How to Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

By | August 6, 2019

– Hey, what’s up? In this video, I’m gonna
show you how you can make passive income with affiliate marketing. That means by recommending
digital or physical products that already exist in the marketplace for your target audience. Since starting my online business in 2008, I’ve generated over $3 million in earnings specifically
through affiliate marketing, by picking products that I use or know will be
very helpful for my audience, sharing affiliate links and making money. And I’m gonna show you
exactly how to do that today. I’m also cannot take you into
the backend reporting system to show you how many sales I’ve made for a very specific product. And then I’m gonna show you how I promote that product so you can follow suit and accomplish the same thing. So stick around, we’re
gonna make some money. Okay, so I’m gonna show you
a five step process in order to walk you through this. And it starts with number one,
selecting the right product. Now, you can promote a
lot of different things. I would focus on just one product to start with to kinda
get your wheels going. And where I would start
is asking yourself, “Okay, well, what’s
one of the first things “that a person who you are
trying to teach needs?” So if you are helping
people build a website, you might want to recommend
a hosting company. And I do the same thing. I recommend a hosting company. Another thing I teach is podcasting. So a podcaster, for example, what’s one of the first
things they need in order to get their podcast up and running? Well, they need a microphone, right? So I’m gonna show you
all the details about this microphone here and how I promote it, and we’re just gonna focus
on this product for now. This is the Audio-Technica ATR2100, one of my favorite microphones ’cause it plugs into your USB. I talk all about these
things as I’m selling this, and kinda the approach
that you want to take is, even though this isn’t your own product, you wanna treat it as if it’s your own. You wanna share all the things about it, so a person is going to
be comfortable with making that purchase, ’cause the big struggle with affiliate marketing business is this. Because it’s not your product, you have to gain and earn
that trust a little bit. This is especially, especially important when you
are promoting other people’s online courses for example. You need to build that trust
’cause it’s not your course. But let’s keep talking about
this microphone actually. I wanna take you in the other room because the second step
after you select the product to promote is getting that affiliate link. Now with products like
this, it’s fairy simple because you can just go on Amazon and sign up for the
Amazon Associates program which is their affiliate program. And from there you can grab a link, and I’ll show you how to do that in just a moment on the computer. But other times, it’s gonna be a little bit more
difficult to find a link. So what I would recommend is first of all, understand that sometimes
affiliate programs are also known as referral
programs or partnership programs. So if you can’t find
something on a website that says affiliate link, look for partnership
program or referral program. They can be your way in to sign up and apply to get into that program. Now sometimes you might dig and dig and dig and not find
any affiliate opportunities at all, in which case I
would do one of two things. Number one, reach out to the company, tell them that you want to
promote it as an affiliate or a partner, and likely there
are opportunities available to you that are just not to the public. This happened to me one time when I promoted a lead exam prep online test simulator for my architecture
website back in the day. They didn’t have a
public affiliate program but when I reached out they
said, “Oh yeah, we have one. “It’s just for people who we invite only, “but since you asked us, “we’re gonna let you in,” and that program specifically has generated over
$200,000 in earnings just from simply recommending it
to my exam students there. Now, if you reach out and they say they don’t
have an affiliate program, you can kind of work
with them to set one up, and sometimes that’s possible. I’ve done that before. Although most of the time, they’re just not gonna have
the resources to create it. They’re not even going
to know how to do it, in which case you have the option to move on to the next
product or still recommend it. And I would actually go with the latter. Because you know it’s a helpful product and hopefully that’s why you selected it, you should still recommend
it anyway even though you’re not gonna get a kickback
or commission as a result. Because you’re there to first and foremost serve your audience you should still recommend it anyway and then move onto the next product. Some products may have
an affiliate program tied to them, some may be not. But if you’re completely
helpful to the audience, you will get rewarded in some way, shape or form down the road. Okay, so for right now, I’m gonna show you how to grab a link for
something like this. And then I’m gonna show
you how I promote it. So let’s go into the computer. Okay, so here we are in
the reporting section of my Amazon Associates program, which like I said, is
their affiliate program. And we are looking at
the data from the first of the year till now, so
about the first quarter. And if I scroll down here, you can see that the product, the Audio-Technica ATR2100,
it’s been clicked on 780 times. It’s been shipped 118 times, and then produced $8000
essentially in revenue. Now, that’s not the take-home income. Take-home income from the
Amazon Associates program is typically anywhere between four and eight percent depending on volume. I take home, for this product, in the first quarter of this year, $469. And that’s really cool because I recommend this product anyway, and so I’m able to passively
generate this income through the posts that I create, through the tutorials that I
create, through random videos that I’ll show you all that
stuff in just a second. So I’m gonna show you how
to easily grab a link now. So what’s really cool is when you sign up for the Amazon Associates program, they’re gonna give you this
thing called the site stripe. I would absolutely recommend enabling that if it’s not enabled already, and that makes it so that
you can come to any page, for example like this product here, and click on Text and it
gives you an affiliate link. All right, so you got your link. Now you ready for step three. Now before you start promoting this, the number one thing
that I would recommend and this has been a game changer for me in affiliate marketing, is to create a video to
support this product. Again, this is a product
that is not yours, you’re gonna have to show
people what they’re gonna get before they get it. That’s gonna make them feel
comfortable with the purchase and with something like
a physical product, shooting a video like this one here, it could be literally a review of that product or you can
compare it to other products that are very similar. Like in this video here. We compare the ATR2100 with a Samsung mike and also a Blue Snowball. This one becomes very valuable because not just it gives people more information, but it can also be found in search engines like Google and also on YouTube. So you’re gonna get a lot of
longevity as a result of this and of course if you
place your affiliate link in the description, well then, it’s an
opportunity every single view to earn an additional income. Okay, step four. Now that you have your affiliate link. Now that you have a video
to support it as well, which should always be mentioned in and around the spots where you
mention it on your website, ’cause again, people want to see what they’re gonna get before they get it. Now, you promote that affiliate link. So how do you do that? Well, I’m gonna go through
a number of examples where specifically this microphone is promoted all throughout my brand, and you’ll see it’s not just in one spot, it’s in multiple spots. So let me take you into the
blog, into a blog post first. So this is a blog post here, Top 10 Tips for Brand New Podcasters, and if I just do a search
for ATR you’ll see over here where I talk about, a lot of people, they kinda
get worried about the equipment and wanna get the best,
most expensive stuff. What I talk about here, how, wow, you only need an $80
microphone to make it happen, and as you can see here, the link is right there
with a full disclosure. I’ll talk about that really
important point at the end here, something you’ll definitely
not want to miss. But again, a picture
of me using microphone, this makes a person who just
has no idea what equipment to get, if they see this, I provide value, and they’re like, “Oh, well, Pat uses this microphone, “maybe I should check it out too.” And, again, like I said, they’re gonna be more likely
to go through that link. So insert links into blog posts, and just keep in mind that you have this as a resource that you can always
mention when the topic of, for example, in this
one, podcasting comes up. So that’s blog post, what else? Well, what if you were to do, instead of just like a top tips blog post, you know, the kind of
standard list post type stuff, what if you did an in-depth
tutorial on literally just how to go from beginning to
end with starting a podcast. That becomes a really valuable resource where it just so happens that your affiliate link for that one specific product is just a small micro recommendation in the whole larger scheme of what it is that you are teaching. so let me give you an example of that here in the podcasting space. so for example, I have
a very, very in-depth how to start a podcast tutorial, and if you scroll all the way down you’ll see that it’s just, it goes over everything you need to know, examples of how I
succeeded with my podcast, other things you need to worry about. but if you go all the way down here, you’ll see that there are a
number of tutorial videos, very much like a course
except that this is for free. Now, if I click on this video, you’ll see, for number one
where I talk about equipment, boom, there is the microphone right there. Buy on Amazon, the disclosure, and of course I talk about it in this specific video as well. So instead of just a small blog post, why not a longer tutorial which is likely to get shared more, be a lot more valuable to your audience, something that you can
include in your autoresponder to make it, again, more
automated and passive. Again, every time a person
comes across this tutorial is an opportunity for them to get involved with the microphone or whatever it is you’re recommending, and of course along with a microphone, there are other parts to
it like the boom stand, in the foam ball, or the shock mount, and other elements that
can go along with it. So if you can give the
people the whole package, I mean, you’re set and you’re delivering a lot
of value at the same time too. Now in addition to a blog
post you can include links in, for example, you lead magnets. So a lead magnet that I have can be found at That’s a free three-day
minicourse to get your podcast up and running, and in the
first day you’ll see here, day one links and resources, you’ll see the microphone, ATR2100. Boom, another instance of the link, so no matter how people are
consuming this content related to podcasting, they’re going to see this link in some way, shape or form. So what I would recommend is, think about all the different paths that people can enter what
it is that you’re teaching. How might they come across the link? If there any holes or opportunities
for them to not see it, well then something’s missing and you need to add it in there. So you can included in
your lead magnets as well. All right, next, because this
product performs very well and podcasting is a hot topic right now, I have created more videos that again, support not just the idea of podcasting and the podcasters who
are getting started, but this microphone as well. So in this example, top podcasting tips, tools for recording, interviewing and exporting, I also recommend ATR2100 in there as well. And then finally, if you
have any paid courses. For example, online courses
where you teach something. So like, I have Power-Up Podcasting, which teaches people podcasting. In lesson two here, you’ll see it’s recommending
podcasting equipment. And there it is again, the ATR2100. And down here, an affiliate link for that as well within my paid course. And what’s really cool is because they’re a
paid student of yours, they’re going to follow your
directions and recommendations, and if you just simply
include an affiliate link in there too, there’s no
shame in that as long as, again, you’re honest
and upfront with that, which brings me to two really
important things I want to share with you related
to affiliate marketing before we finish up. So I’m kind of going off
tangent here a little bit, but the first of these two
really important things I want to share with you ’cause I
need to tell you is number one, especially if you are
living in the United States and recommending products as an affiliate, because of FTC regulations
you have to be upfront about that affiliate relationship. You have to disclose that you are going to earn a commission, that when you recommend this product you’re getting paid as a result. Now, a lot of you might be like, “Oh, that’s a dealbreaker for me. “Why would I do that?” Well, I’ve actually found
that by being honest and upfront, you’re actually going to find people are going to want to make
sure they help you out and go through that link,
because that’s a quick and easy way for them to pay
you back for all the value you are providing to them. And what’s really cool
it’s at no extra cost to them to go through that link and send a little bit of money your way, it’s just coming from the
company that you’re recommending. So by being fully upfront, you are following the rules
and also making it more likely that a person’s gonna
wanna help you out too, and if you just always have
that serve-first attitude, you really can’t lose. And along the same lines, number two, this is really important. Again, I want to reiterate, selecting the right products to promote, because once you start to
see some income coming in, it can be very tempting
to just find now products that are going to give
you loads of commission. There are products out there, especially in the digital world in software that will
pay you 50% commission, 75% commission, and on
a recurring basis even. And that can be very tempting to promote, but if you take the
approach of money first and not helping people first, you’re running the risk of, yes, potentially recommending a product that doesn’t provide a good
experience for your audience, which is bad, right? And they’re gonna be upset at that product and that product owner, which
is, you know, gonna happen. But what’s even worse is
they’re also going to be upset and never take your recommendations
from you ever again. And that trust you build with
you audience is something that doesn’t come overnight, and you need to treat that with care. Your audience is really what
makes your business work. So making sure to always
provide the best products and product recommendations
for them is gonna be key. And when you do that,
everybody wins, right? You’re recommending a great product that can actually help them. They’re going to thank you for it, they’re gonna take more
recommendations from you, they’re gonna share those recommendations that you’ve made with their
friends and more than that, the company that you have
this relationship with, they’re going to love you for it, and might even give you
special deals as a result of all the volume that you’re producing. So, again, making sure that you’re always promoting
the right products is key, so spend some time focusing on, okay, well, what will help my
audience more than anything? Recommend those products and
you can’t lose, like I said. All right, so that was just a little side thing, but number five. This is really cool. Once you start to see things working, first of all, hopefully
make sure you’re tracking to see okay, where things are working, what recommendations are doing
well, which ones are not. You can always change things down the road and add new things later. But once you got the system
going for one product, just rinse and repeat
with the next product. So find the second-best
product that could promote and then recommend it
in the same kinda way and by placing these links on, for example, a resource
page or within a tutorial that you have, or on specific
blog posts or videos. Once you get those done, those become seeds that
can create passive income for you down the road, and again, it’s not your
own product but products that other people have created that the market is likely
already buying anyway. So action item for you is to consider, okay well, what’s the next
product that you should promote? What’s the first step that your audience is
taking in their journey related to whatever it is
that you’re teaching them. Is there an affiliate program in and or around that particular product so that you can begin to start generating some income from that. And then, you take it from there. So if you have to re-watch this video to go through the steps again, that’s totally cool, but
what I would recommend is if you haven’t done so already, make sure you click the subscribe button below so you can get access to more videos that come out. We’re gonna be talking a lot
about affiliate marketing in the future and this is seriously one of the most underutilized ways to generate an income online. Without the worry of spending the time to create and validate a product, you can just get right into it, but only if you do it the right way will it be successful for you. Now before you leave, in the comment section below, I also want to hear from you and tell me what’s the product
that you’re gonna recommend and how are you gonna promote it? I’d love to know if you
are on the right path and perhaps pick just one
of these strategies just to start out with for
how you might promote it or where on your website
you might plant that seed, so that over time as you
get more and more followers, more and more traffic, it can really start to blossom really into some amazing passive income for you down the road. Let me know in the comment section below, what product are you going to promote and how you’re going to promote it. And I’m looking forward to reading it. So good luck, wishing you all the best, and make sure you hit subscribe below. Thanks again.

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    The site gets very good traffic when I put time into it, which I have not been doing lately for various reasons. But I'm planning to re-tool and make it profitable through affiliate marketing. Two products I have a relationship with are SeatGeek (ticket sales) and ParkWhiz (online parking reservations). I've made a little bit of cash with SeatGeek but I'd like to maximize more affiliate opportunities…and I completely agree with you about only recommending products I use or am very familiar with. SeatGeek is great and that's why I share that with people.

    I subscribed to your e-mail list, thanks Pat! Looking forward to learning more in your videos.

  53. Mauricio Siles Post author

    Hi, I'm wondering if we don't use YT channel o any type of video promotion , how successful an affililate can be promoting products only in a blog?. I ask this because in my case I don't see myself creating videos in youtube..kind of shy.

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  55. WeeDy Post author

    it is possible to do affiliate marketing without an audience ? i'm new on this topic, can someone recommend me some videos, etc ?

  56. Gio Rodriguez Post author

    Hey Pat, Love your YouTube videos!! What do you recommend to someone who is new to the online marketing world and wants to start affiliate marketing? I'm interested in your affiliate course but saw you don't recommend it to new online marketers or newbies on other social media platforms with no following… Thanks Pat!!!🙏🏼

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  61. Søren Drimer Pejstrup Post author

    Hi, thanks Pat. You show a link in both PDF and paid course. Is't that against Amazon's terms of service?

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