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By | September 1, 2019

this is the second video of a series here on my channel called how to get started on YouTube now whether you have a business and you want to get your business started on YouTube or you want to start a personal channel on youtube this series was created just for you this video is specific on how to optimize your YouTube channel hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is trena if you are new here i’m a video content strategist and I help online entrepreneurs create a video content strategy that works for them and their business if you’re new here make sure you subscribe by clicking the subscribe button below and check me out on social media on any of these platforms so without further ado here is how you want to optimize your YouTube channel so this was anything else on the internet use these channels can be optimized so use it was owned by Google we all know of the google machine algorithm going on so it’s so essential that you’re making sure your channel is optimized so people can find it and not only google searches but also youTube searches first thing you want to do and think about your channel name so my name is trina obviously violent video strategists our video content strategy so one of the ways that I can change my channel means really optimize it is maybe put in a keyword or phrase like video marketing I think about maybe its key word or phrase that you can use in your channel name kind of like with Pinterest or Instagram when you’re setting up your profile it’s really important to have those keywords or phrases that can be searched next I want you to go to the about section of your channel and fill that out use as many keywords as possible to describe yourself what is what I’m talking about keywords i’m talking about phrases that people are searching any youtube so if you are a business coach maybe people are searching how to start a business how to create a business plan how to come up with a marketing strategy how to come up with a marketing plan to really think about what are the key words or phrases that your ideal client or your target market is searching on google or youtube and incorporate them into your About section in a conversational way the first 48 characters of your About section are going to show up and youtube search results you really want to focus on those 448 characters being a way to catch the attention of these potential clients to really want to get to your channel and actually the about section is one of the most underutilized section of youtube so you want to make sure you’re optimizing it next ones are already here in the About section i want to make sure you’re adding your social media icons here to you can add them right here in your About section so go ahead and add your facebook link or your Instagram link and the first link that you can put it could be to your website or you can make that link and link to your option now it’s going to have to be associated with your website so my often is a free script template and the place to get that is at my website tree little dot com backslash grip complete you can’t use a leadpages link here because the link that is associated with that pot has to be related to your website so whatever website that you’re linking to your YouTube channel that ultimately what needs to be putting their next I want you to add channel keywords so what you want to do is go on over to your advanced settings and you can start adding keywords there with this keyword section we want to break them up by quotation marks if you have a longer tail keywords like how to start a business you want to make sure that that whole phrase in quotation marks so you can write as many as you want their there’s about like after you how many characters you can put in there but tight as many keywords as possible into your channel keywords section because that’s going to help you to you know write your channel and go through all the algorithm stuff to really help people find you and your channel can get ranked in Google search results or somebody searching how to start a business not only could you have a video pop up but you can have your channel pop killed and finally make sure you’re using the channel trailer option this is the video that’s going to play immediately when somebody new lands on your channel and it just really want to showcase who you are and what you do or maybe one of your best videos if you don’t have a channel trailer yet this is great for like ten questions to get to know me and about me video it just allows people to instantly get to know who you are and what you do you really want to make sure you have a video in that section do you have any more questions about optimizing your YouTube channel let me know down below let me know that this tutorial you want to see or topic you want to talk to you want me to talk more about let me know down below if you’re liking this series make sure you give this video a thumbs up and share it on social media by 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18 thoughts on “How To Optimize Your Youtube Channel – Youtube SEO

  1. Yousra ELSawi Post author

    Thank you Trena for these great tips! am actually updating my business channel these days and filming new videos so your tips are pretty useful 😊 I do have a basic question, I've spent all day trying to figure out how to make my YouTube art channel ( not sure what is called, the banner or cover photo 🙈).
    The size is driving me nuts! I used Canva but the dimensions looked really off and most of the text I included was chopped ( the photo was too big ). I also tried searching for the perfect photo size on Google but again, it is either too small or too big and all the details and design gets lost when I upload the photo😖 any thoughts?

  2. Krista Rae Post author

    Oooh, great tips, Trena! I've got some work to do 🙂

  3. The Engaging Educator Post author

    This was great! Totally did so many of the things suggested while watching the video. Thank goodness for the pause button. 🙂

  4. Elysha Lenkin Post author

    I definitely needed these tips as I'm a new Youtuber. Optimizing my channel is probably the least fun part for me to do, but as you point out it's necessary. Thanks so much, and I just subbed.

  5. Callie&Co Post author

    This is something that's a challenge for me right now, especially when trying to figure out if my next video topic is searchable. Great tips!!

  6. AMETHYST AMODA Post author

    I would love to get more tips privately is there anyway I could reach you😊

  7. Jonny R1 Post author

    Aweome content!! Please follow and subscribe to help support me!

  8. omalichatv Post author

    Good evening, please I need your help. Can I get your email address so that we can discuss. I will be expecting your response. Thanks Vivian

  9. Stephan Terry Post author

    Great tips…I love your trailer video btw


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