How to Learn SEO for FREE (11 ways) | Tyler Horvath

By | August 31, 2019

one of the biggest questions I get asked
is Tyler how can learn SEO for free so I wanted to create this video to show you
some of the best ways that you can learn search engine optimization online for
absolutely nothing hey there my name is Tyler Horvath in this
video I’m gonna show you how you can learn SEO for free but first on a scale
of 1 to 10 10 being the highest how much do you currently know about SEO please
comment your answers below so let’s get started the first way that you can learn
SEO for free is watch YouTube if you are looking to learn SEO without paying a
dime then YouTube should be your first up there are hundreds of thousands of
hours of SEO training courses and content on YouTube that can teach you
the ins and outs of search engine optimization even my personal channel
has a pretty good collection of SEO videos guides and hacks click subscribe
below so that you can get the most up-to-date SEO videos when I post them
next number two free udemy courses udemy is an online course website that has a
ton of free courses on learning SEO there are some really great SEO training
courses on udemy that can teach you the basics of SEO in a short amount of time
for absolutely zero dollars some of these free courses are even created by
some big-time marketers like Seth Godin I even have a great free local SEO guide
on udemy that will teach you about local SEO for $0 see below for the link number
3 asking questions on aura aura is a great resource to learn SEO for free by
asking questions you have about SEO now you have to be a little careful who you
listen to because a lot of people are just trying to promote their product or
service also some people don’t know what the
hell they’re talking about when it comes to SEO look at their credentials and
followers to make sure they are a trusted source
and they know they’re talking about I personally answer a lot of questions on
for myself because it’s great for personal branding and even gives me a
good amount of traffic to all my websites next get an SEO mentor if you
want to learn SEO from someone in real life you can get an SEO mentor find a
professional and successful SEO and either get a job working for them or
reach out and ask if they would be your mentor you would be surprised at how
many people will say yes to you most of them will just expect that you know the
basics and haven’t consumed a good amount of content about SEO they won’t
be available for any big questions that you have about SEO queries ideas or even
suggestions learn from them and you will learn SEO for free next thing you can do
is intern at an SEO company the SEO industry is approaching 80 billion
dollars so there are a ton of SEO businesses out there search online for
an intern job at a local SEO company in your area use sites like in deed to
filter by SEO internships in your city or state get an intern position and try
to soak in as much as you can from the executive team and other SEO experts in
the organization ask questions be a sponge and you will learn SEO for free
in no time hey you may even get promoted to a paying position at the company so
you can actually get paid to learn SEO next reading books did you know that
there is a thing out there called a public library they have these things
called books and you can even check them out for absolutely zero dollars did you
also know that these libraries have books about SEO that’s right you can
learn SEO for free at your local library simply check out some of the best SEO
books including the art of SEO and SEO for dummies and you will be learning SEO
in no time from your local black bag next watch SEO webinars a lot of SEO is
create free webinars that basically anyone can watch these webinars could
have some great information for beginners
cover a wide variety of topics bigger SEO companies provide these webinars to
bring in more customers and create backlinks there are a ton of great SEO
webinars out there but here are a few I would recommend you check out search
engine Academy webinars page traffic SEO webinars and of course my SEO Learning
Center most of these webinars will go over the basics about SEO and SEM but
they are a great way to learn information about SEO from the
authorities in the industry the next way to learn SEO for free
is listen to SEO podcasts podcasts are a big thing right now there are thousands
of great podcasts out there that talk about SEO and online marketing listen to
the most popular podcasts to learn the intricacies of SEO for free now there
are a few great SEO podcasts out there that you can try like Authority hacker
search engine dirts and SEO 101 all of these podcasts have hours and hours of
content that you can listen to for free so pop in the headphones on the plane
listen in your car and even before you go to bed and you will be an SEO guru in
no time next read blogs reading blogs about SEO
can help you learn a whole treasure trove of information about it I have
personally taught myself SEO over the last 15 years by reading blogs there are
hundreds of great SEO blogs out there that have endless articles of tips
tricks guide and hacks for search engine optimization some of the best SEO blogs
out there they should be following include search engine roundtable search
engine lands and of course Titan media remember you can always do more googling
to find other great SEO blogs out there all you have to do is search SEO blogs
in Google next join Facebook SEO groups joining Facebook groups is a great way
to learn SEO for free there are some very popular SEO groups
with active discussions about the latest SEO trends questions and data some of
the larger and most popular book SEO groups our signal apps
superstar SEO and Lionel mastermind now some of these Facebook groups are public
and some of them are private you will need to apply to join to the private
ones but they are all completely free next read SEO for us now form aren’t as
popular as they once were but there are still quite a few SEO forums out there
that have a ton of content from the years past you can find a ton of great
SEO guides resource lists and discussions about SEO throughout the
years some of the biggest SEO forums our warrior forum webmaster world and Moz
Q&A forum you may need to do some digging but you will find literally
everything you need to learn SEO for free now that you have the resources
it’s time to start learning just start with the basics and you will be an SEO
pro in no time also be sure to subscribe to my channel
to learn more about SEO and comment below if you have any questions thanks
and I’ll see you next time

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