How To Know If Your SEO Efforts Are Paying Off – JR Fisher

By | August 25, 2019

Okay, you’re doing SEO search engine optimization you’re putting in title tags you’re putting in descriptions But is any of this working in this video? I’m going to show you how to figure out if your SEO efforts are even paying off Hi, I’m Junior Fisher or your SEO efforts paying off and what I mean by that is you’re doing all this hard work you’re putting In all this information on your site so that your site comes up organically on the search engines But is it doing any good you need to check first off SEO is really hard to do Okay It takes a lot of time you have to put a lot of effort in it and you’re not gonna see any results whatsoever For at least six to twelve months really a year to two years for it to really really go up now Once you do your SEO you need to measure the traffic Here are the things that you need to do to measure your traffic number one. Check your search traffic you’re going to have to sign up for Google Analytics and you’re gonna have to see is the Traffic going up on your site. Check out what it’s been doing. Is it trending up? Is it trending down? The next thing you want to do is sign up for Google search console. Look at the impressions Look at the search results whether they click or not You’ll always have more impressions than clicks all Impressions are or how many times that your website came up when somebody searched those keywords? Make sure that your tags are something that they want to click in other words when you put your tag in and you put your description in make sure it says something like biggest selection fast shipping lowest prices Whatever because that’s gonna come up in the search results And you want it to be something that they’re gonna click on make sure that your title and your description have the right Keywords within them that make people want to click on him The next thing you want to do is check your backlinks. You can use H refs com You want to see how many backlinks you’re getting and you want to look at your competitors? Also to see what they’re getting that way You can figure out where their links are coming from and possibly develop some backlinks from those same sources next thing you want to do Check your number of index pages. Now. This is really really important If you have Google console It will show you this if you have let’s say a thousand pages on your website and only 40 pages are indexed You’ve got a problem need to get in there and figure out what’s wrong with your site and what you can do to correct So if you do these things you will get better SEO results. You always need to check up on what you’re doing and Seeing if it’s going up or if it’s going down. You’re gonna need to make adjustments all the time Depending on what’s happening in the market depending on what’s happened to those keywords, depending on what’s happening in general So don’t think that SEO is a one and done deal it’s not this is an ongoing thing that you’ll always have to do on your website if you want more tips secrets and Tricks on how to make more money online you’ll want to go to my site, which is JR Fisher comm over there You’ll get all kinds of training on how to start run and grow your online business Don’t forget put a comment below there. I would love to hear what you’re doing on your site or if you’re having a problem I’ll be happy to answer it for you Don’t forget to like and share this video And of course if you haven’t done so you got to subscribe That way you can see all of this great training and you can use it in your business

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