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By | November 5, 2019

How to make copyright free images | How to create copyright Free pictures So today, I’m discussing body how to make it operate in a is so for you How making it profile on Google+ and Facebook Bank different liquid? So we are doubt how to make a logo and how to make it our image now I can discuss about how to make it cover image on particular Google+ profile on facebook so I can take example one install Google base here this go to profile here Yesterday. I am feeding on Google+ page the name for you can show you put all your brand page I can open here wait per second so This page I am creating here It is not visible by user so for this image, I can make another image by using put You will piss covering my purpose so here that is selection by the knot for photoshop Not further illustrate not for the parole bruh captioncall is Can where we can login with the two options so here I can logout this option here First of all a monologue in the support the option will be updated by the two accounts one is called Google Second one is called Facebook Elongated bubula Facebook, but I can enter the username and password we can create an account free account here itself Which oh, can you have period we can create output here This is called then everything Gmail and a password so I can log into my gmail ID password here Here very advantages call what are the making image? Will be they they will be using by the here? So Be making 400 I’m a certain remedy miss we’ll be there in two here reset After Long months back. What are they maybe reading will check by your We can relay that image also So you may trade by the one month back the image you have to change that some title will be mistake So you can change by the after one month odds same cover image? Wait the cover will will be very we can update the cover email will be where we can update Your mystery with a title something we can read that previous image here It’s all the images here These are paid by the Few months back not the new update is all de hit by a few months back. So you’re right competing for Google Play’s cover image Now will such create design The option collies social media has come to social media Perhaps in police who will press Enter timber cover image select here You So hey I’m taking for this one here already freely oars are there here look this It all will be free layoffs But Yeah, all what in the three layers. You will be premium will be there, so you show you for what is called Dollar this is called premium here show only for free up to free we can use So just go to Uptown so which layer your select is set the layout are is Elements which kind of element we can take Take the elements first because they’ll be nothing but background amazed this is all the bad – I Was that bids The way it may divide one two three rows divided to relieve the three rows and D 3 1 2 3 2 2 the only one so either – and this is a three rows and Hillary tea rose, and you will be tea rose like they divide by thee he may scale this This is completes This is called portfolio purpose I’ll built view purpose you can make the image like the slider vector 1 2 3 image all perfect that Maybe we can make the image here, but it is Which one we can select with her third option So next one here This is called frames Yada and prefer flames here a very important one is that shapes What other shapes here wanted to circle or like that lines anything The beer is fun so Lights we need two lines in between the Characters all specific sentence one sentence to sentence reasons I’m giving you the lines are maybe in the width or height level. He knew the sidelines one and very important illustrate her lights So it’s clear and for that icons, so you are showing for the different fire fans here Humor blow different different clear Charts So when you show you show you force in six I’ll be your ship by using by chat Last one. I love canva here last one here You can show this may be made by the camera we can row by equalizer camper We can make the sound small I can’t buy you think the mail So clear so first I’m going to layout option here, so I’m solidify anything here, so Upset first front is one Here after that minute adding this email you can change the background images, so these are the your content Is all you are at it. Now. You are go to upload this image all we can download by any brutal way Nobody Google simple here go to Google. I am searching for training I’m going to images So regional Emmaus So this image Save image, there’s no corporate white no watermark will be there so he may will be watermark don’t sell that image So you have to remove the watermark is very time taken process there is the image without a watermark image considered by the training here So I’m going to canva So I click the upload option or that upload your own image Lichter training Rivas they will be blank it’s called pack black color now select this one So, I’m said you on layout but having mood are all options So what is the my keyword here? System are getting on in training institute in other words let this keyword Go to text my into chest here Where I Take the blackboard put on de fer sim already on I’m training him should it bother blue So it is making am image, so just you’re like I’m putting one icon TM icons are your my icons anything will be possible again? So I think everything sent by Google by wheat or water park so how do we can find out watermark is super? I’m searching for here It’s a marketing training This you may be launched offer So apnic’s So they give you the watermark here now just open it So restore some taking you I confirm here like this Christian all right so Whatever will be two types one is called PNG maybe Jamie’s type two types jpg Buchanan program will be white PNG will be transparent image So we can take only for without water Maggie Mae is absolutely this one Here no watermark you can take this kind of images no problem but same Those are the same one here We take the same one different able identify. This is Eva. He belongs to my it take like a kind of the only first steps So I’m peering image here this I’m adding with the one logo here That is called the stomach icon, I’m adding here TM like that so I am in shape the image here So yeah Simple here, they recommend by the three types If you need the Xerox are print out the discouragement by the PDF You can download the version will be girl PDF format second will be called PNG and JPEG is two formats we all were written by the jpg But need screen purple is given by the PNG image I am picking for Download this he may be known by the download folder so we can prefer a JB also but neat and clear purple can set by the PNG recommendation under transparent purpose So I’m design with my download the image, so I am going to Google press cover image Here I am Akshay with the edit profile So here what is written for our image? Upload photo go to download where you can download that picture Just here, this is a So we honor tell you that every mating user specific name is important Asano so TM training so I can give a shortcut other So uploading my image here Pick Previous this is my image now will be this is my image click per se For the size of your Google+ cover image 1240 by 700 is it clear now you can change by your we will paste our image here Without clear out any visible pizza marketing on at any industry mother So clear in here you can maintain anything by your own name, but anything we can match see I’m adding here main step very important one is curve. I Can add by one by one? So I’m set in order phone icon Just give a small icon So I’m going to wear text Here three kind of this size will be there there the last one you right by the phone number So get your ugly But escalating for the late Purpose of highlighting purpose business is where the size you Yeah, this one will because I can gauge by the YouTube thumbnail purpose money with YouTube thumped it So adding my thumbnail here my thumbnail. I can I buy my company name. What is the company is the Turkish? ticked Serrations What is the mobile number second is the my YouTube channel here we can write by your Facebook Twitter Linkedin also will accept here Is that Facebook Twitter Linkedin a simple one I can will be adding by here add by one by one I can by The way upload your image, so simple if you need I can just go to your Facebook I Can’t be it These are the Indians being a theme, but transplant images you can add by to the Which say you can add everything will be except here clear. I’m adding here into the my canva wait for second one by one Say my name is always that thing cream Facebook and a Picture so very important here. I’m adding very important one is curve What is that let’s try a icon So select any one icon here, so maybe this my alphabet Which end is not? Right click products save it if any when you’re saving time they showing by the PNG mode What is that can say for Instagram Icon Where you can download by the desktop just go to canva You Upload your image where this dicta Instagram is my cottage is A I adhere to this just simple one here when uploading this option will be done Just click the one tick mark Damn just resize it just smoothes the right mark just decrease the size You So visibility is important if they’re visible impulses done all that sugar tinkling Facebook Twitter, so Clear it can be a cruel place and blogger icon what play icon anything will be possible here This is all the icons for second post I’m adding it to the open limper By youtube channel and i’m adding with you here You can add by your email address everything will be possible here for some right now only adding it to my hotel over here And our website is also, so simple one-click for download before that just Download whores option ball pH So you may as well download here, I am going to this this one or the option ball is edit profile So is open here So it may will be portions here Done the size of diverse party by 700 okay So click Now yeah This is a final picture for your Google bestowed image, so easily pondered by either user by that use But number and YouTube an intern under with the same, so she may icons same name Strega think it in Facebook and Twitter so this is we will make the images using with the camera it can make any image using canva before using Photoshop forever and Listed three fuckers. It is called Canva cannot login it the possible with the two option one is called Facebook second is the Google Place, so what are the image? You’ll making on the canva Everybody is there into the wait when open the canva will be the into the fight on our side this pose here so one of the main, we’ll be making every maybe the you by the Here after long months we can change the image text. Also yet to clear. This is the canva options Suppose we make the image on the illustrate We thought will be removed we can install the another software so we are pre baseman all will be deleted But here you know they can take the campus Tony by your software not a exe for this stuff on it Image making software the clear is complete for me return today. They can’t make them is this worth canva dot

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