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By | August 25, 2019

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Hi Besties\par \par
Hi Honey Badgers\par \par
and Hi MomWithaHook readers\par \par
I’m a little intimidated\par \par
I’ve never had such a big audience\par \par
Since you’re all here\par \par
the pressure is on to make the most jam packed SEO tips vlog ever\par
\par ever in slow mo\par
\par Z Go get the SEO tips\par
\par What’s SEO\par
\par One\par
\par Review your sites\par
\par and rid it of duplicate content\par
\par Google haates duplicate content\par
\par two\par
\par Find 404 errors and fix them\par
\par But Renae what are 404 errors\par
\par 404 errors are shown when a link is broken
and your browser doesn’t know where to go\par \par
so it goes to a 404 error\par \par
You’ve seen them before\par \par
Twitter has a cool one with a whale and a\par \par
Three\par \par
Verify your Google and local listing\par \par
Did you know that you can have an extra google listing\par
\par this special listing shows up when someone
close to your physical location\par \par
searches for your site\par \par
It pushes you up to the top of Google automatically\par \par
Link down below if you need to add your local listing\par
\par four\par
\par Check or add a robot.txt file to your site\par
\par What\par
\par Yes\par
\par A robot.txt file isn’t complicated\par
\par It simply tells google where to go on your
site\par \par
but more importantly where not to go\par \par
If you have special files that you don’t want google to find and display to the world\par
\par you can exclude google from indexing those.\par
\par However\par
\par you might be accidentally excluding google
from some important folders as well\par \par
So take a look\par \par
The robot.txt file should be located right in the root folder of your site\par
\par it’s usually called public underscore html\par
\par If you don’t have a robot.txt file in there
then you need to make one and upload it there\par \par
I’ll have a link down below of an example robot.txt file for you\par
\par So I just laid it on thick didn’t I\par
\par Raise your hand if you’re still confused\par
\par Ok I found some more in depth tutorials for
you To learn more about duplicate content and how it can hurt you click here\par
\par To learn more about 404 errors and how to
fix them click here\par \par
To learn more about your google local listing click here\par
\par To learn more about your robot.txt file press
#5\par \par
What\par \par
Oh\par \par
Click here\par \par
Make sure you all visit me on\par \par
for more funny 2-minute videos for work at home moms\par
\par Luv you all\par
\par Peace out yo\par

19 thoughts on “How To Learn SEO, SEO Tutorials FREE, Best SEO Tips

  1. Gabe Johansson Post author

    For best results with SEO, learn content marketing mixed with social media and you'll benefit assuming there IS a robots.txt file! Self hosted WordPress sites have that covered 🙂

  2. SeeTaniaGrow Post author

    You had mentioned google local listings and said you would have a link (I think????) but I am not seeing one. Could you throw it our way?

  3. Renae Christine Post author

    If you go to my blog then you can find the link. 🙂 The link to my blog is in the video description.

  4. ReLLaKaT Post author

    I love your hyper, Over the top style, You're way better than Jenna Marbles but that's who you remind me of x

  5. Renae Christine Post author

    Woah. I think that's the BEST compliment I've EVER gotten.

  6. Spook SEO Post author

    Awesome tutorial. The way I see it, to make sure that your doing safe SEO, you just have to make sure that your contents are of high quality, you are linking to relevant sites, and you aren't spamming anyone. If you add in keywords to your contents and sharing these high quality contents without spamming, you're pretty much in the right track.

  7. Mary Ross Post author

    I liked your video. When I watched the robox.txt video I discovered that robox.text is not the best method, also I learned a lot from his video.


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