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By | March 2, 2020

NAW is here with gain money and tricks channel so what’s up guys my name is NAW and you’re watching again money and tricks channel in today’s video I’m going to share with you a new method, strategy which is really amazing and which is very important that you need to watch the video step by step and do not skip any part of the video because today I’m going to share with you that how to promote Clickbank products for absolutely free with a affiliate marketing and free traffic which is also cpa marketing on Clickbank so you can use this strategy with any affiliate marketing’s in the world but if you use this strategy to the eand and with each tips and tricks and strategy you will be successfully make a huge amount of money with Clickbank so this affiliate marketing strategy so before starting the method I would like to remind you that we do have other videos at the playlists on how to make money online online how to get passive income and how to work from home and how to do affiliate marketing if you’re using a freelance website or if you are using an affilaite marketing or website earning app
so you should just watch these types of playlists and find out which category suits the best for you and you can definitely start your business with that so that is absolutely work from home jobs and absolutely new ways to make money online with that so let’s get into the Clickbank account so before than each and everything we are going to the Clickbank and we’re searching for the products what through that we need to promote so we can upload any products and categories with this strategy but I will just give an example of dog for example ok or dog training okay simply I can type dog training and what I need I will see that what do we have here for dog training actually if we have yeah so let me sign into my Clickbank account and I can see that what is happening and what types of offers are available for dog training actually so I typed dog training here and I can search by the gravity and it will show you a high converting products on the top ok so here is the first one brain training for dogs which pay as $31 as a commission and the next one is dog doggy Dan’s online dog training video membership bottom from top dog trainers ok so that is being us $85 so let me see their main website that how it looks it looks great and looks converting so we can see I think it looks great and because they have nice website and top bad behaviors okay they give each thing with details it’s very nice they give the video we give other information so it is very nice excellent website okay it looks great we can remove this offer so what we need to do as we can just go back here and click on the promote so once we click on the framework we can generate our link but I’m not going to do generate the link right now so I will show you the method that how we can do that on what is the main website so the main website is actually it is a why me who I’m here ok whyme you is a worldwide based website and you can simply sign up for that it’s free absolutely but they have upgrade option also plans are there so if you want if you wish so you can go with that but you do need to do that you can simply sign up with the free and you can go ahead with the free account you can simply click on the join Now or join for free okay then you can add your name your email address your password and you are good to go with sign off of that and you can simply click on new video or upload okay so the you to option one that you can upload your own video and the next is that you can create the video in the Simplot forum and then upload it here or somewhere else but the main strategy is here that we can just let me see you and how many visitors they have for a month actually if you go to the similar wave and type in the search bar will Weimer calm okay you will see that they have four months 90 million visitors or 90 million tropic free shop if they have to this which side and it looks red and normal means a Geneva it’s a little bit down here but again it’s go off here okay means the traffic are continually the same 90 millions or make with it will be higher than 90 million visitors per month to this website and another cool part from this website is that that most of the visitor are from the United States if you use the this strategy that will luckily he was for money or make us more commissions actually soon twenty-nine percent are from the United State and 5% from the United Kingdom poor for sent from France Brazil and Canada so these are all the top five countries that we can from with our products or we can promote our offers in those country and at will can work really read and give a lot of money so what we need to do here next as we can go to the YouTube and just search for for example dog training once you sorry okay dog training so once you search for the dog training okay spilling this wrong okay so if you just start here dog training and you will see available all them all the radios that add related to dog training and that will really works very good and really nice okay so teach any dog okay the dog basics okay so it is a really great and really nice that you can just promote this okay with that how to start 4p training okay so these are all the videos that you need to use but the main strategy is that how you can use on whammo so it is really read you can just use the Creative Commons with the best part in Creative Commons is that that you can use somebody else with yours on your own platform Harvey your own account actually but most of the time on YouTube they make some create some problems actually that sometimes they you get copyright strike or something like that but on Wymore you will never get copyright strike because it is absolutely legit and it is legal they are allowed to use the cream eight Creative Commons videos from YouTube on way more it is absolutely free and there is no strike or any rule or anything so you can use so that’s why it really can work this strategy with the way more so once you tagged just filter by Creative Commons and you will see doc training video for example these are all the videos so you can select one video that it relates to dog training or something like that okay that you can use there for example on that flat forum okay Golden Retriever puppy dog training okay so simply suppose this is the video and you just click on that once you click on that in it offer so what you need to do here okay so this is the odd we can skip the ad but what we need to do here we can copy the URL of this video once we copy the URL of this video if we can go to another website once you go to seal from that need and just paste the link here and just enter once you enter that means they will give you the option for downloading the way do okay so it is absolutely free you can download online the YouTube videos directly from YouTube to your a PC or you laptop actually and they another good part is that that they give you sometimes the options that’s what size you want to download so I can choose for example 0 and 30 okay 7:30 is that and you can simply click the download now once you click the download it will be sealed on your easy okay so you can simply suit your fee see what we need to do next as it will be downloaded it is going to download okay so it’s almost 84 MB sighs okay so then when it is downloaded then you can go back to why more oh why me oh okay so once you go to I’m you you can sign up with that once you sign up with that so this it will look something like this the pledge bottom okay and again they will give you the option for for example for upgrade but you don’t need to upgrade that so what you need to do here okay you can see all these videos are having very nice views for example this one got six days ago 10,000 we use 11,000 wheels 15,000 views okay 4000 views so these are the different videos that they have really can world and you really have nice wheels actually on this flat bottom okay and we move so what you need to do it you can sync early click on the upload once you click the upload you will see a choose the file once you choose the file then you can go back boom your PC and choose the one that we have downloaded the video okay you can just upload once you upload the video it will be uploaded being the video so you need to add the title okay you can use the same title or you can just use your own title okay golden root wrap puppy dog training you can just add for example full training or something like that okay and then you can add a short description for example in the description you can just type for example I want to learn more how to train your dog okay learn more how to did learn more about how to train your dog okay so you can skim simply just give the link here and you can add the description here if you have more data okay so you can also use the description from the same one or the same video actually what they have written for example here okay four months old training gold tribe officials are its training she was just sold and headed to Brazil okay so then again they say check out my dog training instructional video available online okay media also referring to others thinks okay but we don’t need okay or you can simply just copy this and go back here okay and you can just face down here okay and then you can go back to Clickbank once you go to the click man click on the promote once you click on the promote you can just view your tracking ID here why New York for me oh okay it’s a pre-shop exert I can understand that from where that the sales come actually so that’s why you need to use my tracking ID why me okay so once I copy that then I couldn’t go to actually once I go to Beth Lee so the URL looks a little bit ugly so I need to just make it shortener that so I click on the create and just paste your link here and it will the bitch lee URL will be make it shorter so that is you can simply copy once you copy that you can go back here and face the link here so and you can also copy this okay so you can copy I will tell you that what you need to do the next part is that that you can go to privacy anyone can see this wait here okay so anyone can see that is good okay and tags you can use for example dog training you can use doc training dog puppy training you can use okay you can use simple training so these are the tags that you can use if you want you can add more okay so the language you can choose you can choose a English or after videos any other language so you can use for that doesn’t matter okay you can use any language so I need to just use English content fretting major all audiences I can just choose live like that so this is my video link that I can use that so what I need to do here I can simply just copy this oh just copy this okay link copied and I can just see an another browser that how it looks my video okay so this is my video it is online now so okay this is my video okay if I play it so it will play the video so it looks nice and looks great so this is the title and this is the my link my somebody clicked here so they will relate it to my face so what I need to do here next I can go to him why mo and edited okay the title is fine everything is fine okay good good okay so this is the thumbnail that I need to use here if you want to use your own thumbnail so you can use for that, it doesn’t matter okay so simple it is good my video is good so I can just sand on the platform right now okay so the simply I can also just Click on the share copy video link copy embed code or publish to social okay so Publishing no tanks published to social so it is absolutely done okay so my video is now on the flat forum and people can visit that and they can just do waves here if the waves come so it will show here and likes comments collections each and everything will be here if someone you want to download so they can simply download it really easily okay so that is the whole video and the whole process that I was about to share with you that it is really can work really nice and really quickly more than Adams strategy is this really work absolutely easy so that’s why you need to just find out a Wymore account and you create one workout and go back to YouTube and just find out different videos on dog training or something like that if you know want to choose any other category or any type so you can choose that so it’s really kind of words and they have more views on why more than YouTube, because YouTube is really competitive now there is more the competition so you cannot train quickly so that’s why people go to other platforms nowadays and they have really nice conversion over there so it really doesn’t need from you any content from you or you can only find for example the contents that you can find out on YouTube creative commons video and use them as yours so thank you very much for watching please give a thumbs up to the video and comment below if you have an question or concern about the video or the free traffic source so please comment
below I can answer it recently and please if you new consider subscribing and turn on the bell notification whenever I upload new video you will be notified of that so till next brand video see you awesome with enjoyable moments

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