How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos

By | August 23, 2019

What’s the internet’s largest search engine? Easy, Google! But do you know the second largest search engine? You might be surprised to know it’s YouTube. That’s because one third of all online activity is spent watching videos. But with that much content, it can be difficult to stand out from the pack. That’s why we compiled a few SEO tips to help make your next video an internet sensation! Search engine optimization for YouTube starts with metadata. In other words, all the little details that help your video get discovered. Imagine searching for a video. What’s the first thing you look at before deciding to click? The title! It should be clear, compelling, and concise and not exceed 60 characters. Do some keyword research with Google’s Keyword Planner, HubSpot, or your favorite optimization tool and include the most relevant, searched
for keywords at the beginning of your title. After you’ve settled on the perfect title, move on to the description. I like to think of YouTube descriptions in
two parts: the first 100 characters and everything else. When YouTube populates your description, it will only show the first two to three lines of text. So, use this real estate wisely to encourage engagement, especially if you have a relevant CTA. After that, add links to your social channels, video credits, and video time stamps. Including your video transcript is also smart since it’s naturally full of keywords. Next up are tags. In the Info and Settings tab, tag your video with the most popular keywords. Try to include a good mix of shorter, general keywords and specific, long-tail keywords. But remember, if you optimize your video with unrelated keywords, YouTube might delete it or suspend your account. Now let’s talk about one of the most commonly overlooked optimization techniques on YouTube: closed captions. Captions, which are added via an SRT file,
create a better viewing experience and can help broaden your video’s reach. From your uploaded video, click on the “CC” button and then choose “Add new subtitles or CC”. YouTube gives you a few options to add captions, but I suggest the “transcribe and auto-sync” feature. Type in your transcript and let YouTube do the hard work of timing the captions. Finally, add your video to a playlist. Playlists help organize your channel and encourage viewers to continue watching your content when a video ends. To add your video to a playlist, click on “Add to” button below the video. Remember, you can add both your own videos and another channel’s videos to your playlists. So next time you upload a video to YouTube, don’t forget to optimize. It could be the difference between 100 and 100,000 views.

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  1. The Bro_Skii Post author

    I've heard others say to max out the limits on the titles, can you tell me why you say no more than 60 characters?

  2. David Lindgren Post author

    I visited your office in Dublin earlier this week with the company I am working at (iGoMoon).
    Since I work as a Video Editor, i was documenting the days in Dublin for our vlog.
    (You can see more of that in episode 38 and 39 of #Månresan).

    This video is great for helping us grow our vlog! Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    (Say hello to your stormtrooper from me!)

  3. Melhore A Sua Vida Hoje Post author

    i've never heard about that 60 characters on title. She didn't mention the thumbnails, i thinks it's important because people pay attention on this.

  4. John Cunningham eXp Realty Post author

    Great video. I would like to know which is better for SEO if embedding a YT vid on a page or post:
    1) transcribe the video and past the transcription below the video right in the post or page.
    2) upload the transcription to YT for closed caption
    3) both 1 and 2
    If you are not sure, please say so. I am looking for the right answer so that I can employ that method on lots of pages and posts.
    Thanks for the help!

  5. Chris and Chy Post author

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    1. Likes my first video
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    3. Comment when done

  6. Language Sharing with John Post author

    She says to add 'video time stamps' and a 'video transcript'. How do you do that? I don't know if I have ever seen a video transcript in the description.

  7. Decky Harris Post author

    Good video. I am planning to promote my small business through youtube and this video will definitely help me. I came across one more article from which I understood the importance of metadata in youtube.

  8. Jaime Librado Post author

    Is it really required that the contents on Youtube description should be free from Plagiarism or should not be a copied contents?

  9. AVN Post author

  10. Morticia's Daughter Post author

    I try to do all of this but I'm just no good at it. I've had my channel for years and I barely get more than 20 views. I need help lol.

  11. Darren Watkins Post author

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  12. Ansul Agrawal Post author

    nice video
    grow channel #ansulagrawal9

  13. Overseas Casa Post author

    Good video presentation. Very useful tips. Will try this on one of my sites

  14. Stephen Shiels Post author

    Why does seo take a while to get traffic to my youtube channel.

  15. ShesThe1yup Post author

    did doesn't help me get my video to the top of the youtube search, I see vids that are really old still showing up beFORE my video, why is that?

  16. Felecia Townsend Post author

    Great video! 👌 Mine pales in comparison to yours 😢

  17. Stupidly Awesome Gaming Post author

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  18. TheNouriYa Post author

    Thanks. You are so cute and I like the way you smile,cute.

  19. Ta Na Post author

    I'm not about to upload videos but these tips are still useful for me. Thanks!

  20. Kuhoo Not Kuhu Post author

    I watched it on 1.5x she so slow, her singing is annoying

  21. JustSomeGuy Lowriding Post author

    I had stopped tagging them I will start that again, Thanks 🙂

  22. Main3Croft Post author

    Really good tips, thanks for sharing, I am definitely going to implement them all.

  23. Inspire Bingle Post author

    Thank you for such useful tips. We will use your tips in our next video. 🙂

  24. Elly Tran Post author

    thankfulness in favor of distribution by way of us . but you don't recognize how in the direction of optimize the youtube playlist . make somebody's day notice relate

  25. A Myriad Of Adventures Post author

    Honestly, none of this helps in 2019

  26. Hopeless LegMan Post author

    It's a shame that youtube is the second largest video search tool when it has one of the least usable search tools ever.

  27. Toni Shah Post author

    Did you use these tricks on your own video?

  28. Ellen Davy Post author

    What if it dose not let u put a YouTube video on a iPad

  29. Platinum Patience Post author

    I'm struggling to expand my descriptions 🙁


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