How to Optimize Pinterest Content For SEO Using SEMrush

By | September 2, 2019

So you’ve optimized your content and it’s
working. You’re seeing your following and engagement
grow and maybe you’re even seeing some referral traffic or conversions coming from Pinterest
to your site. Awesome!
But did you know that your Pinterest page can organically rank on Google for certain
search queries? It’s true! But how!?!?
SEMrush allows you to find specific keywords that existing Pinterest profiles are already
ranking for. First, we want to focus on
Next we will view the organic keyword report. This report will show us the keywords that organically ranks for. From there we’ll type in keywords relevant
to our industry. For example, flowers. Some of the bigger keywords will have Pinterest
category pages or pages from huge brands ranking. However mid and long tail keywords sometimes
have personal Pinterest profiles and boards ranking for them. For example, a search for
“red flowers,” a keyword with over 8,000 monthly searches shows a Pinterest board in the number
two spot on the first page of Google. Furthermore, this Pinterest page that’s ranking
is a board with only 235 followers. Depending on the following of your Pinterest
account you should have a good shot at outranking this page, if your board is appropriately
optimized. Using SEMrush, you will be able to optimize
your boards and set them up for organic ranking success.
Ranking on Google will drive even more followers and traffic to your page, increasing the potential
for referral traffic and conversions to your site.

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