How to Make an E-Commerce Website in India – Build an Online Store

By | December 13, 2019

Hi guys! I’m Shyam from Website Today I am going to show you, how you can create an
Ecommerce website from start to finish. Okay! So first, let’s see the website
we’re going to build. So here it is. After watching this video, you will be able to make
a website, which has products like these and then we’re going to
create pages like these. And people will be able to add
your products to their carts. and they will be able to pay
you, through your website and buy products from your site. So let’s get started. its going to be very simple. We’re going to make our
ecommerce site in 4 parts. The 1st Part is to
Launching Your Website Now this is where you get a new
website, Live – on the internet. So to launch your website,
we’re going to do 3 steps. The 1st step, is to
choose your website name. Now to choose the name, just
click the link below this video. So i’m going to click this link and it will take
you to this page. Now enter the name
you want in this box. So i’m going to
enter and click ‘check availability’ So now you can see that
this name is available. So once you get your name, you
can go to the next step, which is to get your
hosting & domain. So hosting is the place, where
your website’s files are stored and domain is your
website’s name. So to get your hosting
and this domain name, just scroll down this page and click ‘get hosting’. Now it will take you to this
page where we’re going to get our hosting & domain. So to get it, just click get started. Now enter the same name
which you selected before and click ‘search’. Then click ‘select & continue’ Now to get this domain and hosting, we need to create a new account. So let’s click here and then fill up these details and click create account. Now, here you can see that we’re
getting our domain, which is, and our hosting. Now both of these are going
to be valid for 1 year, which means once we place this
order, your website will be live on the internet for
the next 1 year. So, now let’s go ahead
& make the payment. Just choose your payment method, enter your details and then make the payment. So, now we’ve successfully made
the payment, and we’ve got our domain and hosting. So once you’ve got
your domain and hosting, you can now go to final step of
launching your website, which is to install WordPress. Now, WordPress is the tool,
we’re going to use, to build our ecommerce website. WordPress lets you build websites easily without any coding or programming. So, let’s see how to install WordPress. To install wordpress, all you
have to do is click ‘Add site’. Then enter a username and
password for WordPress and click ‘add’. And now wordpress will be
installed on your new domain, which is Okay! So WordPress is now installed and this means, your website
will Now be LIVE on the internet. So to check it, let’s
go to our website. We’ll open a new tab. Now if we type, and press enter, you can see that, we have a brand new website, on the name which we selected. So, this is how you can launch,
your website on the internet. So once you have
launched your website, you can now go to part 2 of
this tutorial, which is to Start Building Your
Ecommerce site Now, instead of Building your
ecommerce site from scratch, we’re going to first import a
sample ecommerce site. And then we’re going to edit it, to make our own site. So, this is going to really speed-up
the process and will let you build your site in
a much faster way. So, to import the sample site, we’re going to do 2 steps. First we’re going to
login to our website. So to login to your website, all you have to do is, type /login after your site’s address. Now press enter and it will take you to the
login page of your website. Now enter the login details,
which you selected for wordpress and then click login. So, now we’ve successfully logged in to our wordpress site. So this is the place, where
you can control your website. So once you’ve logged in, we can
now go to step 2 of importing the sample site, which is to
install a theme in wordpress. So we’re going to install
a theme called ‘astra’, which is going to let us
import the sample site. So to install the theme, just go to ‘appearance’ and click ‘themes’. Now click ‘add new theme’ and then search for a theme
called ‘astra’ Now this is the theme which is
going to let us import the sample site. So to install the theme,
just click ‘install’. And then ‘activate’ the theme. So, now we’ve installed
the astra theme. Next, to import the sample site, just click ‘astra’ options and here you can see that we have an option called “import starter site”. So to import a site, first
click ‘install importer’ and then click ‘see library’. Now once you’re on this page,
just select ‘Elementor’, which will make it
easier for you to edit your site in future. So, we’ll select that. And now as we’re going to build
an ecommerce site, just click ‘ecommerce’ and then choose this site,
called the ‘brand store’. So, let’s click here. And here you can see a preview of how your site is going to look, once you import this sample site. So to import this site into
your site, just click ‘install plugins’ and click ‘import this site’. So now the sample site
has been imported. So let’s see how our site looks. Now if we go to this tab, you can see that, this is
how our site was before. It was completely empty. Now if we click ‘refresh’, you can see that we have got the
entire ecommerce site, into our site. Now this is the fully working
ecommerce site, which means if we click on a product here, you can see the details
about the product and you can add it to cart. And then, we can view the cart, and then we can also
proceed to checkout. So we get all of these
options right after we import the sample site. So now we have
successfully imported our sample ecommerce site. Okay! So once you have imported the
sample site, we can now go to Part 3, where we see how you can start
using this e-commerce site. So to start using our
ecommerce site, we’re going to first set up
our store. Our store is the place, where
your customers can see your products and then purchase them. So once you set up your store, your site will have your own products. and your visitors will be
able to buy those products. So let’s go to our store and you can see that we
have these sample products. Now to set up our store,
we’re going to do 4 steps. The 1st step is to delete
all of these sample products. So to delete them, let’s
go to our dashboard and then click ‘Products’. And here you can see
all the sample products, which we have here. Now to delete the sample
products, just click here, to select all the products and then click here, select ‘Move to trash’ and click apply. So now we’ve deleted
all the sample products. So now if we go to our
store and click refresh, you can see that all the
products have been removed. Once you’ve removed all the sample
products, next let’s see how you can add your own product. Now to add your own product, just go back to your
products page. and click ‘add new’. Now to add a new product, all you have to do is, Enter the product name it’s price and some details
about the product. So first, let’s enter the product name. I want to sell a tshirt,
so I’m going to enter that. And here, I’m going
to enter the price. and then some details
about the product. Okay, so once, you’ve added
these details, you can now, add your
product image. So to add the image, just
click ‘set product image’ and then drag & drop your
image from your computer. And as you can see, Your
image has been added So now we have added all the
details about the product. So let’s click publish and now if we click
our store page, you can see that we
have our product. Now if we click on this product, You can see that, we can now add this
product to our cart. So now we have successfully
added our product. So you can add any number of
products you want in the same way. So to add a product
all you have to do is just go to products and click ‘add new’. Okay! So, next let’s go to the 3rd step
of setting up our store, which is to change our
currency. Now here you can see that,
we have a different currency. Now to change this
currency to rupee just go to your dashboard and then, go to woocommerce and click ‘settings’ now this is where you can change
all the settings, related to your store. Now to change your currency, just scroll down this page and here you’ll find
the currency option. now to change this to rupee just click here and then type India and select this option. Now click save changes. and now if we go
to our product page and click refresh you can see that our product
price is now shown in ‘Rupees’. So now we have successfully
changed our currency. And we have completed the third step of setting up our store. So next let’s go to the 4th step, which is to setup our
payment method. Now if we try to buy this
product by clicking ‘Add to cart’ and then click
proceed to checkout you can see that it says “no
payment methods are available”. So in order to allow your
customers to pay for your products you need to setup
your “payment method”. So, to set up, we are going
to create a free account on a website called ‘instamojo’. So once you create this account,
you’ll be able to receive payments directly to your bank
account, when someone purchases, your product. So to create your account, just go back to website learners and then scroll down to step 4. And click ‘Create Free Account’. And it will take you to this page Now just click ‘sign up’ And then enter your
email and password. And click ‘ sign up’. Now choose the type
of business you have And select ‘No’ here and click next. Now, once you reach here, you need to enter your bank details, where you want to receive your payments. So you need to enter your
bank’s account number, and then click ‘Find IFSC’ Now select your bank details. And click ‘use’ So now when someone buys a
product from your site, that money will be sent to
this account. So once you’ve entered
these details, just click ‘create account’. And now we have successfully created our Instamojo Account. And now your customers can use
any of these payment methods to pay for your products. So, let’s click
‘go to dashboard’ Now how do we connect this
account with our website Now to let customers make
payments on your site, you need to connect this account with your website. So to connect it let’s go to our
wordpress dashboard. and then go to plugins and click ‘add new’ and now we need to install the
instamojo plugin on our website. So just search for ‘instamojo’ and you’ll get this plugin. now to install it,
just click install. and click ‘activate’ So now we have installed
the instamojo plug-in on our website. Now to connect this
account with your site, just click settings and now, you need to get
these details from instamojo, So to get these
details, just go here and click API & plugins. and click ‘create
new credentials’ Now Click here and select
wordpress from this list. Then click ‘generate
credentials’ and instamojo will
give you these details. Now, all you have to do, is to
copy these details, and then paste it here. So let’s copy and then paste it. and click save changes. Now as soon as you
click “save changes” your instamojo account, will
be connected with your website. So this means our payment
setup is now complete. So we’ve successfully setup
our payment method and now your customers can not only view your products, they can now buy them. So next let’s try buying
a product from our site So just like a
customer would do, we will go to our store and then add the
product to our cart. Now let’s click view cart and click “proceed to checkout” you can see that instead of the error
message, we can now pay online So just like a
customer would do, If we enter our details And click place order You can see that we have
different options, to make payments. So let’s say the customer wants
to pay with their Debit Card, they can click here and then enter the
details and click pay. now if we enter the OTP and click ‘submit’, you can see that the payment
has been made and we have ordered the product. Okay! So this is how a customer can
buy a product from your site So now you know how your
customers can buy products from your site. Now, what happens when
someone orders your product? How do you know, that
you’ve got an order? Now as soon as someone buys a
product from your site, if you go to your inbox, now this is inbox of the email you entered while creating
your site Once you go to your inbox You can see that, we
have received 2 emails. the 1st email is from
our ‘wordpress website’, and the 2nd one
is from instamojo So if we open the 1st
email from wordpress, You can see that we have all
the details about the order So we have the name of the
product, which the customer has ordered and, their address. Now if we go back and open the 2nd mail, you can see that
instamojo confirms, that we’ve received the payment. So this is how you can know, when someone orders your product. And once you get this email, you
can go ahead and deliver the product to your customer. So now you know how you can track, new orders placed on your site. But what about your customer? How can they view and
track their order? So next, let’s see how your
customer can view their order after making a purchase. So let’s go to the
customer’s inbox, So this is the
customer’s inbox. Now, once a customer has
ordered a product from your site, their account will be
automatically created. And now If the customer
goes to their inbox, they’ll get one email,
with their order details and another email, with
the details of their account. So if we open this email, here, you can see that the
customer has got the password, Which they can use
to login to your site. So after placing an order if the
customer wishes to login back to your site, all they have to do is go to your site and click ‘account’. And now they’ll be able to login
back to your site. So they need to just
enter their email and the password, which they
received in their email. So let’s go back to the inbox and then copy this password and paste it here. And now if they click login, you can see that the customer
can view all of their orders, they’ve placed on your site. And now if we go to “Addresses”, they can even update
their address. So this is how your customers, can view their orders on
your site. Now let’s go back to our store Okay! So now we’ve successfully
completed setting up our store. And this means anyone who is
visiting your site will now able to buy your products So Next let’s go to the Final
PART of building our ecommerce site, where we see how you can change
the look of your website. So next we’re going to see how you can change 4
different places of your site. Let’s go to our homepage. First, let’s see, how you can
‘Edit, the contents’ of your pages. Now let’s say you want
to change this text. How do we do that? Now to edit any
page of your site, just make sure you’re on that page and click ‘edit with elementor’. and now it will take you
to this ‘editing section’. Now let’s say you want
to change this text. All you have to do is, just select that text and then start typing
anything you want. So I’m going to type “***get the best products***” ***From our store*** NEXT if you want to change
the text on this button, you just select that text and then enter your own text. So the same way, you can edit
any text you want on this page. Just Select the text and then start typing. Next! let’s say you want to change this image. To change the image, all you have to do is, just click here, then make sure
you’re on the ‘style’ tab. Now, select the image you want
to change and then drag & drop your image. And as you can see, the
image has been changed Now Once you’re done with all
the changes, just click update and now if we go to our site and click refresh, you can see that all
the changes are here. So this is how you can edit
any page of your website. So next, what if you want to
show your products on your home page. Now if we scroll down
to this products area, you can see that we
have no products here So next let’s see how you can add
products like this to your home page. Now to add products
to your homepage, all you have to do is
just go to your dashboard then go to products. And here you can see all
the products, you have added to your site. now to display any of these
products on your homepage, all you have to do is
click the ‘star’ button, next to your product. So I’m going to
select these products and now if you go to your site and click refresh, you can see that the products
we selected, now appears on our homepage! So this is how, you can add
your products, to your homepage. Next, let’s see how you
can change your logo. Now to change this logo, just click ‘customize’ and you’ll find these
blue icon next to the items you can change. Now to change this logo all you have to do, is click
this blue icon next to it and you can change your
logo here. Now if you want to have your
logo in text, you can remove this image, by clicking here and then show your Site Name by selecting this option. And now you can see that we’ve got our site
name, instead of the default logo, which was there before. So this is how you
can change your logo. So next let’s see how you can change your menu. Now to change your menu all you have to do is just click here and then click ‘edit menu’. Now once you’re here, if you want to remove any page from your menu, just click here. and click ‘remove’. and the page will be
removed from your menu. Now you can also rearrange this
menu as you want, and it will be changed here. So this how you can change,
the menu, on your website. So once you’re done, just click
‘publish’ And then click here, to see
your site. So you can see that all the
changes we made, now appears on our site. So this is how you can change
the look of your website. So now you have complete
ecommerce site, which we made in just
a few minutes. So to make your ecommerce
site, all you have to do is first, launch your site by
getting your domain and hosting. And then import the
sample ecommerce site. Then setup your store and then finally change
the look of your website. So that’s it guys, this is how
you can build your ecommerce site, in just a few minutes. Now if you’re ready to start
making your own website, just click here. And it will take you
to the page, which we saw in the first step, which is choosing
your website name. So just choose your website name and then build your website. After you have
built your website, make sure you share that
link in the comments section. And we’ll pick our favourite
websites and will highlight it at the top of the comments. So thanks for watching, I’ll
see you in the next video. Bye Bye.

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