How To Prepare Your Seasonal SEO Strategy – SEO Marketing Strategy Tutorial

By | August 13, 2019

Because content can take a lot of time to
plan, create, optimize, and publish, your entire marketing team should discuss seasonal
SEO strategies for the upcoming quarter. Here are a few of the necessary steps to prepare
for a seasonal SEO strategy. One, think about the dates, events, and other
details that you want to build your campaign around. Two, what promotions will you offer? Three, what message will you use and offer,
and how does it relate to the season? Four, perform keyword research around the
chosen promotions. Five, plan, create, optimize, and publish
content for the select marketing platforms and channels. Six, creates supporting content around landing
pages that are optimized for your seasonal keywords. Be sure to give your team at least three months
to research, produce and optimized content around Seasonal SEO factors. As you build out more content each year to
address seasonal needs of your customers, you will be able to improve and further optimize
as needed. Prepare your marketing content around the
needs of your customers by understanding and leveraging Seasonal SEO today.

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