How to Outsource SEO and Other Marketing Services

By | August 12, 2019

Hi, my name is Mandy McEwen, and I am
the founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, an inbound agency based out
of California. Now, I’ve been leveraging digital partnerships and effective
outsourcing for nearly a decade. After dabbling with affiliate marketing and
freelance marketing back in the day, I decided to start my agency, Mod Girl,
back in 2010. And one of my secrets to success with Mod Girl early on has been
the relationships I formed with other agencies. So in fact, you’re probably
watching this video right now because you stumbled upon one of our many
agency resources: from our white label marketing offerings, to our free agency
resources, to our premium agency growth programs. You see, I’ve spent nearly a
decade learning how to effectively leverage outsourcing and digital
partnerships to scale my agency Mod Girl Marketing. And along the way, I’ve met
and collaborated with some amazing marketing consultants, agency owners,
and solo digital entrepreneurs. You see, I am of the mindset that we are all
collaborators and friends — not competitors. There is plenty of business
to go around and we all have something unique to add to the table. Because of my
collaboration model I’ve been able to focus on only working with high-paying
dream clients and helping digital entrepreneurs scale, which is a passion of
mine. Now I split my time between helping our Mod Girl consulting clients
grow their businesses and also helping marketing consultants and agencies
scale their businesses. So if you’re like most digital entrepreneurs and
marketing agency owners looking to scale your business, you realize that you
can’t do this alone. So if you want to enjoy your life and actually grow a sustainable
and profitable business, you must get help. And I know you know this. And I’m
really not talking about hiring full-time employees with benefits. I mean, you can
do that — but it’s not really necessary when you don’t have the resources. So what I’m
talking about is getting help from already established agencies, freelancers, and
vendors. So no payroll, no benefits — just good old-fashioned collaboration.
Now, I might be making this whole outsourcing thing seem a lot easier than
it actually is. So a quick word of advice for you: you must know what you’re doing
before you even head down the path of outsourcing. I personally wasted a lot of
money and precious time early on hiring the wrong people and partnering with the
wrong companies. And I’ve heard plenty of horror stories from my agency friends
and clients who also hired the wrong companies, and they ended up harming
their clients’ digital presence, and even worse: losing clients over it! So
outsourcing isn’t as simple as it sounds, but there are ways to dramatically
increase your chances of hiring the right people from the get-go. I don’t want to
scare you off from outsourcing because it’s incredibly powerful. But I do want you
to be careful and have the proper knowledge before you head down the
path of outsourcing digital services. So I mean, there’s really no reason why
you should be doing everything on your own right now. And that is where the
power of outsourcing comes in. There are plenty of companies and
freelancers out there right now that would be more than happy to partner
up with you for win-win relationships. Now, this not only helps you make more
money quickly, but it helps free up your time so that you can focus on those high-
impact activities that actually help you grow your business. You know the phrase:
“work on your business, not in your business”? I can tell you that forming
the right partnerships and building a solid team early on is the best way to work on
your business and the fastest way to scale. So what I’ve done is I’ve narrowed
down the top 3 things that I’ve personally found to make the biggest
impact when outsourcing. And today, I want to share with you those 3 secrets
to successful outsourcing. All you have to do is enter your name and
email address on this page and I will send you my training video revealing how to
successfully outsource to grow your business. So go ahead: fill out the form on this page and discover the 3 secrets to outsourcing success.

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