How to Link to a Document in a Web Page

By | February 21, 2020

Hello again everyone, this is another OCC
Quick Tip video and our topic today is making documents available to your site visitors
or just linking to documents. You’ll find yourself often with a need to
distribute documents, such as sign-up sheets, homework assignments, announcements or newsletters.
And fortunately, this is an easy task, whether or not you are using the NE1 Web Builder to
construct your site. Now, if you’re not, if you’re just using
the html coding, right here is what you need to know. This is a simple what they call an
“anchor tag”, and you’ll see that they have the “a” in the front here and the
“a” at the end. And, of course, the greater than and less
than signs are used. But what you need to know is, in the middle between the quotes
is your path to your document. And that means that’s where you’re document is. Let’s say you have a folder called “documents”
on your web server, and then inside there, you’ve got a folder maybe called “school
docs”. And then, you’ve got your actual file and let’s make that a .pdf file. So
that’s what your document path would look like. And this is what the people see on the
page. So you want to say whatever your file is,
“myfile.pdf” or however you want to label it. You can just simply say “myfile”.
That’s what they’re going to see. So, and again, this is what they see on the page.
When they link to it, they get access to this file right here. Now, if you’re using the NE1 Web Builder,
it’s a lot easier. I’ve already gone to my little web builder page here called “school
documents” and I’m just going to put down here “mysample.pdf file”. Once I have
written the text, I select the text right there. That makes this little chain link available,
so I want to click on this chain link. And a whole bunch of little fields will come up,
but you don’t need to worry about these. Just simply click on this little yellow folder
right here. And then you’ll have access to your documents. Now, I’ve already uploaded this sample .pdf
doc right here. If I didn’t have it uploaded, I would just simply need to click on the “Browse”
and “Upload” buttons right down here and I could upload it. Since I already have it, let me click on it
and then just simply click “Okay”. Again, you don’t need to worry about any of these
for right now. Just go ahead and click “Insert”, and there you have a link. If I save my changes right here, then after
those changes are saved, of course, I’m going to go preview that page and I have to
remember that some browsers will allow me to look at a .pdf file right within the browser.
So, if I go to this document page right now, click on “mysample.pdf file”, there you
have it. So that’s the quick tip video for this week
and we’ll see you later. Bye, bye.

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