How to Maximize Your Home Services Business’ Website Traffic

By | February 29, 2020

(upbeat cheery music) – Hi, this is Josh Smith, the Vice President Of
Marketing here at Scorpion. Did you know that on average,
96% of your website traffic leaves without taking
your desired interaction? You spend all of this
time, energy, and dollars, getting them to your
website only to lose them. That sucks. But what if I were to tell
you that there was a way that you could maximize
the opportunity you have in connecting with those lost conversions. Answer, online chat. Or to insert shameless plug
here, Scorpion Connect. Chat is vital in connecting
with those people that are not yet ready for a phone call and who don’t really like contact forms. In today’s marketplace,
the younger generation that is tied into their cell phones are showing less and less
communication actually on the phone via phone calls and are preferenced toward
communication through text. And a chat can also lower the support cost of handling inbound leads. Live chat is more than
50% cheaper in fact. A study from ATG, now acquired by Oracle, into global consumer trends
found that 90% of customers said that the live chat
button gives them confidence. Also, not everybody’s doing chat. This is a huge advantage for
you over your competitors. To learn more about how
Scorpion can connect to you with your ideal clients
through our live chat, get in touch today.

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