How to Make Dynamic Pages SEO Friendly 2018

By | August 27, 2019

How to Make Dynamic Pages SEO Friendly 2018 I’m discuss about that out writing for SEO taiji description and particular dynamic website So any dynamic website first of all Very important is called writing for proper title and a proper description. So anything first arrived in 30 or a site And this one is ready for News option for so I can go to for admin panel here So any day web site? Only one page is called static This may be depend on your portal. If you come into new spot any class capital first, the home page will be static We may all be will be dynamic. So you come into dynamic pages if you post any kind of news first of all taking form in panel select your post option So we can say all the properties add your menu name is called properties So if we give any special offered set by the Special Op and view by news That is called the news will be I am selecting for here Boo-ki world second apartment with furniture in this one. I am selecting this option Only for pride in Agra English this Carmike generating further news to the people after posting this content What it is So out rating for your title and description is important this car does your post first time riding for title Which one second an Appointment gamma Pass With furniture Description right in here Apartment class for sale with the Furnishing present under eyes ever so in this and second one one different writing for good you are second property here will be there for sale with the Initiative so we reading for punish will be done reading for Fully furnished so I’m writing for title Right in front Description right in for keywords Edouard say Purple same Appointment per se Of a miracle sale This fun Totalus From a total one And your cleavers Add your image so any kind of poster contain a dynamic site, no refining for which one your Cpanel axis. Just only for add your admin panel if any kind of news portals any kind of Classifieds any kind of shop impotency the disk of flipcard amazon anything the title is held by both our admin panel Read in further This term marketing candidates. So no need using for cpanel any website when you are pleading for any kind of sites That paid side will be who on your this same marketing person so any danny website no need for the CPanel access just like not being panel any continue are posting in this you can using firm Admin access just here. I’m using for this two numbers Tilford submit again go to site the fish and They will be done Are you getting it by your? You are structured any posting faceted by URL structure is a first point second one is Dan Issa alpha waves understand purpose nest one control you this cuff sent your page source the purpose of Title description and keywords. I Am setting for in this option is called So you’re my team focus one is a title description and keywords I can select here Previous are waiting for just prepared by your This one any firmware on your website now after putting what is showing here? This is a title Description and keywords They prepare the SCO Code for match so any dynamic first you ready for it using admin panel, so they’re creating for you Open the flows back. It is a clear. This is call ID or title description and keywords Doe reading first short title keyword do writing for short description don’t ideal for short keywords list Then that the characters in it a little human moment infer the 30 characters description you amended form in 80 characters He was him in more you intend for the 15 words, please note on any kind of website Any kind of websites When you prepare a CEO title description keyword Title will be sixty characters when visually people any SEO title As today they will be sixty characters Six-zero characters you Minimum we can write Minimum you can write 30 characters 3-0 less than 30 characters Is a short title Is a short title Description writing for 300 characters But it’s display but it’s display only 160 character 1 6 0 characters 160 characters Minimum should be right 80 characters Minimum they should write how many characters 80 characters Meta keywords again, right – Ana cactus are 25 watts, so clear Based on your requirement any dynamic website we can create by the first title description keywords Became place for allowing admin panel First to post eruption search your proper title proper description Proper keyword on dynamic website is again This is called repeat the content for your SEO title description and keyword on dynamic website Static with cPanel then emic with our cPanel disk our admin panel any denim you upset Only few pairs will be static remain always will be the enemy is a based on the requirement Which is a static using cPanel always remember, which is starting using cPanel when using dynamic always using for admin panel But coming to WordPress is always admin no need to using for CPanel access is a different for the 3 option. So we consider by dynamic is only for admin panel You will become static using but Seba

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  1. aiti Vinayak Post author

    Sir, I created a dynamic blog website, user can create posts by going to admin option and click create posts. How should I seo for this dynamically page content.


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