By | January 24, 2020

okay so here is my sweetheart ripple
knit crochet they have the other ways too much work so I’m taking the lazy way
and so anyway I should have put search engine optimization on here I’ve got a
cool light SEO s.e oh and so we’ve got it
crochet they’re they’re not neither one of them are very popular words actually
Oh someone’s gonna have to pay to bolster the trend then we’ve got art
digital heart 3d paper first-person real world I see people like to control this
stuff this is what they like to control in the private groups sweetheart ripple
playful Bend crease wind single sink is in single crochet and then double with
the chart symbol but yes this this is what they like the control and they
don’t want you talking about anything else but just by hand sponsor and books
products that’s all they want so yeah there is a censorship been going on in
the crafts community for going on 23 years for me on the digital internet and
so crafting sadly as part of it with the brand spokespeople who want to control
it to favor their their network and the things that they make and what they’re
paid to do so they’re paid but then they want everybody else to just love and
promote their products just sharing it on social media
I guess I’ve seen this so 97 was when I first went on the Internet the digital
part I’ve been on it my whole life you know if you think of social media your
whole life which it is social media is a new word talking we’ve been talking our
whole life communicating our whole life social media is just a new word and then
the old wants to control because there’s some media monopoly with the cable box
and the libraries the schools the libraries even public government cuz I
always wondered how in the world do you get a book into a public school into a
library they have a media monopoly and a network of a few people they let in just
a few people they let in and then they brown nose and actually suck the dick of
the government you know by throwing out making it appear that they support the
government when they go ahead and do their own thing and so what do you think
about it each one of us is the government
and then they then they’ve got it set up so they put in their own Network people
and they keep repeating the same bad practices then they just keep setting it
up towards this monopoly to monopolize the hearts and minds of the American
public while they’ve got a ro America and basically destroyed it from the
inside out and so yeah that’s that’s just where we are right now is you know
people assimilating to the same they just dissipate to the same and nothing
ever gets changed and we have a monopoly a media monopoly because anybody can
speak everybody can speak and they should anyway that’s that’s it for my
sweetheart Ripple oh and if you remember that Valentine’s
Day is coming up so what does Valentine’s Day so so scam that candy
cards flowers candy cards and flowers that’s how who does that benefit
traditional corporate media and their properties their stores so then
everybody’s running to the store oh I gotta buy but then it’s there’s
thousands of millions of people who are disappointed it’s like you know so yeah
when it was I can’t we had fun doing it and that it does tap into that that
feel-good thing in your brain it’s like oh somebody likes me they got me a
little heart and it is fun for kids to do but at the same time it’s just not a place to be living you
know all the time because that’s not how life is that’s not a realistic that’s
not a realistic value of life because of the lack of equality and they’re the
ones that are keeping it that way they just keep it churning and plugging along
and anyway that’s

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