How to Promote a Webpage on Google+

By | January 25, 2020

Hey this is Mike today I like to show you how to promote a web page from
your website Google+ is a pretty good little trick for getting people to come
to your website so let me just pick a particular page here alaska gallery here so what I want to do
is once I’m on a particular page I want to promote actually gonna come up on top
and I’m gonna right click and then left click and hit copy so you basically want
to copy the URL what you want to do that let’s go over to Google Plus I make sure
you get signed in your Google+ page here in the upper right-hand corner and then
what you want to do is just go whereas link click below to see the link I’m
actually gonna right click and then left click and hit paste now Google should be
searching and going to pop up whatever picture that might be on that particular
page and I do multiple pictures so I can actually come up here and hover and up
on the upper left hand corner you can see two different arrows and I could
just click on the models arrows and if I want to change the photograph to a
different shot so I think I’ll just leave it on that one and then rode up
here you can just type in these photographs from Alaska right in anything there and then from
there are you need to do is just come down and hit share and you see a post
come up right there now and somebody actually comes and they click on that
post it’ll actually move on right over to your webpage so it’s kind of a good way
to get some traffic over to you a new website or blog or something that
you might be promoting there are so many ways if this helped you out hit that
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pipeline here so you have a good one

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