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By | November 23, 2019

How to promote your videos on facebook | Promoting Youtube Video On facebook So um discuss about what is called how to promote the video on the Facebook page We do not take not only YouTube they call UT will be dead Dailymotion Vimeo and Flickr they have four type of video marketing is a chance. Are they one is called YouTube, Dailymotion Vimeo enter liquor So YouTube is running for the India’s but compared with other countries under our country easy motion and we may also will be famous Video channels you can promote your content and along with that we can any with the money also And I will dailymotion to YouTube Vimeo purpose off can run the market from the global voice anyway Not only hi Robin not only India anyway. We came out on the market for you know channel so here I am taking from one YouTube channel here This UTI property with the Facebook I Have one video is dead how can you is the people’s? to my video here, so you’re Unchecking my channel here Okay and take the videos here anyone media So just here, I’m taking one video here you You So just Dispose them. What option. Khali’s chair before say that prop either your Complete title shade option What option call is Facebook We’re shading Facebook time the face bill will be must login the same browser The log needs must ensure important now check here is lying or not Before shared by Facebook icon you can click for here. Oh, yeah done She or she really multiple types one is called timeline Second one is called groups Third one is called Prince type 9/4 on his poll pages Which one is your timeline? groups Pages and your friends timeline we can into it or you can set by replaced by individual. Also look here first one is the timeline Was that Prince timeline Seca meniscal groups? sharing a events And shade to your page so for some people say to page I Am sweating for page here So I’m thirteen from one page here, what is the pay name is mr.. Rakesh? now Any social mayor can take a promoter with what is called a struggle in the rich now look here? One is called Facebook I am writing for Facebook Business page here. I’m writing for a Trade off I’m adding with my company Whether my company name is taka tech solutions same right probably this one so what is that? Check in okay promote where First of all locations, maybe company names energy will be possible here Locations our company nips look here. I am writing here What I’m reading here Like I take solutions here, you can change by any persons here Isana, I’m sharing to another member as a tagging so yeah a click fourth post to Facebook this video training with Discharge page so you’re posting done here I’m looking for control-t. I opened by my Facebook page slash Mr.. Rakesh, you will update it or not. We’ll check here Here in the Facebook page will be called two options One is called postage second meniscal engagement Darwin is conflicts In a Facebook page we can deploy about the three. What is called post engagement post rejoinder clicks Okay, just look here the Facebook page and open the Facebook page This is our cache the video will shape by where you took to do it into the Facebook page now look you Done There’s so many seconds back only for just now now clear. Just before that here I’m adding with the Facebook page Facebook page to where I’m trading with the Facebook groups. I’m already for Facebook groups So what option call Shane? Before shading there to option will be there So look here. What is that click this one? When his skull profile wise on page ways also, I’m selecting only four Profile now click here click for shade. Oh my option will be coming here to option click for share option here So what option call is Jade in a group so search by relevant group here Or that digital marketing select here So you’re writing Mr.. That here Before that Previous for your reading for recursive solution now you write this This is Rakesh one is called a star second one is called is the rich now your copy this one click spot host Two things you can select the website content you can share by to the Facebook page to Facebook proofs So here is a first contain. I can shade your shade to option option police Option police groups select by the groups here you Now click for post So I’m selecting the YouTube video I can shade to the my Facebook page My page stop sharing with the Facebook groups So which groups will be I remember peyote will be there you can share to the Detroit groups on it, so we’ll check here if you check the page activities Go to settings This come to here what is called activity log? What are the activation will turn in check by the back the Disco sitting option here Where you send a link everything checked by the setting up the display or activate clock? You So is a first procedure What is the hospital cached video into the Facebook page face you here to the relevant Facebook groups? Now a right of second processor took this one select in one video We can read your shade by the to process one is called block ii municipal website So website called admin panel Block pol is that we can add with a blogger path – put So here I am 31 video how to download the your link green contacts is my video here this probably this video link But when adding the website, what do you probably for shade today a link for embed URL So I can open my admin panel here So first I show you a blogger for ease in the stat You So we I’m sleeping here before that Probably the title here Produ blower dashboard Select which flow you are posting Sarah that flow here the option police pages The option police new page You So tell you what is called phase title So go to Campos Give me ten here After the are we adding and him by image so go to image I prefer your desktop So a pretty major just So you know chloramine what we do first every image On this car you can change your image size? explodes Second is scroll. You can do alt text and title test of your image You So click for property Bigfoot, okay, so And now I’m going to wait video the option call is shade little embed Just copy this embed URL when go to the dashboard option Polly’s HTML bingo end of the device Is the code Before that give further But Okay fuck That click for view paycheck So pay is done the proper title So clear what is that to hear how to download the? You are linking contacts So here just look this one. What is that? URL exchanger perfect so by your action will be pearl will be wrong like a blog or to like that Display or not you the proper site, so they give you the wrong URL extension here So clear so I’m setting for everything here First one is a power image. Is there my video, and you can change your own column a also up the ladder, I’m Operating only for same power image so which is image will be there. I’m adding the same image here so here Just come to here adoption Polly’s Facebook So you’re done the tide will be there how to download your inkling contacts So I’m setting for adoption Collies page P.m.. Setting for Dr.. Chasseur you you You So I’m here, buddy In tutorial so again new like this in you by D a Cement or you can view by the social media Marketing Having you by the Sure Is a clear something like this so here was that forum thread by the Check-in so I can say it by two things one is called location second is the your company name here So your am searching for company name here Done so you can tag four persons, also you So I’m tying for the members become up to talc for 20 members Now click for what is that post to Facebook? So previous first step again explained by the YouTube to change my facebook page space jump shape to the Facebook groups So I get out the Facebook page here see here, this is called blog sharing compare with the YouTube and blog what is the different? So I’m shading for YouTube to they showing for the small thumbnail here initiating to your blogger they showing for long family here So come by with the shading with tada any groups paste your groups You can show by the last thumbnail is good for the users they understand by the easily So when you Shelly for the? Facebook Facebook groups always you to to web say website to Page Facebook page to page two groups here. The advantage is one is the increase your Facebook Likes second one we can increase the Facebook website traffic third one week increase by the YouTube viewers Anyone asking for it a weekend how to promote the three things on his skull Facebook Likes second one is skull website traffic travis full youtube yours three things So suppose the 74 phase will be only for 10 members No use kill it by the more than 1 lakh members So you’re just I’m going to where the Facebook option What is so cheap fur are you – for which start from mr.. Marketing so? search for Is fill marketing So yeah searching distr marketing well show you what option call is groups Here in join you the relevant groups awning So you this is all groups here Any group we can join based on the search like mr. Marketing or Java so the Lumina can search here the way of remedy for general news We can call with the news forum on group eSports built the news is right on Facebook palm and famous group is called spent the news late for us is the famous groups In the world So which group you can join simple one Just is called you can search by name vice the option call is blue because it will beta the Facebook option here

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