How To Make a WordPress Website – Sydney

By | October 20, 2019

Hey everyone it’s Greg. And today I want to show you how to
make a WordPress Web site from scratch using the Sydney theme. Why would you build a website like
this. Well I could tell you or I can show you if you use this to tutorial your
website will have all the basics like a simple text logo or real logo a tag line and a navigation menu and a call to action area. All of which sit on top of this
beautiful full screen image Slider. I’m going to show you how to get
these pictures for free from a place called pick’s eBay dot com. We’re going to use images that are
so high def you can see the blades of grass the
wolf is sitting on pick out individual
constellations in the night sky and even see the guests attending
this show at the Sydney Opera House. I want you to look back and you can make countless buttons that go down the page or click off to go to another page. Just go down the page. You can get icons from font awesome which can be displayed in
several ways. So this could be a new trial if you want. Or something like that. You can picture your content here and your brand’s messages here
instead of course and then coming down just a few more buttons with a parallax image on behind it. Of course once you learn how to
create all of this and you can move anything around or put it on different pages. We’re just going to make this exact
web site. You can get it meet the team but it takes you to meet the team section which you meet on the home
page or on a whole team page. You can always change the text color or the text font. And by the way you don’t need to
have any technical experience to follow this
tutorial. You don’t even know code like age
TMLC says javascript. Jay queery Ajax Python PHP MySQL. None of that. When you use Sydney your site will
be mobile friendly responsive from the
start as well. And it’s really important because
when you’re visitors on the go and they look at your site from
their mobile device or tablet they need to get your information fast they need to get your phone number. They need to get your menu. They indicate your location and the time of your events and your services. And by using Sydney you guarantee that your audience gets that. So go check out just dash 8 dash demo dot com now from your mobile device of choice and go check out how are going to
make a mobile friendly website in wordpress. At the same time you get a live counter which could
be the number of clients you’ve worked
with. 3 For us the page that actually
counts and I do that every time someone
visits your page so this give be the number
of days until an event the number of clients you’ve worked with the number of
people at your firm you can get totally creative with this and every section whether you’re a musician who needs
to get more gigs. A freelance photographer
who wants more clients a restaurant who just opened up a church needs
more members. A developer who just launched an app or small business he wants get more
exposure or maybe just a total beginner who
wants to learn about Web sites. I want to help you create a
professional web site you get testimonials to build trust in your brand. These are just ones about my YouTube
channel. But that’s not all. You can make a portfolio section right here which we called or work and you can of course change
these titles and you can make as many different
portfolio items as you want. I just made one row with them. So they go across the
whole page and you can put the types of
portfolios here for people to choose from. You get a data section because they say data is important. Several call the actions to get
people to click on anything you want you
can embed videos showcase client icons you get a complete blog. And of course you get the basic
social icons. So as you can see this Web site is simple easy to use and just plain works. And this little button here will
always take it to the top. The city theme is currently the 12th most popular theme on WordPress So here I am on
WordPress org site just clicking the themes button at the top and then click on the popular tab. We can see Sidney is sitting right here. It’s made by that awesome really
cool company called Eight things. And when you get a chance you should
check out all the reviews on Sydney. So Sydney is the 12th most popular theme and wordpress is the number one most popular CIMS or content management system on the
web. You get over 25 percent of the best
Web sites such as the New York Times CNN Forbes Jay-Z Katy Perry. The list goes on. If you use this tutorial you’ll know
how to navigate the entire WordPress dashboard like a boss. And if your friends been using WordPress and showing you all the cool things that they can do with wordpress. Don’t worry because
you’ll know how to use it. Even better than
your friend when you’re done here. This tutorial is also all drag and drop. If we click on the page that we’re
going to be working on mainly the front page we can see all the content you saw on the main page of our demo is just drag and drop. We can put the portfolio here and the testimonials there or put things in the same place or just put them wherever we want. And when you’re editing it’s just
going to be a bunch of writing in text like Microsoft Word and copy and paste. But of course you’ll feel more
advanced than that with your own web site. You’ll also learn how to use host
gator to register a domain name and hosting and then install self-hosted
Wordpress or without needing to know any coding or computer knowledge host gator out of all the web hosts I
tried makes this the most easy and the most fun. And that’s why we used them for all
my tutorials. All my personal blogs all my client web sites and so on. I like to think of them
as the Google of web hosting and they come with tons of free
goodies to play around with. After we’ve set up press at the end I’m also including a
bonus video explaining how to quote unquote do
more like install Google Ad Sense analytics set up more pages and so on so that you can be sure that you get the most out of
your website. So if you want to build this Web
site or a similar website with your own content in it then I want to help you. And now go into my formal tutorial voice. But first I want to say that when
you create with us you are not alone. We have a massive vibrant community of YouTube commenters helping each other out 24/7 and we now have a WordPress forum of
our own where you can post questions 24/7 just visit what won’t come up if you search. Unfortunately the WordPress experience or visit the WordPress experience dot com and click forums and here you can post any question
you have as you make a Web site 24/7 and get help right away. You can just scroll down to create a
new topic section enter in your question title and your question itself and then click submit and we’ll help you out right away. OK before I lose my voice. If you’re ready I’m ready. Let’s do this in order to make this complete website
from scratch. We need to complete these five steps listed in our website checklist so to make it easy I’m going to
explain to you what each of these steps
means. A few tips for how I like to do each step and perhaps most importantly what each one of these steps costs
us. If you went and hired a web
developer in your town to build this exact web site for you from scratch they would charge you anywhere from
five hundred to $5000. But we’re going to do it for much
cheaper. And if you don’t believe me go out and get a quote I guarantee you’ll
be amazed. First thing we’ll get is the domain which is also your website name or your brain. If you’re going to start a brand
called Google you want to register Google dot com. If you can’t get the word or keyword that you want to get try putting another keyword right after it like cookies. And then you’ll most likely be able
to get that dot com. There is no negative penalty in terms of SEO for choosing the dot net or dot org. I’ve built successful Web sites with all of them. But keep in mind that the dot com is the most recognizable. You want your website to be easily recognizable and for it to be a no brainer for people to find it. If you still can’t think of a good
domain name. Welcome to the club we like most of
us. It’s always a good idea to register
your first name last name dot com. That way when someone looks you up you can control exactly what they find. And it’s actually pretty
amazing for branding a domain name costs anywhere from 10 to $15 per year. That’s the standard price we all pay but I’m going to show you how to get
your domain name at a discount for 599 99 a year. So that’s pretty cool. The next thing is hosting hosting is like a plot of land where you’re going to build your new amazing house or mansion. As such it’s really important that we register that plot of land somewhere secure where it won’t get taken down and where we won’t be limited at all as to what you can make. You could also think of hosting as a
computer that’s online 24/7 365 so people can see your content without hosting. People would go to your
domain name and they would just see a blank page. The standard cost of web hosting is
$10 a month. But I’m going to show you
how to get it for $5 per month. And hosting is the most expensive part of making a website. Once you have a domain name and hosting setup you can install WordPress org onto them for free and I’m going to show you how to do
that with just a couple clicks no coding or previous computer knowledge or experience required whatsoever and we’re pressed despite what you
might have heard is free open source software. Once you’ve installed WordPress we
can install our new theme onto WordPress just like we would put on a new
jacket. We’re of course going to put on the Sydney theme and that believe it or not is free. I can’t believe Sydney’s not a
premium theme for all the amazing features
it offers us but it’s free and with our new copy of Sydney installed I’m going to show you how
to get tons of content for free as well. We’re going to get free high
resolution amazing images of anything you can think of. We’re going to set up videos buttons links pages forms and more offer free. It’s going to be a lot of fun. That brings our total bill today for making our Web site to under $20 for me that’s like one time out of
the year. I don’t take a friend to lunch and instead make a sandwich from the fridge instead. It’s really amazing how you can have a profitable Web site instead of this or that for such a small amount of money. So if you’re ready Amerie go and get a drink and get comfortable and let’s begin. Fortunately for us we can tackle steps one two and three at the same place which is host gaitered dot com. In the old days it used to be really
difficult to connect these three things into set up self-hosted WordPress like we’re going to do right now but host creator has made it really easy. So just open up your Google and Google and in the top or just type in h o s t g a t or com of us fill it up and click enter to get started. And remember this is all really easy and hopefully fun. So host Guter has a lot of awesome products like cloud hosting
WordPress hosting VPN hosting dedicated and so on. But what we want to click is just web hosting at the top. And once you click that you want to focus on the hatchling plan and the baby plan. These are by far the most chosen plans for people that are making their first
web site. It’s the path that’s most traveled and that’s what we want to do right
now because it means that we’re getting set up
the right way. So I want you to focus on hatchling right here and baby right here and also focus on that. Discountable them right now for me it says 43 percent and 40 percent are on hatchling and baby. We’re also not going to get business because it’s just more money and it’s more features that we don’t
need right now. Don’t worry about this little we
recommend sun. So I want to show you a trick now to get a better discount then these numbers off. We’re seeing right here in the dark blue area come up to your top R again and right after Skeeter just delete whatever it says right
there. Delete and just type in my name just typing Greg and hit enter and all this will do is take you to
a special landing page. You’ll see the bonus you know you’re
in the right place and it’s going to show an increase discount because I was once like you make my first
web site and I want to show you how to get
the biggest possible discount at host gator which we have right here and now that we recommend sign it’s
in the right place because I recommend the hatchling plan. There are of course other hosts on
the web that will help you set up domain
hosting and wordpress. If you’re not sure
about host cator but I will say that I’ve tried out a bunch of other Herse and I’ve had some bad experiences. If you don’t know for sure that your
host has things like the unmetered
displays and bandwidth so they don’t limit you on how much you can make and year round Technical Support the money back guarantee if your
host doesn’t have that stuff guaranteed then you might very well run into
problems. So I just wanted to say that you know I want you to make sure that
you have those things locked in place and we certainly know the skater does so it’s a really good bet. I of course use host gator for all
my web sites. It’s totaling almost a hundred domains in Web site at this point. Which brings me to my point in
choosing hatchling or baby plan. If you want to run multiple Web
sites you choose the baby plan if you want to just run one website and start one Web site. Each is the hatchling. These two plans are exactly the same. Otherwise you can always upgrade from hatchling to baby later on. So in this demo we’re just going to use the hatchling plan. It’s like I said the most common route by far. So let’s click by now. All right. Now you’re in the host
game to order form. You’re in the right place don’t
worry. And you’re doing a great job. I’m going to walk you through all
six steps here in the order form so that you can register your hosting flawlessly and get on your way of making your wordpress site. All right. And we’re also going to
get the best possible discount of course because that’s
important. All right. So in step one choose a domain either register a new domain or click on the domain and write in your domain name from
GoDaddy or someone else and then proceed and complete your hosting order. After which I’ll show you how to
connect the hosting to the domain name. All right. That’s what you do if you
already own a domain name you want to use. But in our case I want to register a
new domain name and because I couldn’t really think
of something clever like Google or Facebook or Twitter right now I’m just going to go with my name dot com. Great nine dot com. And when I was searching on host
huskier earlier I realized that that was actually
available and it wasn’t when I checked about a
month ago. So I got kind of lucky it’s a good time to do this and I obviously want to get through this process quickly so that no one
else can steal my name. But remember what I said about the
keywords. If you can’t get your name or the word you want just write in one additional keyword after it and you’ll likely be able to find that as available. All right. And go for the dot com. Once you have your domain name
entered perfectly we’re just going to choose one of
them and come down and uncheck domain privacy protection. I don’t think we need that right
now. But we can add it later if you want. In Step Two it’s time to choose a hosting plan so we can know that we want hatchling. That’s great. And then for billing cycle going to change it from three six months
to one month just because I don’t like getting locked in. And yeah but I know that a lot of people like
choosing 12 months or something like that when I’m in my first order at home
for like five or six years ago I think I chose 12 months too and it worked out great. So next we want to enter in a user
name all lowercase start with a letter 2 to 12 characters
long. Just go is something that you like
using and this will be what you use to log in to those skater’s. So make it something you like. Then when you add a security pin 4
to 8 characters long with only numbers. So why not something simple because we’ll need this if we ever for whatever reason get locked out of
our Hosain account which won’t happen but just right those two things down
somewhere safe in step 3. Enter your billing info. I’m going to do this all really
quickly now so we can get on with it and that no one can steal my credit card info. All right. And you could also pay with pay pal if that’s more
convenient. But we’re going to pay with credit
card and you don’t take offense that I
blanked out that information. One time I just went through the
tutorial with all that credit card
information out there and then I woke up to like 50 e-mails from you to read saying that
they saw my credit card info and not using that card anymore. But you guys are all really nice people. I appreciate it. And step forward is going to check additional services. If you want more info. Feel free to ask in the comments or about anything but I just don’t think we need to spend money on all this. Now it doesn’t really fit our budget but you could have later on if you
want and step 5 enter coupon code. All right. So this part’s important. Make sure you already have a big
bonus entered right here and click validate. All right. And we could see it
already validated but of course clicking again doesn’t
hurt. This just make sure that you get the
largest possible discount at home later and save the most money. It’s really important that you save
money so you can use it on other aspects of making your website launching your business making your blog
promotion e-mail stuff like that. I want you to have money for it. So again this coupon code big bonus is the best and biggest most Keeter coupon code available. Obviously we want the best for my
audience. If you use this coupon as was my custom one page link to sign up to host Keeter I earn a small credit for referring you to their services which doesn’t comment any additional cost
to you. And it’s really cool because that helps me keep making these videos for everyone and keep helping you out for FREE on YouTube and everywhere else on the web where
we use WordPress. You know some people put ads on
their videos. I don’t like doing that. I’d rather search for the best discount for you guys and do it that way. So I really appreciate you helping me do what I love doing and I hope to help you do the same thing with your new Web site. All right with all that said it’s
time to come down and review order details in step six. We get the 24/7 365 phone live chat e-mail support for
free instant account activation which
will happen once we click checkout. Now is free money back guarantee for 45 days. Domain registration for one year. We got it down from $15 to 599 as we said hatchling plan of one month to get
it down from $10 295 to 5:47 which is great. And then these two green numbers
here where mass is combined to make this red amount to total the green discount is the difference between these two numbers. And these two numbers and the black subtotal is just the 15 plus to 10 ninety five. So it’s a little confusing that the
discount is green but just keep your eyes on the 11:46 here on my screen if it says that on your screen you’re good to go. And if it’s a few cents lower or higher then you’re good to go as
well. Let me know any questions. All right. And then come on down. And once you’re feeling good to go. I know I’m feeling good
to go check this box it says you read
their terms of service and so on. And now it’s time to click. Check out. Now finally Congratulations and welcome to the host gator
family. When you see this screen it’s now
time to check our inboxes and we can come play around in the host Skeeter customer and Portal later on. So in a minute or so as we just saw hosier will send you an e-mail. And the important one is called Host gator to calm your account
into. So let’s open up that e-mail. All right. We’re going to use that
information in this e-mail to logon to host cator where will install WordPress in just a second. At the moment let’s open up our
checklist and we can cross off step one and step two. Those are not completed. So Pat yourself on the back. There’s an in-between step we need
to complete right now though before we can
install WordPress and that in-between step is to make sure our domain name is connected to our hosting perfectly. So if you purchased your domain name from somewhere like Godaddy for
example had there right now. Click on the section where it says
manage my domains find your domain and enter in the first name server and the second name server. Just replace whatever it says already with these two name servers and then make sure to save if you purchase your domain name
from Scooter for 599 and you’re making this website from
scratch like I’m doing here. Then you can try to visit your
domain name. In our case it’s just cried Dot Com and we’re going to get this page
right here which means we need to enter in the first name server and the second name server at host
gator. And if you don’t see this page if
you see a white screen or some other confirmation page at
host gator. Drop me a note about it in the comments below and I’ll tell you exactly what to
do. All right. So we want to do is leave
this screen as it is right here. Come back to our inbox and now just click on the billing
email from host gator and once you click that we’re going
to see billing portal link log in name email address and password and what we want to do is copy this
password. You can highlight it copy it. I’m going to remember our log in
email address and we want to click on the
link that says portal that host cator dot
com. All right. Now let’s log in with our email pace the password from host gator and click logon. Great job. All right. Now in the upper tabs click domain’s and you’ll see the domain name you
registered at housecleaner right here under my
domains. So now click on the gear. It’s going to open up this window
right here and now where it says name servers you can see there’s the default host
good name servers and we need to change
these. So click on change. All right. And sorry this a little
extra work. I really do apologize. We’re almost done. And then we can do the fun stuff. All right so now back in our e-mail get back to the inbox and open up your account info e-mail once again and just copy in your first name
server and your second name sir. All right so if you can remember
that then you have a great visual memory. 8 4 9 8. All right so I’m going to pace that
in over Name Server 1 our new name server 1 and name server to copy paste. So you know we get it right. Paste that over name server too. Now we’re looking good so let’s save
name servers and it’s going to take a moment and then confirm our new names for us and that will connect our new host get a domain name with our new host gator web hosting. And if it makes you feel good you
can click save again. I know it makes me feel good. All right let’s close this section and let’s close this window and let’s refresh our domains see if
anything happens and we’re all set. So now whoa Scooter is telling us
we’re ready to start building. And in the next step we’re going to
visit the see panel where it will install WordPress. Really great job guys. All right guys so now we’re going to
log into the whole Skeeter’s see panel where we’re
going to install WordPress without any coding
knowledge or anything like that’s going to be
a lot of fun. We are officially on step three now. WordPress dot org. All right. So let’s do it. We need to visit our e-mail because we need the. Password here and the username now which will get us into control panel or see panel for short and we need to click on this link
right here. It’s the same as clicking on this link see panel a log in which is on your domain name but I like going with the link in the e-mail. So it’s copy the password right here. Copy that. And we can remember that username
that’s pretty easy and click the link for your
control panel. Right now it’s log in paste the password. Click log in. And welcome to the control panel. So this is the place where everyone installs WordPress host Guter created it for us a while ago and they’ve been updating it and making it beautiful as we can
see here. It looks absolutely beautiful. But the good news is that other web
hosts are catching up and they’re starting to look like this too. I just see that because I want you
know we’re in the right place and we’re doing this
the right way. It’s kind of funny if you watch my
older videos the see panel looks different than this. It just looks more old fashioned. But now it looks really modern and amazing. And this is of course how I like to
install WordPress every time there’s a lot of free tools to play
around with here like you can get your
average credit here you can add more domains here. There’s the average credit and so on and so forth. But for now what you want to click
is just WordPress installer. All right so once you click that
it’s going to let you know that we’re in software
press and tell you the latest version
right here. We want to select your domain. All right. So select Greg near-riot dot com or whatever domain name you register. Leave the directory box blank and click next. Right now we’re trading on our blog
title right here which we can change later once we’re
inside WordPress. But I’m just going to call it the
great neuron because that’s our domain name that should be the blog title and the name of the Web site to enter and the admin user which
you’ll use to log into WordPress and some other basic information
like your first and last name and make sure you get your admin
email right because WordPress is going to send
important information to that email. All right. Once you’ve done this
just click this box to accept the terms of service agreement and you’re all set. You can now click Install now. All right so WordPress was just
installing there and host did all the complicated technology stuff for us. And it says instillation is complete. So great job. Now is a really good time to take a
break. And that’s because with the domain name step we did with the name servers and with this host gator installed WordPress up it can take from two to four hours for WordPress to start working and to get to the point where we can
log into WordPress. It might take even longer if you register your domain name from
Go Daddy for example that can take anywhere from four hours to up to 72 hours but hopefully less. So I’m going to take a break. I’m going to go outside and get some fresh air get a snack and I’m going to come back in two to
four hours and then we’re going to log into
Wordpress and create a WordPress Web site with the Sydney thing. All right. So I’ll see you then. All right hello again and back from my break which also
included nine holes of golf at the local golf
course. So I hope you had to go break too and we can see we have our
installation details here installed to our domain name WordPress was username and password. And to try and log in our first
time. We can click on my installs right in this marketplace window then to test if your WordPress
website is working yet. Just click that and log in link and if you get this log in screen it means you’re good to go. Your wordpress site is 100 percent working. If you don’t get this logon screen
then you know let me know in the
comments. If you have any issues installing
let me know in the comments and if you just want to tell me what
you did on your break let me know in the
comments too. So we’re going to log in in a moment on that screen. Of course you can open and close as
many times as you want. It’ll still be there but before you log in we need to
reset password. Right click the reset password. Select user ourselves and then read in a new password. Do remember this or replace the crazy numbers and letters password that the
marketplace create for us. Click Update password. You can click on Moreton make sure
it worked and we’re good to go. So let’s click the admin log and link again and at the same time. I’m also going to close other
windows like a welcome message our inbox and our market place in this C panel window and then we can just focus on
Wordpress and let’s log in for our very first time. And let’s also click remember me and bookmark this logon screen because you’re going to want to come
back through the screen every time you log in and edit your new Web site. I’m going to put that in a blog help
folder and click log in. All right. Very warm welcome to
WordPress. We can open up our website checklist and cross off WordPress dot org which we’ve now installed onto your very own domain name and hosting. So Step 3 is complete. Great job. And now we can go through a little tour of the WordPress dashboard of your WordPress website. If anything looks a little bit
different on my screen than on yours there’s a slight very small chance you’re using an
older version of the C panel or of the WordPress software. But don’t worry. The path to success is the same. And like I said you can always let me know any issues in the
comments below. So the first thing we want to do is
click. I don’t need help because we’re going to do it together. And now you’re going to get the
normal WordPress dashboard. If we click on our site title which is our name in the upper left and also shows a home icon click that it’ll take you to the home page of your website. As the world will see it and if you click back on the site title which is now a dashboard icon it will go to the dashboard. We can see how that icon changes
back and forth the rest of the world won’t see this area. They won’t see things like settings
plugins appearance they won’t see this gray or the white area because this is
your private dashboard where you make the Web site and where you make
at it what the world will see is whatever
we put up on the front end of your website which is the home page. The about page the contact page and all of that and to get to the front end. We can just click back on the button
in the upper left or right so this is the front end of
your website right now. There is just one thing we got to go back to the dashboard and we want to get rid of the coming
soon page because actually our new WordPress copies it shows coming soon page at first. So if I open our site in a new browser tab where we’re not
logged in I visit the domain name. It’s going to show this Web site
coming soon page right when you first do this and you first set up WordPress. Some people like keeping this up. I personally don’t because if you text your friend Hey check out my
new website. What do you think of this
feature. And they’re not logged in. They’re going to see the screen and you know it doesn’t really
represent our brand at all. Don’t close that window. So to get rid of that coming soon
page just click here. Click that link and now the entire world will see the Web site like this. All right. And as you build things
they’ll see it too which just means that we should hurry up a little
bit. In other words your website is now
live. I know that sounds a little bit
scary but we’re going to change everything here and make it all great. And from my experience people
actually really like seeing a Web site come
together. It makes them feel like a part of
something great. So let’s start changing everything and let’s install our new theme at the moment. The theme that this
site is running is 2016. You might have 2017 or 2018. And the theme just refers to the
black borders the fonts the way this hello world blog post is positioned right here. And the sidebars over here the way everything looks is the theme to change your theme click in the upper left to go back to the
dashboard. It’s also clean up our site a little
bit. Just click no thanks on the little reminders. And on this offer for help and now let’s hover on appearance and click themes. We can see our active theme on the upper left theme card right here and we can also see that other themes that our Web site came with by these other theme cards right here. We can open up the active theme and see that it’s made by the
Wordpress team. 2016 was a really beautiful great theme and it did a lot of good things for us. We’re oppressor’s in the
Wordpress community but we don’t just want good we want something great and sometimes even great isn’t good
enough and we just want powerful downright powerful. So let’s add a new theme by clicking this add new button on the right and will be taken to this section with all the free themes you can try out in wordpress. The featured themes the popular themes you can check out and so on. And to get our theme of choice which
of course is Sydney. Just do a search on the right for Sydney and it’ll automatically search with only be clicking enter. This is the theme we want. We can click details and preview and you open it up make sure it’s by themes not some other Sydney theme. This is the one we want and we can click install and what will happen is your copy of
Wordpress will install the Sydney thing right from the WordPress directory because we’re connected to the
Internet or basically connected to all of
Wordpress this button change to activate click activate or it’s another little prompts as
new theme activated why don’t we visit site. So just click this link and it’ll take us to our new Web site. It’s got a total makeover and right away it looks different. So we can see that just by knowing a really great powerful theme to install We can change the entire look of our Web site. And it’s already starting to look
quite professional. Congratulations welcome to Sydney. You’ve successfully installed the
new theme for today so we can open up our checklist and cross off. Step 4 install the Sydney theme is complete. All right. Now let’s go back and let’s learn how to build a web
site with Sidney click back to the dashboard in the upper left and the first step to build a web so
Sydney is to install the plugins that this theme recommends. All right which is just two really
powerful plugins. So we’re going to do it in a moment but first I want to take you to the
plugins section of WordPress and show you what’s already going on
there on your new WordPress. So when you click plug ins you’ll be
taken to the plug in section and we see that our WordPress site came with some boss employment’s and that’s all they are. They extend the functionality of
Wordpress and help us do more. And there’s always a little
description of what a player does but because we didn’t choose to install these plug ins I’m going to delete all of them. I want to do that to give everyone a
clean start on a clean slate and make sure we’re all on the same
page. So what we need to do is click this
up replugging box to select all the plug ins and then from the bolt actions like deactivate and click apply. All right. Now do that one more
time. Select all Baalke action is delete click apply and then it’s going to say are you
sure and click OK. By the way deleting plugins has no
negative effect on your site and you can always reinstall them
for free if you want them later on in the future without any negative effect on your site. All right so let’s click this plug
ins button again to refresh this section. We successfully deleted the plug in
so we don’t have any. So now where it says this thing
recommends the following plugins click began installing poignance. We actually want these plugins so not select all actions choose install and upload all right. And just like our theme was
installed through WordPress our plug ins are being installed
right through WordPress and through the Wi-Fi right now and so the installation has been
completed successfully. Let’s return to the required
installer and to use these plugins we need to activate and activate. Great job. Now when we click that plugins tab. Will have two active plug ins and you can tell they’re active
because they have a light blue background. All right so now that we have two
amazing plug ins Page Builder by site origin which we’ve used in many many Passhe tutorials online and Sydney toolbox which I can’t wait to use today and it show you how to use. And now that we’ve installed our
copy of Sydney which we can see in appearance is active and gives us all these powerful sections. Other Web sites don’t have like Service Employees testimonials clients and projects just for installing the theme. Now that we have all this stuff why don’t we start building and let’s create an amazing web site together. The first thing I like to do
whenever I build a new site whatever the website is it’s just to add pages. All right. And I’ll try to build this in normal webdesign flow so that you can get comfortable with every area in wordpress and build a website just like a professional web designer
would build the website. All right. So just follow me to the
pages section and click pages in the left we can see we have a sample page and we can just trash that all right. We don’t want to show the
sample page even though it’s nice that we’re
press came with it. Now we just need to click Add new and the top and the first new page that any
WordPress website needs is just called front page. So right in front page at the top and what the front page is going to
be is actually our home page. It might sound weird. We already have a home page of this
site but in fact our home page is showing some default content. We want to actually create a home page so that we can decide exactly what goes on our home page and in wordpress. It’s just called
the front page. So once you title it front page then on the right page attributes template. Just change it from default template
to the front page. See I didn’t make that stuff up. We want this to be our front page. You don’t even need to put anything
in this white area. Just click publish. All right so now we’ve made a front
page. It’s pretty cool. And I want to set up this page as the home page of our site if we click to the home page now by clicking on upper left. We see that we have this awesome
slider but down below we have blog posts and we have a sidebar on the right and in wordpress the default setting is to show the blog post on the homepage because maybe you
wanted to make a blog and maybe you wanted a sidebar but we don’t want that. We want our own custom home page. And now that we’ve made a front page we need to make that front page what this page shows. All right. So for me that a
dashboard. I know it’s a little bit confusing but just bear with me. We’re going to do all this together. And now come down to settings click on settings. These are your WordPress settings. Now click on everything so we can see by default the front page of our site is the latest posts. In other words the home page
displays the latest posts like we just saw but we want to select a static page for front page displays and then for front page just choose the front page. All right. So you’re probably sick of seeing those words front
page now but all you need to know is to set it up like this put in front page right there and see if changes. And now let’s click and see what the slide shows right
now. We click back and now we can see we got rid of the
blog post. We got rid of the sidebar because our home page is now the front page which is empty. So let’s look at a few more examples
of creating pages. We can go back to the
dashboard and click pages again or we can just hover on the new
dropdown in our upper nav this little skinny Nav. at the top and then we can select new page. All right. So why don’t we make all
the pages so I’m sitting here right now and you get that part over with. So it’s called One page about us. And now we can just publish it and we can click and you again. And you know every Web site needs they contact us page too. So let’s set up that page. And when you set up a page you also
get a permalink which is the oral or just the link for short. You know in plain English every page
needs a link and wordpress case that link for us
right here and it puts the words we choose in the title bar right in the link right there. You can also edit that and remove words if you want to be
simple. In general Google likes simple but a couple words like contact us is just fine. Click OK and let’s publish that contact page and you again and our Web site also needs a blog page where we show off our blog posts and build our audience using the blog publish. And again is what we’re doing is
basically creating placeholder pages where
we’re going to drop in our content a
little bit later on the tutorial. And we wanted our work page publish and new and because we’re making a
professional web site that can be a business web site for any sort of business you’re
running. We’re also going to create a
Services page where you can highlight your best
services and click publish. All right so once you do that click over to the Web site and see if anything looks different and it doesn’t. All right. So what we need to do is put those
pages in a menu in the upper right to create our first menu that people
can use to navigate the different pages
on your Web site click Create your menu here and you can also get to this section through appearance menus if you like. Oftentimes there’s a couple ways to
get to the same section in wordpress. You know they like those
redundancies just to make it a little bit easier for you
to find your way around. So what we have here is like a
default menu of WordPress guessing what we might
want but it’s really cluttered. So we’re going to create a new menu click that create a new menu link and give our menu a name like the main menu is always good and create menu. You can call it something like
primary menu or main menu but like Main Menu. And then in the pages section on the
left make sure it’s open and I click in the area and click select all and then select any pages you don’t want but we want all of these and we can click add to Menu and More press will automatically
create a menu for us. All right. We just need to choose
where this menu goes in demarcations primary menu is our only option which is great and click save money. And now when we go to this site we can see that we’ve created our
first menu but I want to rearrange the menu
items. We can also get to menus by hovering
on our dashboard button and clicking the menus and then we can rearrange our menu just by clicking and holding on these tabs and dragging them. And so we want front page then about us followed by contact us fallback services then our work and blog at the end and we can also retitle these by opening them up and changing the navigation label. So that was pretty easy. We’re going to make this on called
Home standard clothes. It saves money. Check out the site. You can also click visit site if you’d rather do that. But these buttons go to the same
thing and we now have a perfect looking
customer at a new job. Now I want to do a quick search to
make our Web site more google friendly. If we click on one of the sub pages
like about us we can see that in the link to this page there’s an index dot ph P in between the domain name and the keywords we want to get rid of that indexed at
BHP because Google like simple links. So to do is look back to the dashboard and we’re going to reset our Permalink. Just go to settings Permalink. And instead of whatever it’s
selected for you just choose post name which is the simplest option and the one that contains the keywords and then click Save changes and that’s all I really need to know
about Permalink. For the moment no our links have a lot more simple structure. Great job. Now I want to shift focus and make our WordPress website with Sydney come to life by designing the homepage. That’s where this theme really
stands out. By showing your audience one amazing feature after the next as they scroll down further on the
homepage it gives your website or your business or your brand the
feeling of being a wealth of knowledge. And we obviously want that. I want to introduce you to a Web
site called just a demo dot com where a lot of my web sites have lived in the past and where Sidneys demo lives right now just visit just a dash 8 dash demo dot com to find this site which we’re going to be using a ton
throughout the tutorial. I’ve spent several months designing this entire site and militias click around it right
now to get to know it. This website basically talks about my services and what I teach you in wordpress. But it’s designed to represent any business you can think of whether you’re a real estate firm a
hotel firm whether you’re a fashion finance blogger just wanting to create a freelance website or portfolio. This web site has all the features you can need and more. Everything you see here whether it’s the stats counter or the reviews section or the home page or video or the client icons you can find Buelow the YouTube video just click show more and then you can find a link to that particular section so you can skip around. The idea is that you can make as
much of this stuff as you want or just make selective features that you think are going to be
useful for your brand’s website. Click on the sort of air to get to
the top and we can see that we have some
nice big images for the slider as well. So almost all of the features you see on just a demo dot com exist already in your copy of Sydney. They are already here. You just have
to make them and set them up. Anything that you said doesn’t
contain I already like the image of the iPhone and these HD images for the slider. I’ll show you how to get for
free around the Internet in the right
places. And of course I always keep my demo
sites live for a long long time so that as you build your web site you can visit just a demo dot com and put it up alongside the Web site just like we’re doing here alongside the Web site or going to make. And that way you have a demo live. And you know it’s possible to make what you want to make. The path is already there for you. It’s literally going to be as easy
as copying the text from this demo Web site and then pasting into our site. And of course getting the little
things like the images and the buttons and everything from what sydney provides us and from free resources on the
Internet. All right. So this demo is here for you. Let’s do it. And they for whatever reason you
visit just somewhat calm and you see a
different web site. That means I had to take it down for some reason and I’ll make sure to put a link to all the images and the text we use in the notes pull the video. All right if whatever reason that
has to happen. But there’s no better time to start
building them now. All right let’s hop back over to the
set. We’re going to make and the first section I want to
create is right below the image slider just so we have a little bit of
wiggle room and can scroll up and down. And that would be the section that
says our Web sites are always blah blah blah blah blah. This section talks about the
services your web site offers. And we’re going to see how to create
these icons the buttons the text and so on. All right. So enough talking. Let’s just do it. Come back to our Web sites. And here we are on the front page remember that we created our
homepage is our front page and because it’s a page we just want
to click it page at the top. All right here we are on our front
pages. And now the first thing we need to
do is on the right hand tabs where it says visual text and Page Guilder. We want to click page builder. All right. So in older WordPress it
was just the visual and the text but because during this modern and professionally there’s page builder now and we’re going to use Page Builder
a lot. Once you are on the screen you just
need to either add a widget or a widget goes inside of a rope. So the best thing I think to do is just to click a row or you can click add row right here
which will do the same thing. A widget is something that goes
inside of a row. So I usually like to add a row first and then put what’s inside of it. Right. And the best way to do it is
just to click add this button right here where my little Super
Mario hand is. All right and then I’ll open up this
window where I can choose the layout of the
row. The nice thing what page builder is
it’s all drag and drop. And we can easily separate a page into different areas so our content can easily be put in the right
location. All right. And for this row we just
want one call in. You can also set the ratio. So it’s like offset on this side or offset on this side and left right. But we’re not going to mess with the ratio today. Where do you begin to set row. Lots of different amounts of columns one for an. And then click insert. Once you do that. You can click on
the road to highlight it. And that means it’s ready to have a
widget inserted in it. So just click add widget. Great job. And what we’re going to do now is
choose from one of the widgets that Sydney
provides us and we can see that Sydney is
working with Page Builder from site origin here. So this is originally made by page builder by site origin great company you should check them
out. Love them. And Sydney has gone ahead and added these different widgets for us. So it’s kind of like a match made in
heaven. The first widget we want to choose is the services type and don’t worry too much about the
names. It’ll make sense as we add more and more of them and as we use all
of them or just about all of them. So click on services type great stuff it’ll immediately come into our row like we see right now. We have one row with one widget. All right good job. Let’s click update on this page. And now I’m going to write. Click on our dashboard button so we can open the site in a new
tab. There we go. And we can see we’ve added some
white space beneath our image slider now but it’s just blank because the widget we added the services widget is blank. So this is Services sitting right here. There are just no services yet. So why don’t we add some. All right let’s go back to the
dashboard and keep this window open so we can
always check out our site. And now the right place to go seems
like services. So let’s click on the services tab and now it’s click that new service. So this is going to look a lot like
a new page editor. This is just how WordPress adds
content to the site. It’s usually a screen looks something like this with a title the content and then other settings that we need and I’ll get through all of it. Our first service is just called simple to build. And what we’re doing is using the
services as a way to show off what our brand does. So you can either write in your
exact services in a section like for example if
you’re a fitness blog or you could write in things like
cardio and weight training and you know diet consultation. Or you can use the section you know
a little bit more cleverly and just talk about your brand. And that’s what we’re doing. We’re
talking about our brand. So just writing the title. In our case it’s simple to build because on the demo site we have
simple to build. And what I want to do is just copy
the dummy text and right from our demo I say at just dash 8 dash demo dot com copy that and then come back and paste that into this white area. This is just our text area which is either a visual tab like Microsoft Word or the text tab and we’re just going to leave this
text as is right now because it’s just there to show what your text could look like. Once you’ve done this we’re going to
create a category for this service. Just click add new category and I’m going to write in the letter capital because these are services type they click add new category and I’ll show you where to use that
category in just a moment. The next thing our service needs is a service icon. So if we come down to service in
vote we can see that we need to insert a
service icon. There’s an example which is F.A. dash Android but what does that mean. Well see what that means. We click here and we can see this opens up font. Awesome. I know. Another amazing resource. We’re going to take advantage of
just one of the many and we can see we have this huge
arsenal of icons you can literally put any icon you see on this list onto the Web site that we’re making and probably a lot
more too. But I think it’s a good start. The icon I want is what looks like this little stack of pancakes and it’s called a database. So what we need to do is just copy the FAA dash and then the key word then come back to our site and paste that in this bar right
here that we see. And once you’ve done that we can
publish the service click publish. Job. Now if we look at our site let’s refresh it. Come on we see we’ve added our first service. Pretty cool. So let’s add some more services come back to the dashboard click add
new service and to make it easy I’m going to add
the rest of the content from our demo Web
site. So this one involves the text of course and the title is easy to use which is another feature of all the Web sites that we make paste the text in this white area. Again it doesn’t matter if you paste it in the visual or the text tab
because it’s just text although if you copy paste in text from
Microsoft Word or from a document like that you always want a piece to text
because if you paste to individual it’s
going to inherit some unnecessary formatting. Next choose the category a come down and choose your icon. We can use the font. Awesome lists of course. Let’s go up and I want a check Square. But of course you can choose
whatever icon you want for your brand and your services. Once again just copy paste that in with the FAA and then all the keywords and publish. And let’s add one more service and this one is going to be just
plain amazing just plain amazing. All right. Once again we need the text all right. So this is a little bit tedious but of course it would take longer
for me to write out my own custom copy right here. And we want to let you do that on
your own time. You know when you’re feeling
creative. All right. Choose the category A and then we need an icon. So in this case I want the icons of people comments and commenting to be a word have a dash comments to show and that all you know lyrically people are already
talking about our brand paste in there and publish. All right. And now when we refresh this site we can see we have our first three
services looking really good at drawing. Great job to give this section a title. Let’s navigate away from the
services back to Page’s front page which is the home page we’re editing. Now we need to click on this widget
itself to open it up and we need to enter in a title. So this could save like our services or you know who we are or something I’m going to write in for our websites are all with us. Great job. Now let’s click done and update and refresh the site and we see that we’ve created our
first little feature title. Great job. The next thing we need is the second
set of services beneath our Web sites are always section and that way people really get to
know what our brand is all about. So how do we create this second
list. Well we go back to the dashboard and we need to add another row click add real make that one column and click insert. So this is our second section on our homepage. So in our second section we want to add a widget put some content in and we want to select services type B right here. Great job. Now all we need to do is click
update and now what we need to do is go
back to services and add three more services. So click Add new and these are going to be real
services that provide you. So they’re in the what do we provide
U.S.. I’m just going to copy. I’m going to start copying the bottom section because as we add more services they push them down. So it’s copy the text and then paste it in. And this one is called a mobile friendly design because everything we make is
mobile friendly. Now we need a new category. And let’s just call this one capital
to the target. And you get your and of course we need an icon. Let’s go back to our OSS analyst and let’s get the cell phone. If you ever want to find a specific icon you can I say control or command and look up a keyword in our case like phones would bring up some good icons or in the case of what we’re doing
now just mobile and you get the right icon we want
which is a mobile. So let’s copy that. I’m just hitting command copy come back to the site and I’m going hit command V and paste it in there. And I’ll publish and now add new service and we want a beautiful Web site and blog so it’s copy the text from just a demo. Come back and paste it in and write in beautiful Web site and blog and of course you can write
in whatever services you want. You know you can really help people
get to know your brand right here. This is the part of you upset where
you want to take advantage of something people think is boring
like text and really show them it’s not boring and tell them what your brand is all
about. So make sure to select category B and then when you are icon let’s use your list. Scroll up to the top and I want a bar chart and copy paste that in and publish our fifth service had one more news service and this one is going to be
testimonial Stead’s video portfolio and hundreds of other features which I provide you. All right. And then paste in there and the title is pretty long. So we just want to copy it and paste in our new service title choose the category B and we need one more icon which is just that suit and tie because we make professional web sites for business people. All right let’s see if we can look
up ty and there is a black tie so you can see in this huge list of icons. It can be really useful to use
command or control to find the icon. All right command paste and publish. So now let’s refresh our site and we can see that we have like all
these services. We have six services in each section but we’ve only created
six total or not 12. And what’s happening is the Web site
is showing off all of our services in the first section and all of our services in
the second section to only show the right three services here and the right three services here. We need to make use of those a and b categories. So let’s get back to pages from page and let’s open up services tab 8 and where it says enter the slug for
your category or leave empty to show all services to Israeli in the capital. And I’ve done and same thing for services I’d be great in the capital be in the slug bar at the bottom click done and then update and now when we refresh were press we understand to show off the right
services in each section. All right. So that’s pretty cool. We still need a title for Section B so that open up services type B. Let’s give it a title which is what do we do. Question mark and we can see it doesn’t matter if this is lower or upper case it’s
going to make it all caps. Done an update and refresh to get our second title. All right. So we’re looking pretty cool to add our first button to the first section which will take us to the second session when we click
it. We need to make use of what are
called anchor links and. All right let’s do it. Let’s set up
our first button. So let’s come back to it page and open up services type where we want the button to be and we can see there’s already a
section for the Elfriede button and the Tax-Free button. So we want the text for our button
to be our services our services you know it doesn’t matter lower upper case it’s going
to capitalize it and look great. That’s the text on the button and the URL is a little bit
trickier. What we want is an anchor tag for the URL and I’ll show you exactly what to
write. If we get to that just a demo site and if we hover on our services button in the lower left corner we can see the link. It’s on this button and it says just dash 8 temo dot com forward slash pound sign PGE dash 47 dash 1. And what that means is it’s going to
take us to the hash tag P.G. dash 47 dash 1 1 and click it. Which is this section. So how do we know what to write. How do we know that it’s PGE 47 1. Well it’s definitely going to be around Sun PGE that’s just the structure it uses. All right. And then it’s definitely going to be
a dash. But in order to know the right
number to put in next you need to look above the services type a section. Keep going up keep going up and look in the new world bar on the current page where you’re editing the front page. So on my page it says blah blah blah blah blah post equals 7 and whatever number it says for you
on your screen. In my case it’s a 7 but in your case it might be a 1 or 42 whatever it is. Just put that right here to the dash 7. Great job. Then we need one more dash. And by the way this is just a page
ID of your front page whatever this
number is. It’s a WordPress page idea. All right. And to figure out this
next number for you. We just need to do a little bit of
counting. Let’s go back to just a demo and let’s do some counting. So the way Sydney is built there is the hero image slider. And then there’s a primary section
which is whatever you make beneath the
here image spider. And then beneath that primary
section there’s Section One right here which is what do we provide you section 2 What’s your next move. Section 3 of the founders. And these can be anything for you but whatever you put here. Sydney will just denote by a number. So if I wanted this button here to take us down to like you know the our work section I
would have to count down the sections. But because we want this button to
just take us to what we provide it’s just coming down one section from primary down to the first section. All right. So that means that the link can be
finished off with the number one and click done and it all right now want to refresh your
demo. Let’s see if we have a button and we do our services there. And now when we click it it just
takes us down to the first section beneath the primary section. All right. So how do we add that
image next to the water we provide the section. How do we put in this image we see
on just the demo was the first step is really easy. You can just download the image from this Web site just right click on it and then click save image as and it’ll let you title it so you
can call it something like iPhone 5 I think this is. It’s funny that and I can share and save it whatever it’s called. Looks good. And then come back to our page editor. And what we want and do first is edit this ROE for services Type-B. All right we want to hover on the ranch and click at Arrow and then we want to set the roadway
to two columns plus one there and click done and that will automatically put our
services on the left can put on the right one on the left and then we want to look in the
right can look at it and then to add an image. It’s always good to just start with a site Orjan editor which is a rich text editor. So click that and click it to open it up and it’s going to say you need to
install the widget panel to use this widget. So let’s do it. We’re going to do everything that
this team recommends we do and click activate. All right so now we’re on the
plugins page what the heck. But we just need to go back to the screen. We were just on and we’re in a click done and update and that will also refresh the page. It’s really not a good idea to click
the back button when you’re building a
WordPress page because that can remove some of your
content. We’ll close the plane’s window. Now open up the site Orjan editor and in this screen we get the visual
on the text editor. It doesn’t matter which one we’re
in. We just need to click Add media click select files and it’s going to search your
computer. So to find the right image you might
need to tell it to go to a different folder
like documents or desktop or so on and so forth. In my case the image is on the
desktop and I’m just going to click open. Doing so will upload the image to your Web site and we’re in fact uploading the very first image to WordPress. Great job. There’s some display settings on the
lower right. We want to change for size shoes full size to give ourselves the highest possible
resolution. And then click insert into page. You can also make the image centered
here by clicking on I’m in center. And if you want the image to be
clickable you can link it to something like a
custom your app and then you can set the
link on this image with just one click instead of the page. And we have our golden iPhone 5 click done and click update. And now when we refresh the site we did two things. We moved the services to the left and we added our first image. So that’s pretty cool. All right to set a background color on one of these sections like water we provide U.S. just come back to your page editor and edit the robe. We can actually set a background
color on widgets themselves but we want to set it on the road so
that it goes all the way across the whole
page. Now click on design and now click background color. And we’re going to go with a light
gray. If we move the colloq. around it’ll let us pick the perfect color for a need. You can really pick any color in the
rainbow but we just want a simple gray. Now click down once you have the
right color and update and let’s refresh the site. We can see that we have a background but for some reason doesn’t go all
the way across the page. So why not. Well that’s because this row is in
full with yet let’s go back to the page editor to set a forward throw and make the content go all the way
across the page come back to your page editor of around the ranch and click and I wrote and now click on way out. And we want to do change the Rollei
up from standard to either forward or forward stretch. I usually like forward but forward stretches sometimes
necessary to really pull things across the
page. That’s with in this section. You can also add spacing above or beneath the row itself which is called padding or margin. And but we don’t want to hear it
now. And we’re just going to play dumb and update and refresh and we can see that our Greyback now spans across the whole page. So it’s sort of like a real site now that we’ve got a few WordPress
skills under our belts. We’re going to up the difficulty Benk create this. What’s your next move section. The reason this is a little more
difficult is because this section involves a background
image along with two different boxes and two buttons on top of the image. It’s just a little more building but if you’re up to it I definitely
think you can get it on. All right. So the first thing we
need is this widget itself what widget is this all it’s called a layout builder. So let’s go back to our page at her. And of course we need a new row. And in the new row we want to be just one call one hundred percent and click insert and so it’ll put the row in the
wrong place. You just need to hover on the little arrows and drag and drop. So I’m just clicking to
hold and drag until it’s positioned still clicking holding and then letting go to drop it in
there. Now is like the widget add widget and we want the way our builder right where it lay out. BUILDER. And there she is right here. Way up older. And what this lets us do believe it or not is create a row within a row. When we open up way up builder we now have all of the options for a
row or widget. You can basically create infinite
rows inside infinite rows which we don’t want to do that’s too crazy
for now we’re just a little bit crazy but we want to do now is make two more rows. All right. So it’s you know a little bit crazy. You can click this drill or you click this arrow. All right. And we’re going to make a 50/50 row so click insert and then we want to add one more row
which is just the single column and then click insert and let’s Drager single Homer to the
top. Now we’re putting some widgets in
here and start building it. The first widget we need is really
simple. Just click on the top row to
highlight it and then add a widget and just add a simple text text now we can open text and let’s just read in a title which is what’s next. So really simple this is just the
title of this section put the question mark in. And we’re going to click done. All right. So it’s really not too
hard I guess. All right. Now I want to select the lower left
corner and add a widget there and widget and we want to add the call to
action right here. This one called the action. All right. And then it’s in there. Now let’s open the call the action
up. Now we see that this is just a
simple text area with the button. Simple yet very powerful and because we’re getting a little
more advanced. I had to actually open up the just a
demo a Web site that I made a month ago and then get the exact content from it so he can use it. The first part is just the call to
action which is just text copy. And then this section right in
whatever text you want right above the
button. Now we need some text for the button itself which is called the title and we want this button to save me
the team because when people click it is
going to take them down to the team
section which shows the profile photos for a link for the button. We’re going to use the same
structure as we did for our first button. We need the pound sign PGE dash whatever your page ID is in this upper top bar. In my case it’s a 7. So put in whatever your front page page 80 is. Then put a dash. And then we’re going to be the
number that section I want this to go to in our case it’s Section 3 the section we’re making now with the lead Builder which is
Section 2 and 1 below is Section 3. Great job. Now this is getting even more
advanced. And I want it to click on
attributes. And in this section we’re going to
copy paste in some CSSA styles. So I said you wouldn’t have to write
any code and we really don’t. But we’re going to copy paste in
some success that I’ve written. So this section looks a little bit
cooler at this point. I want you to open up
the video notes below just click show more and where it says copy paste me. Click the link in that file I’m going to give you
all the content. We can’t simply write out together because it takes
too long. All right. And what this is is a little bit of CSSA that looks like
this. I can copy paste it because I have it written on my computer in just a demo I say but you can’t like copy paste it through my screen and that’s why I’m giving you that
copy paste me file. So click that link find the right section which will
clearly. I’m going to make it really clear
for you guys and just copy the section that looks like this. And then come back to the web
builder and paste in the CSA styles window just like that. All right. And what this is going to
do is give this particular section a slightly darker background shade and click Done. Now what we wanted to do is make
another similar call to action in the lower right column click to select it. Click Add widget and click the call action. Open it up and we need some content. So I’m going to get that from just a
demo. The first thing we can paste in is
that CSSA because we already have it copied. So let’s paste in that same CSSA for background color or G.P.A. blah blah blah. Just one line like this which we copy pasted together. Now we’re going to need the call to
action. So it’s copy from just a demo. Paste that in and we’re going to set up the title
which is the link text and that’s just going to say get the
facts and we need a link for the button. Same structure as before pound sign P.G. dash whatever your page ID is 97 again dash for first section for now I clicked on it really amazing job. It’s time to see what we made. So let’s click done and let’s update this page now and refresh our demo site. We’ll see some more content beneath the we provide U.S. which is the layout builder itself. You can see we’re on the right track but the spacing is way off. So how do we adjust the spacing between the content in one of our sections. To do that we need to adjust the
margin and the padding within a section to convert it to the page editor open up the particular section we
are working on which is the layout builder. Click in the middle to open it. And now to added the spacing in between the rows Hulver on the ranch and click around now click layette and we’re going to set a top bottom
padding to zero by default. Here it says that the padding is a hundred pixels and that’s the white space we’re
seeing. That’s why it’s so much because by
default this is a hundred. And when we set that to zero that
will bring that content in closer together. Just put a zero in right here and click done and now do the same thing for the
upper row row. Lay a top bottom padding of zero and click Done done and at the same time. Let’s give our web builder a little
more padding itself. Let’s click on this ranch. So we were clicking before on the
wrenches within the layout builder. Now we’re going to click on the
ranch outside the lab builder clear clear and let’s just give ourselves the
top and padding of 50 and just trust me that that will
get. While we’re here we can do our
technique we learned just a moment ago to make
the lay out wider by selecting Rollei up for what we’ve done and to it and refresh the site. All right so now our lead builder is looking more like a real section on a real web site. It’s a lot cleaner. What we need to complete this
section though is the background image so to insert a background image on the wall behind a section behind some content you’re going to need to do what we
do right now. Come back to the page editor. And then there’s a few places to put a background image you just have to make sure you’re putting it in the
right place. In our case because you want the
background image to go behind this entire area we want to put it as a background image on the entire row. So hover on the gear on this outermost row for the layout
builder look at it row and now visit design and where it says background image
we need to select the image. But first we need an actual image. So let’s get that free image that we used on just a demo. And that was the image of the
sunglasses to do so. What I did was I visited picks a paid con let’s say be a white icon. This is where I like to get all my
free high quality images. It’s so amazing what you can find and just click on the different
types of images and see what you find. It’s a lot of fun. For now just do a search for sunglasses and we’re going to get some options. So of course we need to narrow it
down a little. How do we find the right sunglasses. Well maybe we’ll get lucky. Or maybe we can click a type of
sunglasses that close to what we want and it’s not going to give us the
regulated images. You know that’s a pretty cool image
in itself. All right. So I want to do a
different sort of search. I’m going to search for work space enter and there we go. I see it. I spy it. Here’s the image we want. It’s just part of a workspace with a computer and a notebook and some coffee to actually get the image once you
found the right one. Let’s click on free download let’s choose the original size so
it’s large and high quality. And let’s click download. And I also recommend buying picks a
bad cup of coffee with the paper or donation. All right. Now let’s go back to our page editor and let’s click select image for background image upload files select files upload our second image which is one to our downloads folder. I want to double click sunglasses you can double click or hit open to upload the image and there it is. Once the images uploaded just click
Done done again. And now let’s update now and see what made refreshed the site that we can see we have a nice
background image which shows up perfectly just the way we made it to finish off our layout builder
section. We just need to change the font
colors to change the font colors of this
title and of these smaller titles come to our page editor and open up the layout builder so we can get out the text itself. Let’s change the color of our simple
text title. Just open it up and click design and then we want to change the
widget title color. Click select color and click on just a simple red or whatever it is you like now click Done. Next let’s change the called Action
colors. Open up. Click design and for this section we want to
change the headings color so select color and if you know the exact hex color you want. You can actually just write it in on the right. You just need to write in six
different digits six different letters or numbers that match the color you want. In our case we know this
one. It’s just the Leiker done open up the second call that action. Design headings color. Now let’s make that that same Yea because it looks good. Done done an update poor that’s a lot of work just to
change a bunch of fall colors. But now when we refresh our lay of builders section is done this looks amazing. Do we really just make that
together. Great job. So we might as well give them meet
the team button somewhere to go and then give the
get the facts button somewhere to go. Let’s create the team section and after that the next section to set up your team area come back to the dashboard. And now let’s add another row. All right. Let’s make this just one column and click enter. And now we can drag it all the way
to the bottom where it goes. Click once to highlight and click add widget and you want the Sydney employees
widget. So where is it. All right. There she is. Click it to insert. Open up this widget and all we need to change here is
the title. I’m going to write and meet the founders all right and then done and got it to actually have employees show up in the widget. We need to add them on the left in the employees tab. So click employees and click that new employee. And we’re going to get this
WordPress editor’s screen which is becoming quite
familiar. However here we’re going to start a
little bit differently. We’re going to start with the
featured image because we need a profile picture of
one of our founders click featured image and we need to get the image first
onto our computer. So we’re going to go back to just a
demo and come down. We’re going to copy paste in these three images what you probably want to do is
position your team members in a pretty location next to a brick wall or some wood or out in the garden take some photos on your phone and then connect your phone to your
computer. And then when you click upload
select files assuming you’ve imported your photos WordPress will be able to upload them right to your website. In our case I’m just going to grab these three images I have on my desktop clicking enter to bulk upload. You can always select multiple
images and then upload them at the same
time which is a really cool feature of
Wordpress in general. And what I’m going to do is just
choose the first one of myself and click sepulture image and then you need to enter in the
name of the team member and you can put in some of that
taste if you want but don’t really want to. Too lazy. And I’m going to write in the
employee position which is video professional and the Facebook the Twitter and so on. So you can put in a few social links to your team members or you can just leave
them blank if you’d rather. And you can have the name of the
employee link to someone else. For example if this person has an entire page devoted to them. All right. Let’s just try publishing and roll when we publish. Let’s refresh and we can see that that team member
will come in right there. Sidney has this really awesome team feature where when you hover on the image you get the option to choose the social things. And when you click the links it’ll take people to whatever social media pages that team member wants. All right. So that’s really cool in
Sydney. Everything looks really clean and amazing. And if you have more than three team
members you’ll be able to set up a scrolling
feature right here on the home page all
within Sydney. For now we need our second team
member so let’s add a new employee. Keep calling them team members but I guess they’re technically
called employees. Let’s go with the same process set
featured image choose Michelle set featured image entering the name and Michelle’s position as creative director. All right search to find that one and we can write in her social and see if we want but I’m going to
leave those blank and publish. All right. One more new employ and this is going to be the. And snow aka snowball aren’t just the two kittens that helped me make upsets and now we’re going are in that
position which is a support role and we can set future damage from
never want. In this case we know we already have
it. It’s just the two cats. All right. And then publish and so that basically does it for a
team session when we refresh. We’ll have our own custom team area where you Hardin’s can get to know. You know the people that make
up your brand. There’s a lot more you create within
the team section. You could set up a whole page for
your whole team and make a button below the section that goes to that
page. We just don’t have time to do that
now because we have to keep moving in the section below meet the founders. We want to have these facts that
automatically count when someone visits the site. How cool is that to have these automatically counting stats. So how do we make that. Well we can go back to our dashboard pages front page that we’re working on. And of course we need to add row. This one’s also just going to be one common answer. Select ad widget. And now Sidney has a really cool
widget for facts. So just select the Sydney F.P. fax. All right. Let’s drag them to the
bottom. And now let’s open up. Thanks. And this is probably my favorite
widget because it’s just so darn easy to set up. All you need to do is write in first second third and fourth fact and then I come for them. And the amount that you choose. So what I have here is some basic stats on my YouTube channel has cost a million page views which I’m proud of. We’ve helped over 500 beginners create a WordPress website or blog and we have about 1 cup of coffee a
day. And it’s all done using one great
WordPress software. So you know whatever you think your brand should
highlight you can be funny or serious or you know if you have a competitor and you want to show that you’ve
made more of some widget than them then do that right here. Go for it. All right. So let’s set this up. First we need to tidy up. I’m going to call it the numbers. You can call us whatever you want. First fact name is page views. This is the one that’s going to show
up on the far left of the section in fact value is one million one was six years don’t include any
commas. Otherwise it will break the number. First fact icon is going to come
from far. Awesome. And I really like the dashboard some
are going to check and find not bookmark and find dashboard and there is just need to highlight the FAA part or if you can remember we can just write in F-8 ash dashboard whatever is easier for you in an
office of a type where you are hopefully pretty darn fast. All right. For the second name it’s beginner’s helped and I’ve helped over 5000 people create WordPress Web sites or blogs fact icon is going to be the play by play button because all of this has been
done through video. Almost all of them. Some of it’s been done from the
blog. I think the play icon is a good
representation of this stat. There you go. Third fact name. What’s that. Cups of the same great coffee. And you know I can’t reveal my
secret coffee here but if you want to know just ask in the comments I put in 365 because I have a cup of coffee every morning. Third fact I can is of course command fine tea coffee a coffee copy that paste it in. All right. So you can see I’m having
a lot of fun. You know I hope you have a ton of
fun using the Sydney fax widget too. Fourth I can name is just one great software. Fourth fact value is just one. And fourth that icon is WordPress it’s command find word press and there she is. All right. And there’s also I can’t
for every type of social media imaginable. All right pasted in an order we want to do now. I want to just click done and update. All right. And when we really fresh
This site is going to show us that we have our
numbers right beneath our team. Oh my gosh this looks brilliant. And because we already set up the
links on the Meet the team button and the get the facts so that the team goes to the third section that’s one 2 three 3rd section and get the price goes to the fourth
section which is the numbers people can click them and they’ll get taken to the exact right section. Not bad. All right. Next we want to add the
beautiful review section aka testimonials right beneath our facts so we can do that. Just go back to the page editor add row we’ll make this one just one column and click insert and then drag it down. Select Add widget and now Sidney has this outstanding widget for testimonials so we’ll choose that one. All right. And then if we open it up
we can see that there’s not too many
settings here. The usual title we can have a button beneath this testimonials area and that button would need the URL
the text and if you have a lot of
testimonials you can categorize them and put the name of the category
right here. But we’re just going to call this
section the reviews and click done and update the page. All right. So your customers are
talking you’re getting feedback for your
business. And we’re going to insert that feedback by going to testimonials on the left navigation and click add and your testimonial and all I did is gather a few real
comments from YouTube and I put them in the Review
section. I’m going to copy them again. Looks like when we grab this it’ll
just pull it to the side so we can see more reviews or testimonials. And it’s kind of tough to copy. So I’m going to go to my dashboard on that just to
demonstrate testimonials of course for making our site as a
mere image of just a demo so we can use everything here if we like. And now I’m going to open up and copy paste art. So this review is by Scott and we can paste in what Scott says. And Scott from YouTube or you tube. And that’s all we really need. Like I said if you have a ton of
testimonials you can categorize them and put them in different places
around the site if you like but we’re going to publish this. And if you have an image for the
person you can set that as the featured image you know like someone famous at a famous company says something and you want to include their
headshot so people can recognize them put it in a
featured image and new testimonial or in Leslie Seaver is a blogger and they wrote a really nice comment for me on how they move from blogger to self hosted
WordPress guide and created host Creator
through my link. All right. And now publish again you can make these testimonials look
as simple or as fancy as you’d like. And when we refresh the site now beneath numbers we have some
awesome reviews or testimonials. If you want to call beautiful great job well check out just the demo and see what we’re making next. All right now we want to set up the
portfolio section. Also known as our work on it. So to do this back two pages. And we need to add the row for these portfolio pictures add row one column is good answer. I don’t know what else comes in the
second position but that’s just what the row likes
to do. Break it down. Make sure it’s
selected add widget and now Sidney has this phenomenal really well-designed. Where is it now portfolio to display your products in a grid. All right. So grab him. All right. And just update. And so the portfolio items are called projects. So we need to open this up again and title it. It’s going to settle this for work. And again you can add a few of the details in this you know
widget we’re going to leave them as they
are and get done and upped it and now to actually fill the section
we need to click projects on the left and we need to add new projects so. So I bet you’re getting pretty good
at adding content to WordPress by now. And what I did on just the demo was
I found several beautiful photos from around the world. All right. And I just created these sort of project or portfolio templates using them where you could add in as much
writing or quotes you know data. All sorts of stuff you want to put
in there with a featured image. All right. And this is a project we
can see in the links when you make a project
it’s called Project. So to get those images you can follow me to pick a better word before. All right. And each one of those
images can be found right there. Or if you want you can just get them
from just a demo dot com. You would just click into the OR
work item. Right click on an image save image as and click save so that do the job too. If you want to find this image look up Amsterdam in picks and click enter and there it is. All right. So just a couple ways to getting a beautiful image for your
website for free. All right. And I call each one of
these projects so this is project Amsterdam and we just need to set the featured
image for now. Upload files select files and that Amersham images in our desktop open and you might find it in your downloads your documents where we
put your downloads. By default search feature image and we’re good. We just need a new category. So this one is going to be called
nature and new category and it’s also going
to be called Urban because Amsterdam is a combination of both and publish. All right so now when we look at our demo I say we’ll have one piece of content right there. It’s pretty cool. Let’s add another one. All right. So I’m going to add this one for the beach sign. So in Pittsburgh we could look up
the beach sign and we find the right image and to get it from pics of it again
just free download click free download. Choose the biggest size and click download. All right. And then in wordpress click add new project. See it’s all really easy and you can set the stuff up without
any code or any you know difficult stuff. Recall this one project beach beach sign and then set each image upload select files and our images in our downloads. Now all right select an open and wordpress will do its thing. Are a great job. Now let’s set Pichot image and before we publish we just need
to choose a category and we can also add a new category like peaches and click category. All right now we can add another one signs and cagier and publish refresh the site and we’re good to go. So in order to make these portfolio items stretch across the whole
screen I need to go back to the dashboard pages from page that we’re working on and we need to come to our
portfolio. Rowe Rowe the outer rather the portfolio which it sits in and click lay out really out. Forward Stretta this time so it goes all the way across and click done and update. All right great job refresh. And now the image thumbnail sure bigger and they go to the end. And as you add more in it’ll fill up
the entire screen and to add the categories at the top so people can click them and get that nice pop in pop out of fact. We just want to open up the
portfolio widget itself and instead of leaving this part blank for the categories we want to write in the real
categories like nature urban beaches signs and whatever categories you want to
show and click done and update and popped. All right now let’s refresh the demo
site and we see we have a clickable
category but. All right so because I think we got
the hang of that I’m going to fill in the rest of
those portfolio items on my own and then we’ll move on. All right. So now refresh the
website and our work portfolio section is done. It is in. So next up on the just the demo site for us to
make is the who should use this video tutorial
section and this tutorial cover section will call the section the data because you can list data points here on the left and you can show off data in a bar chart on the right. And this could be like if you’re creating a client project and you’re updating them with the progress report like development can be 85 percent done and creative design could be 100
percent. And so on. Or this can even be like a movie
review where like one group gave it an 85 percent. Another group gave it 90 percent. You can totally use your creativity here and you can put these sections on
any page or just obviously putting them right
on the home page. All right. So let’s go back to your
page editor and create the data section and row. And this is going to be two columns. 50/50 is good to insert and click and hold to drag it down and select the lower left column and pad widget. So for the left widget we’re going
to use this clever Sydney FPE list widget. So click on it and it’ll populate and then click to open. And I’m just going to copy the
content from just the demo. So the first thing is the title. Who should use this tutorial. And we’re going to paste that in the
title bar. And next I’m going to copy the
description which says everyone can create a diverse and professional web site
here. Everyone is welcome. Great. And now we need the list
items so you can be fashion bloggers event planners fitness
coaches freelance designers WordPress
newbies business writers and a couple more things as well then to create this list. You just need to add a little upper carat read by each item like that care space care space and so on. And this section also accommodates a
button if we want but this is good for now. Well let’s click done and update and let’s refresh and see what we made and we have this really cool list and the carrots turn into stars. All right next let’s add our bar chart on the right widget. Click to select Add widget and now we’re going to use the
clever Sidney F.P. skills widget. All right. There you go. Click to add clicked open and this is a lot like the facts just enter in the title skil name and the value and Sidney will take care of all the moving parts. All right. So first we have to
register your website name. And I consider you know that part covered. Eighty five percent. So we obviously did that industry toile unaccomplished that we
registered domain name but there are a few more tips I could have given you. So I don’t think it was 100
percent covered. All right so we’re going to make
that in 85. And the second seal name is how to
install WordPress. So of course we needed to do that
100 percent. So you could have your own copy of
Wordpress and that second value is 100. You don’t need to write in the
present third skill how to make creative content and I’m giving I said 92 on that. All right. So this is all up to you. Pretty arbitrary. And how to design a professional
product. And we get a 98 on that. And lastly the title will come from
just a demo. Is this tutorial covers. But of course you can say whatever you want. All right and done an update up at the top. Refresh our site and there we go. So it looks really beautiful as is. If you want to keep it with the
white space in the back and know I certainly like that. I think it will be pleasing for your
audience. But what we did on the demo site is made it red and gray so the red matches this red on the bar charts and it just looks a little bit clever a little bit more professional
perhaps up to you. But I’m going to show you how to
make this section. Exactly. So let’s see what’s going on behind
the scenes in just the demo. Let’s look at it
page. And now let’s check out that row itself which is the list and the skills. All right so let’s open up the outer
row first row we can see that the layout is forward stretched with a top padding of zero. So let’s do that real quick come
back to our list and skills around the gear. Let it Row way out forward stretched and you’re done. All right. Before we refresh we’ll
do some more work save some time so we can also see that when we open
up the last. All right. This is exactly what we
made. But if we click attributes there’s some CSI style here. So open up the video again and click on the link that says copy paste me and copy in the styles I’ll have clearly labeled and then just come back and open up your list widget open up attributes and just paste those in and that’s all I need to do. All right. Because I wrote the CSSA
for your click done and now we’re going to check out the skills widget. Maybe that has some C-s us open it up attributes and it does. All right so this is just going to
make it a little bit better centered in the middle of its little widget
area. So this will also be in the copy
paste me file. All right. And when you copy it come
back to the skills like attributes and paste and you’re good to go. All right. Now that could done an
update. Now let’s see how it works now. So we had the white background with out the forward stretch and with the padding at the top and we changed all that. And now we have this beautiful
section that works perfectly. Can’t believe we just made that
together. All right next up we want to make a
different style of call to action area on your website. And then after that we’re going to
set up the home page video. All right. So back to the page editor at row make this just one column and insert. Drag it down. There you go to select a widget and we’re going to use the ever so
simple sydney call the action widget or it create job. Now that it’s in here we can click
to open and in the call to action which you were just going to write in some demo content that came from the Sydney themed down. So Sydney and eight themes have a really great demo which inspired our demo. So you get two demos to build from and you can just go to the atheism’s
website which is awesome. Click the demo button. All right. And so a lot of this
stuff works really well. I just made our demo so we can
customize your site. You know perfectly for us and make it unique and we’re going to make a call to
action section like this one right here. So we can copy that from the Sydney demo or from just the demo dot com it come back and that in the call the action area right there. And now the title for the button is discover or discover is one of those magical words that always seems to get clicks around
the Internet. And Lingfield button we can just go back to our home page and we can right click on about us and then it’ll give us the copy link
address option so choose that and then come back and right click paste that in the link for the button area. All right. And then check display
the button in line with the tax so that there
will be on the same line together. Click done update and refresh the demo I said All right great job there is our
second call the action area. Simple but highly powerful. Next it’s time to create the video content for our homepage. All right. So this part’s extremely
easy but I know that a lot of you have
asked me how to embed videos and use videos on your website. So I say right now back to the Page Editor click add real. All right. And to call them what we
want now click insert drag it down. So if you hold the widget and you can also you know drag down on your mouse on your trackpad and that works like I’m doing here. All right. And then let’s add the
video. First click on the lower right to select and then add widget. Now to add a video we can use that site Orjan editor and we can paste in some embed code from YouTube or Vimeo or wherever you make your
videos or we can use the Sydney video widget so Sydney makes it even easier for us to insert a video on a website. So that’s like sydney video and let’s see how to use it. We just need to open it up and all we need to do is pace the other video. So what I did is I went to Youtube dot com argues that YouTube home page I did
a search for how to make I can type a blog 2017. All right. And I got my latest
video. So to insert it on the web page just click the thumbnail image. This is one of them. Right. And we have me talking inside of the inside of video. And then we’ll copy that you are ELF
from the top just copy the URL for the video come back to your website and paste it in. All right. We don’t even need to
title just click done and the video will show up. What’s that text. Click on the lower left widget at which it lets use the simple say Origin editor to add our text because it gives us the Microsoft Word features. All right. Click to open and now I’ve just written some demo
content and you can of course write whatever
you want. Copy paste and make it look good and a little about me and done and update. Refresh. And that’s how to set up your home
page video content. Not too shabby. All right. You’re probably wondering
when we were going to create the image cyder at the top. So let’s do that now. Let’s click on the red arrow on the
bottom right. Take us to the top where I had completely forgotten and gotten carried away permeating
the rest of our website. So we’re going to replace the Sidney image cyder which is very stylish and nice because you need to know how to make
your own cider. All right. To do so let’s visit the Customize area in the upper navigation just click
customize and this would be our first time here so enjoy. I’ll try to show you as much
as we can. In the olden days a lot of the
Wordpress editing went on in the normal dashboard
screens like this with the black navigation and you know the standard WordPress content pages. And nowadays all of that shifting to customize in various themes you might try out later on. So it’s really good to know how to
navigate customize. And some people call it customized. And a lot of people think it’s
easier to create an image cyder just click on Hetter area and then click on headers cyder and we can see you can add up to five images in the slider. So we’re going to just add three of
them. But at the moment the slider is set to a speed of 4000 milliseconds. In other words four seconds for one side to move to the next
one. And we can also choose to stop the text slider if we want. Which will. Make whatever text you write on your
first slide just stay there for the entire cyder. But we’re going to keep the text
moving so we can write in three different messages. All right. And now in the first
slide area we’ll see the beautiful image that
Sidney gave us porridge can I remove it and add around to click Remove. Now come back to pixel Bay. All right. And I want to do a search for Sidney. Stuff. And we can select this stunning blue image of the Sydney Opera House. Click on free download choose the original size for the most
resolution and click download. Great job. Let’s go ahead and get two more images now. Reciter. The second one could be found by
looking up Wolf night cooking enter or. Lots of cool images to choose
from. We want this one right here of the wolf howling to the moon. Free download site original and click download so you can see where we’re going with a
majestic night time sort of starry night theme here through out the image slider and some parts of the Web site and for the third dimension. Let’s try to find it by clicking on the title here. Let’s try. Let’s try a starry sky. All right so that might not work. So after searching a little more unsuccessfully I just had to find the download number of this image
which is 8 3 0. 4 1 7 and that will bring up exactly the
image we want which is wallpaper background night blue girl and fiction. And we can click free download select original and download. All right. Now back to our customize window in the first slide section let’s click select image choose upload select files and we’re going to bulk upload the
three images for our image slider from the
downloads folder. All right. That’s wallpaper dog and Sidney. Click. Enter our IT and let’s have the Sidney
image selected with the checkmark and click Choose image and it’ll fill in automatically. We’re going to leave this nice title
text and subtitle text that Sidney wrote
for us and move onto the second slide. Click Remove and then click select image and choose the Howlin Wolf click Choose image and there you go. Now let’s edit that text so that it says is it. Learn how to make a web site with mad style. All right. There you have it. And after the third site. Select image and choose the majestic woman at night and choose image and this one will say sit back and relax. We’re here to help. Sit and relax. We’re here so you can see all of this slider and images and text and moving parts can be created
without any code. Just as a total beginner you just entered into WordPress and then you can click save and publish. When you’re ready to
see what we made. And let’s open up the site in a new
tab to leave the Customize window open. All right so there we have it our
new slider is looking great. Let’s let it do its thing and scroll through your. All right. So the majestic woman
looks good the Sidney image looks OK. And the wolf walks a little bit off
centered. All right. So to change what part of your image shows up in the slider window the easiest way is just to edit the media in
wordpress. Let’s go back to dashboard and let’s click immediate. All right. So it’s open one of the
images like the wolf and the wolf wasn’t showing enough
of itself in the slider. So let’s click Edit image and not crop this image so that more of the wolf is in the image. All right. It’s going to
automatically be on the crop tool when you click Edit image. Just click on top of the image and hold and drag to select a new region. All right. And so because we want
the moon also we’re only going to be able to
crop a little bit off the top but it will help us that looks good. Once you have the right image
selection click in the upper left on the scrap
button where my little Super Mario hand is and then click save. All right. Now you can close out of
this image or click right or left to get to the
next image. Let’s open up Sydney. And in this case I want to show more
of the ocean. So this will be a little bit easier
because we can crop off the night sky but the white tags on top of the image might show up better if it’s on a dark background. So that’s something for you to
consider. You might want to show more of part of the image but the text might look
better on a different part of the image as it do on the Web site. Just consider that. All right. So back to media and we’re going to click an image and I’m going to drag some of that night guy off the image and keep the ocean make it the full amount that section looks good. And we’re of course doing this
manually. You could also enter in the exact
dimensions on the right or change the aspect
ratio. Let me know if you want help with that. But let’s just click crop and save and I think this image selection
will good let’s X out. And now let’s check out the site and see if anything changed. What’s the title to refresh. We can see that the images did not change. So we have to go back to customize and we have to add them to our
slider. All right. So I’m going to refresh
the page to you so that WordPress understands that we made updates on a different
page. We’re going to reload it. All right. And now we’re going to
click hetter area again had or sire. And what happened is the two images
were removed from the slider because we changed them in media. And then it didn’t know what image
was uploaded because it had changed. It so that can happen sometimes. And WordPress will just display
whatever content it recently remembers on your site but to make it perfect we need to add those images to our
cyder just click site image choose the new opera house choose
image and for second image select image choose the new wealth and choose image. All right. Now let’s see even
publish and we can refresh the site and see our perfect custom image Slider has been created. Not bad and of course the click to begin
button automatically works. Next I want to show you how to make
the client logo section where you could show off companies you’ve worked with like brands or you know places you’ve been
featured or on the web. Their logos or maybe just sponsors for your next event. That sort of thing. So to set this section up. Back to our dashboard pages. And of course we’re working on the
front page. Let’s click it. All right. But these could of course
go on any page you make. And then when we scroll the bottom
we actually get that ad widget ad row menu stuck to the top which is cool in case you make a really long
scroll page like we’re doing so we can just
address up there. One column is good. And good answer. And it’d be nice if there is a way
to tell it to go right to the bottom. All right. I don’t know if there is
now but I’ll look into that for you
guys. All right. Get to the bottom click to select. Now click and widget and we want to grab the beautiful
Sydney FPE clients display your clients list. All right now just like a lot of our
other widgets it’s just sort of a placeholder for content we make. We’re going to title this year going to title this no title no title here. Leave this section blank. It could also accommodate a button
if you want click done and update all. Now we can go to clients on the left and let’s add new content. All right. Because this is a
featured icon sort of thing we’re going to
start with the featured image so I guess the kittens are really
playing right on top of me. All right. And just upload and select so you can do is if you’ve worked you know if you’ve
written for the new yorker or for like CNN or something or if you’ve worked with like four seasons resort you can just look in Google for the
best logo and you can search for a nice logos
high resolution transparent and just download right through
Google. And so what I’ve done is I’ve
downloaded the logos of the companies that this Web site is made with. And I have those on my desktop so that would be host gator. I’m going to select and hit command and WordPress and this logo one. And also YouTube this website is
made through YouTube and click open all right we can start with YouTube. Just make sure it’s selected and except featured image and force you could title this the title won’t show up on the home page but you’ll see that in
the dashboard and publish and you can make this link to the
client site right here if you want. So we can eat GTP that’s YouTube’s shortened link and update it. All right. And of course if you have
a ton of clients you can add categories and that would help you display only
some client in some parts of the site like on a
page and only display other clients elsewhere. Add new. For example I worked on a client
site where there is silver gold bronze
platinum sponsors all sorts of sponsors for an event and that sort of organization might
have helped then although it didn’t
happen at the time. So future featured imagery and let’s get a themes. Amazing group of really thoughtful
caring developers in the WordPress
community. A theme’s. And if you want to get the link you
can also just look it up in Google maybe really stands for awesome. No they haven’t told me. But certainly could and paste and publish new client said featured image. And you can see clicking set
featured image first. It’s useful when you’re
creating one of these icons or profile pictures. Yes slowly. All right. And then we’re going to grab
WordPress that featured image and try WordPress and publish. We don’t always need a link. Add new client and glossily host creator all right search feature image and we all know all about host cator now and why they’re so amazing. Oh right. And this one’s got to go. Right. And publish now it should be all set. Let’s refresh the demo site and we can see you’ve created a nice client logo section. This logo is white so it needs a different background
behind it. Let’s go back to the page it’s on the front page. So Page has front page and to make the entire background and great. You can just hover on the ranch edit
row click design background color. We’re going to go with our trusty AAA. All right. And then let’s make this an lay out. Let’s make it a forward throw so we get the background
across the whole row done and up to our refresh. And we’re all set up. You can also use custom CSSA to make these client logos bigger or smaller. Just let me know if you
want to do that. All right. Next up on our demo site is the from the blog area where say you can showcase a few blog posts or a lot of blog posts and that way you can get your
content out in the search engine get people
reading it. And when you do that it spreads the word about your brand and it can help you attract new
visitors because they read your post and you know they see that you’re
doing good things for the world and that you just know what the heck you’re talking about. It’s really helpful to have a blog
post to get on the radar of your audience and of the search
engines. All right so back to front page and the page editor Ed Rogen We just need one column and answer it all the way down. There you go. I’m getting pretty good at dragging and one using the trackpad here that’s kind of helpful with a huge trackpad. All right click to select widget and now we’re rounding off using almost every one of Sidneys widgets made just for us. And we’re going to use the that. It’s funny how when you’re looking for it
you can’t find it. Latest news sydney latest news. All right. And it could open it and you can title your blog post on
the home page whatever you want. We’re just going to go with from the blog. You could only put a certain category of
blog posts here and you can have a button which will take someone to the entire blog so I’m going to do that. Let’s just go with deep thought. See all our news this Cindy recommends. I think that looks clickable and click done and up it. Now we just need to add some new
custom blog posts about your brand. So let’s click on the post item in the upper left. It’s funny if we were making a
WordPress blog we’d try to either post very first step but because we’re making a WordPress
web site post some more at the end after we’ve built out the whole site where it says the nice sample post which you know. Thanks for making
it. But we’re going to trash it and add to it. And you just want to get the post
flowing. You don’t want to you know hold
yourself back and think you’re going to write
the perfect post later. It’s really important to have one
two three blog post published right when you
want your site. So the first post could be something you know really simple about your
brand just a simple blog post and here’s where you can talk about
your mission statement or your vision or something like that. Some quotes from your founder let’s give only person a category. Just click add new category. I mean I categorize this 100
simplicity just in case you want to put this
category in your menu or in a different widget and you can only show the simplicity post then on a certain page or a section you get that sort of control. All right. We definitely need a featured image and we can also drag a particular tool up in our sidebar for using a more set featured image. And because it isn’t a real blog
post I’m just going to use one of our
demo images like these nice simple houses on the beach click Set
feature image and publish or. We also do need some text though
which will show up on the homepage. So let’s grab that text. You can always open up the post on just a demo dot com and grab the content from them if you want this image of an Apple computer for example. And we can just copy the text and paste it in. Pretty cool. Bob did it and now and we refresh or say we should have our first blog
post published for the world trade. So it’s pretty cool. But a lot of people want to only include certain text right here and not you know have WordPress cut off the text with the dot dot. So how do we do that. Well let’s say we want to only right
up until this see this part right here. You can go to your blog post. Go to the visual tab and right where you have cut off that you want by the nisi or you might click toggle toolbar. Make sure everything is open. And we’re going to choose insert
read more tech try that and I’ll give you this more line
break and then click update. And then now when you refresh your
blog and scroll down it’s going to cut it
off right there. And people shouldn’t know that they
can click on the link or click on that image and read the entire blog post. So it’s pretty cool. Well more customized ability if that’s a word and you might want to get rid of
that space too. You can always get rid of the spacing update and that way the post looks a little
bit nicer. All right. So just one paragraph and then the second paragraph and the first paragraph shows up on
the homepage. Let’s add two more blog posts so
that our home page from the blog section looks
complete. So in the Post editors screen click and you are at the top or you can click ADD and you left right. And then we can start however you
feel comfortable. We’re press to be really comfortable place to write and create content. So I’m just going to paste in our
text and set featured image next. And then we can think of a good
title All right. I think the cats to sort
of blog posts up each image and then enter the title. Now let’s call this one 5 reasons we are numbered unlist blog posts are sort of all the rave now. And you know you might as well
include one on your Web site. All right category. And category kids and category and publish. Great job and add new posts one more time. You can use either button. It’s the same thing. And let’s just call this one. Don’t miss our gallery showing
Thursday night. You can use the blog to keep people up to date on your new events as
well. Get yourself some text a new category which could be events at new and then featured image up top. Well it’s like our Sydney Opera
House image because it’s so beautiful it
should be shown toys and set future image. All right. So now I’m adding that content like the text in the images really
quickly. Don’t get me wrong. I do believe content is king and if you do really craft a
well-written compelling content you can grow your site from scratch because
people show up and return for content. They always have and they always will. And I really believe in all my
projects that it’s in our power to use content to make the website amazing. All right so now let’s just publish and then when we refresh our demo site at the very bottom we can see from the blog is complete it looks a little different with only part of this post but that’s just because we want it
that way. All right. The final section is to create or get social with us buttons to do that. Let’s go back to the dashboard. And now it’s leave the
Post’s editor and go to the pages editor and click front page and scroll down and add row one can answer. All right. And I’m going to try it
again. There you click to select it and add it. All right. And the social icons live in the Sydney F.P. social profile. All right. So I’m telling you guys this really
is easy. We can select the social profile
widget and create this amazing set of
social icons without knowing any code or you know building these buttons
from scratch or knowing how to get them in the middle of the page or anything Sidney does it all for us from scratch for free. Yeah all that because they love us. So back to the page editor and we have our social profile at the bottom. We just need to update all right because we’re adding a lot
of stuff. And then let’s open up social
profile and title it social with us or maybe some different slogan that your team
has copy written and done an update again. All right. In this social section actually is kind of tricky. It was tough for me to create a
first because it’s a menu to make your social buttons we need
to go to appearance and click menus. Know it to create a new man you don’t call it social and you click click. Now it’s time to fill this with some custom links. So it’s open some links and here we can just start writing
out the pages to our social media profiles or we can copy them from the web. OK. So dear blogger we can get our community Facebook page or you can ask WordPress questions or questions about blogging or how to make a web site how to design a web site. And I’m going to put them right
here. Just paste it over the HTP. All right. And text Facebook and add too many. All right. So we’re going to grab the Twitter
now. All right. Really cool paste in that Twitter link. And in my experience less is more with the social media icons. It’s really tempting to include like 10 different icons because they
look nice and cute but you want people to actually visit them and not be so overwhelmed they can’t click them. And then when they get there you
want them to actually see the content you’re sharing. And it’s really hard for me to share
content on more than like three networks. So I like limiting this you know only putting
in a few buttons. And that’s why people actually click
there and they actually see the right
stuff and get engaged. So we’re going to go with Facebook Twitter and YouTube right. And just for the heck of it. You know we could go with Instagram and with Linked-In and stuff but I don’t really share them. So we’re just going to go with these three but the buttons will work for other
icons. Just go ahead and try out those different lengths you run in if it
recognizes an Instagram link and it’ll show an Instagram button that sort of thing. All right. So you don’t need to put
this man in a location. We just need to save it and then we need to come back to our pages area. Front page and at the bottom we need to click
social profile to open it and now select your social menu. We can select a social menu which we just made and we can just click done. All right let’s check it out on the site and then more
restyle it says that we got three buttons but we actually want those buttons
to be white and the background to be this nice
Sydney red. How did we do that. I’m going to log into just a demo
because I forgot it. All right bear with me. Row and believe that your design is for the design we want background color I’m going to copy your color so we get perfect and for layout we wanted a top
bottom 50 padding and full are it pretty easy. And for color we wanted white. All right. So that’s two changes in design and two changes in lab. So now we can go back to or demonstrate that we’re building click on the wrench like on the outer and then let’s make those changes
for background color. Let’s paste in our Sydney red right and it’ll find itself. And then for color we’re going to
choose white from the bottom. All right. And I enclose design
openly now entering a 50 inch top bottom padding and Rollei a full width and then an update. Now refresh our site and see how our get social with a section looks and looks very professional. We can test that the links work. Right. And they do. People will get a new tab opened to your social media pages of choice oh right great job everyone all right with our social icons in
there we’ve now made about 98 and 99 percent of the demo site we’ve created all the features from just dash a dash demo dot com. And if you look at this site then it’ll look exactly like your site. And if it doesn’t then let me know
right away and all put that you know fix in there and explain anything because I can forget things. You know we’re all human. But I want to add it. The site title and the site tagline. Before we go and then we’re going to get a bonus
section where we add all of our content into the sub pages and create a footer and create a sidebar. I figured that you could for a bonus
section just because our goal today was to
create the entire demo site and we’ve done that. And some people like a little bit more you know follow up on a tutorial a little more content and that’ll be a nice bonus for those people are sort of create the site title and site tagline we can just go to page editor and now it’s come to settings
general and the section we can just change
the site title right here and take Leinert here. So we want to call this of course Sydney powerful business website and that was case keeping it casual. All right. And save changes now and refresh those will show up right at the top. Or great job. And I saw one more change. I know a few guys probably did too
which was the border on the you know the layout builder for the
what’s your next move buttons. So we accomplished that in the demo
site. By putting a border on the way builder call to action widgets which was in design. They each had a her that beauty border color of our standard Gray. All right so let’s go back to pages front page and then builder. Perche call the action under which it says Click design and let’s set the border for just pound sign. Yea yea yea. Done the same thing for the second call the action design or color pants on and click. Done and done an update. Or no refresh. And we get those nice borders on our clickable buttons. If you see any other mistakes that we made. Let me know in the comments below. If you see any other revisions or additions or just cool features that we should have added and what we know as well. I believe that’s everything. And like I said in the bonus section we’re going to add the footer. We’re going to add the sidebar we’re
going to add content to our individual sub pages. So there you have guys how to make a
WordPress Web site with beautiful free sydney theme. Hope you enjoyed it and I’ll talk to you guys soon. Thanks so much for watching because
I really enjoyed making this and yet enjoyed it and enjoy your new

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    Appreciate any guidance you can provide.

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    I can send you the link if you like?

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    For Sydney, 'page builder has seem to be replaced by Elementor, which do you think is more appropriate and more compatibly useful.
    Page builder doesn't seem to be recommended by Sydney anymore!

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    I almost never write comment below a Youtube video but for yours I already did it twice, because I think your job is really worth it.
    Thank you once again Greg!

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