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By | February 18, 2020

how to promote Clickbank products for free in affiliate markting with free traffic on Clickbank so what’s up guys my name is now in you are watching gain money trick channel if you’re new to our community please consider subscribing and turn on the pin notification whenever we upload new video you will be notified of that so in today’s video I’m going to share with you a new trick a strategy that actually two traffic sources that you can make money online with that and you can simply promote Clickbank affiliate marketing or Clickbank products or Clickbank links or any other affiliate links or products you can promote in this way and you can get totally passive income so this strategy is a passive income based strategy that you can make money online with this system so let’s jump into the main video first than in each and everything we are going to the Clickbank account and we are choosing the product for us so if we are using the right product for us so you need to choose the products with health and fitness or any other platform that you are using or any other category that you are using so it depends on you so spirituality is also the best niche if you want you use so you can make money online with that too but I’m going to use the fitness and health okay so pit knees and health I can use the let me just select that okay let me refresh my page so I’m going to choose the product which gravity which is having the high converting product or which have the more gravity so gravity is really important if you want to use okay so high Halicki debate the media is there the lost book up remedies is there okay so this is also good so as it is something looks like the book so we need to promote this product actually so simply for that product that we are promoting so first of all we need to go to the ezine article so as i as usual we are choosing the best articles for promoting our product develop three tropic source okay so what we need to do here we can see we can see if best lose weight okay best lose weight source we can use or anything we can use so let us see what they are providing for us they have provided almost ten thousand five hundred thirty articles on based on our search so they say best lose weight learn how to successfully lose weight best losing web guides how to find the best lose weight diet plan for you okay losing weight at right and lose weight so I think the first one let us check this one that how it looks so the article looks great but it is a little bit small so we need to use a little bit bigger one let’s go back and best losing weight diets no we don’t want guides okay how to find the best lose weight diet snow losing weight it right and lose weight okay I think this is the best because they have three types of keywords here one losing weight eat right and lose weight means three keywords again it is a little bit smaller so we need to just search about the one which has tips to those wet and back basics okay I think this is pine and this looks bread so what we need to do here we find the article and we can just go to google and type google doc there and we can just sign up with our gmail account and it’s absolutely free so once you sign up with doc dot so you can just open a blank face something like this one so what we need to do first we can go back to is an article and copy the title there and come here and test out the title here we can just a little bit modify that and a little bit to decorate that so we can make the size smaller and we can change that okay thirty will be fine if you want to change the color so we can change the color too so let us use this okay and add this one and then we can go back to is an article and choose the article and bring back here okay so let me copy this you can copy this and then go back to the article okay it is copied here we can remove this and here they return okay for example before do that so you can do one thing more you can just go to your PC okay and you can type for example word macro support okay you can just stop and open that okay Microsoft Word you can just open that and copy and paste the article first over there and just remove the formats or something like that okay let me open the world file so when the word file is open so we can just copy our article there and test it there and then we can remove the the things from there okay or the permits we can remove from that so we can do that this here also I think so tax bold italic underline strikes paragraphs alignment and spacing columns clear formatting okay I think we can do this this here look at you just remove this and then copied back the article and go to format and clear formatting okay so the format is cleared so what we need to do again here we can just select back we can change the format of point actually to we can just start here okay you can change his time there oh man or something one so this is I think red and we can just make it a little bit bigger to 12-digit I think it looks bread if there is some mistakes grammatical mistake we can just edit it a little bit crack with here and here at the photograph so we can just separate the paragraphs okay make it correct here okay the photographs we need to give space between the photographs so that at our article looks a little bit red and organized that people can attract that and people can click on that you can simply just you okay okay it is finished our article is good and fine so here is the bottom they written are you looking for more information on tips to lose weight so simply different your link here so what we need to do here we can simply we can remove their ok their website at rest we can remove that we can remove this one too okay so similar to with lose weight today for more information so this is fine the sentence is fine so what we need to do here we can go back to our clickbank account and this is the one offer that we need to promote so it’s simply click on the promote once you click on the promote you will you will be required to ask for account nickname you can add and click on the generate hop link once you click the generate hop link you will have your appeal yet link you can simply copy that and go back to the article and just select this one okay today for more information you select that and you just come here to this chain icon and you can simply press the link here and click on the apply ok so if any one click here they would be redirecting your appellate page so I can a little bit make it bolder and bigger okay that people can see and easily click on that and I can use the same strategy somewhere two or three times more here weight loss program okay I can add here so the main strategy is not this actually I have shown this strategy in many videos but then after it is coming that where we can share our link or where you can share our a period article there so that is the main strategy so let me just go there let me complete this and then we can see where we can promote this actually so I think it is enough to three time we have lost if you want to add the images so you can just simply add the image for weight loss or something like that we can simply go to their appeal eh face so might be we have their the photos actually if they don’t have so we can just simply grab the photos or images from the Google or we can just find out in the Texel that comes so it’s absolutely free so from this to sources we can just check it out that the image is okay so these are the images it looks great so we can use also these images and add some more images if we want so let us just use for example this one ok just click on save images and we can simply download the orefici then we can use in our article there just click on the desktop and click on sale it will be sealed in our faeces so we can go back to our Google Doc and just click for example our the image ok so just click here and upload from the computer once you collect so this is the image and what can simply copy that open that here okay and one thing more we can also use this with our link okay so we can simply click that and once we click that we can go back to the chain icon and click on that and paste our link also here see if anyone click here too they will also the director or faith so now our ebook or article is ready and we can publish where we want actually so what we need to do here we can simply okay okay sorry let me just it’s this one we can just go to here to the file okay and then go to download and after that download we can come to PDF download okay so we can just click on the PDF download and we can download to our PC choose the destination and then click on the sail once we click on the cell you can use this title as the e-book name we can just rename this with the book okay so actually it will would be glad that we did it here but we did not so okay no problem we can edit it over there okay simple you can close this one close this this and this is the one okay we can simply rename it its renamed and we can so the strategy is here that I was about to share with you so our article or our ebook is ready a PDF book is ready now so if anyone just click here on these highlighted letters so they will just redirect to our for example to our main page or our main a period page actually so if you click often the e-book so it will also show you the exact source or the exact way that where you can just okay let me just show you the e-book that how it looks you so it’s going to be often do you that how it looks so then if so it will looks in print so see it is pretty red and awesome PDF file so that we have created so these are the lengths of our affiliate links if anyone just click on that so I have clicked now and they will be redirect to my affiliate page or that I am checking the commission for that actually so that is a simple PDF file and it really can work the people to their strategy and this is the one okay so that they have just sent people to I to this so here is my appeal yet let me show you the my affiliate so this is my Clickbank account username okay so this is the one okay it means that it is my affiliate product or a period page that if anyone want so to buy I will get the commission for that $38 actually okay so I will show you the source that where you can promote this or we can we promote so the first one I are there are actually two ways and two sources that you can promote that the first source is that the e okay let me show you here okay that is e e dot dot P Q P okay so this is the main which side a dock that PU P means pop okay so you can simply search and the Google and you can figure it out and then you can just click on that and sign up with that so the sign up process is very easy and you can simple click on the register once you click on the register you they will require your email address password company embed email and click on the accept and just click the tick mark this I’m not a robot and after that you will be click on the register once you click on the register they will send you an email for confirmation and you can activate your account and then you can just go ahead with this so what how you can do that you can simply click the ad at a document okay so you can simply click on the add document and you can just upload your images I don’t want to just make the video longer so if I’m uploading every one I mean the e-book or the PDF so you can just simply sign up with that and you can upload your that let me show you more information for this website so it’s a worldwide website and everybody in the world in need and they required and they are searching on that so if you go to the Tropic source of this how much traffic they are getting we can go to similar wave okay once we go to the similar wave so they are showing here they the website data that how many visitors they have monthly visitors they have three hundred sixty five thousand visitors every month they have so you can definitely sign up for this because the the main thing of this website is that that it is new and they don’t have more cleanse like you that they are uploading their PDF files or ebooks okay so that’s why it’s very important and most of them are straight out three hundred sixty five thousand people are the visitors actually that they required the book in ebooks and data actually for studying there are not there are less people of claims or freelancer or affiliated that they need to promote their things actually they are less so the most of these people are all to purchase something or to buy something they are just looking for that this is one source and definitely they are using from Brazil Indonesia United States Colombia Turkey but these are also the good countries United States is also the best country so they can buy money things and the next source as the best and next source which is really good excellent that is subscribe calm okay so easy though these are all the ebooks and books on PDFs that people have uploaded so what you need to do here you can sign off with this also and you will have a great chance just can work your affiliate links or ebook to real money actually and you can get faced even come from that so once you click on them you can register with that I will show you simple in the tropics or how many tropic this which side is getting four month actually if you come here monthly visitors are 102 million 102 minions visitors they have each month to this website and they can just buy and another cool part is that that they in the first category the upcountry entropic is that United States and Indonesia than Mexico Brazil arrow so these are all Indonesian a little bit not good country to buy but Mexico Brazil 0 and United Stated are the club countries that they really can work and need to buy things actually so you can do that and you can just go ahead with these two weeks I simply create a pre way it just find out the ezinearticles article in design article calm and simple you can create the ebook and Google Talk which is absolutely free and then once you create then you can go back in this website a dot dot P cube and also scrab okay so these are the two top website you can share your articles here okay and the next cool part is that that there is another website I will show you as a bonus so you can simply share your book over there are so that will be the best way to promote Clickbank products and then because Max is also one of the best website that people are converting to that and they are having too many visitors per month so you see these are all the basic articles that people are yet sharing their ideas and many people’s are there that they like and share and doing so many things on that okay so you need to just share your Apple 8 links here also on wags if you come to the visitor per month I don’t know how many they have let’s check that so that means a similar wave they have monthly visitor 1.8 million mean is almost 2 million visitors they have so that’s also a cool website to share your thoughts share your articles and eBooks actually here and in that case you can really kind of works so thank you for watching this was the strategy that I was about to share with you and you can get benefit from that so please give a thumbs up to the video and comment below any question if you have and if you’re new to our community please consider subscribing and turn on the pin notification whenever we upload new video you will be notified of that so thank you for watching the next brand video see you awesome with enjoyable moments

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