll check what is that doors back here? So this is what is that engineer on his back and check 22 us back? So click here Question Was that When I had me improve I am I am at me no Member of this group when I’ve been approved by my membership. It’s clear disclose it Look here This is only one 637 numbers 1 7 7 2 what is that? Healthy build ships in a booth – I’m not in over two so relevant. Groups are find it Yeah, you can check by all trips here More than thousand is better listen unless We reach by maybe 10 or 20 members Suppose we can not leave for 10 members. Also. We can add by the there’s then member groups also so each Committee we can integrate with the word your branding page profile here So you can check this one when you approve they come into your brand new pipe profile We can integrate it with your mind if I prefer you Stay clear this core you can promote by YouTube already with the Google+ Communities is it clear?

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