How to install Google apps on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro

By | January 19, 2020

hi guys it’s Toddy here from tech
advisor and the other day I unboxed the huawei mate 30 pro now a lot of you asks
that we show you how to put Google Play services on this device because it
doesn’t come with them out the box we’re gonna do exactly that
right now so before we get into it I do want to caveat a few things first this
is a Chinese model of the phone and right now it’s probably the only version
you’re going to be able to get the company is planning on releasing them
830 Pro and the mate 30 across various markets through our Asia Pacific and
Europe but we don’t know where or when just yet but in the meantime if you do
want to pick up this particular model this method should work as I’ve tested
it and it worked so let’s get on with it so as I’ve just said this is a Chinese
model of the phone as you can see if I jump into photos like this so it is
running a motion UI 10 and Android 10 but it’s the open-source version of
Android that’s why there are no Google Play services on this device but to get
around that if you jump to the browser and you allow all of the permissions so
you want to allow storage access and everything like that because going to be
downloading stuff to the phone storage from the web browser and then you go to
the nav bar and then you want to go to a website called LZ play or LZ play
depending on where you’re watching this dot net then you’re going to want to tap
this button which if my Google Translate skills are on point does say something
along the lines of download Google service assistant which actually allows
you to download the Google framework here’s the file so it’s actually an apk
file so it is actually a downloadable app and installable app let’s wait for
that to download okay so it’s downloaded I am going to go
to the phones files app which I’m not yet open so I’m going to agree to all
the terms and good things like that and I would say it’s best to head to or lay
is actually right here so we’re just going to tap that I’m gonna allow the
files up to let you install files again very important
it’s just performing a security check it says okay
hi app which is huawei’s own kind of platform for checking apps and things
doesn’t know what this is but that’s fine we know it’s a bit of a unusual
source to be installing from again this also needs storage access so you want to
flip that toggle and then just press open then you’re going to want to tap
start at the bottom of the screen here so there we’re gonna press activate and
then these are all the different elements of the framework including
which you can see here the Google Play Store itself that’s actually the second
largest bit after the underlying framework but once all of these elements
are installed you’re kind of good to go so I’m going to tap this button down the
bottom and wait for them all to install and almost done and we’re done so it’s
checking things over making sure everything installed correctly there and
again what you wanted to see there was all green ticks all the way down the
edge now it just jumps you straight to this point here I think it’s using a VPN
or something to probably get around any kind of Chinese box in case you’re
trying to install this in China but yeah this is now where you put in your
standard Google Account you sign into the Google Play services framework from
here so I’m gonna do that and then we’ll jump back for the experience once I put
in those those details okay so that is done we are installed and logged into
the Google framework the friend is checking everything over making making
sure it’s all kosher and then we will jump to the Play Store itself and sign
in there as well so now we have the Play Store installed here in this Chinese
build of the emotion UI user interface on the mate 30 Pro so if I open that you
get the standard Google Play UI standard sign-in procedure as per normal so I’m
going to sign it again just as I did on the framework page
itself okay so just signed in using my gmail account I’m not gonna have this
particular build backing up to my google google account information but all the
same we are now into the place where and this is it this is the full standard
Play Store now before you start installing any other apps including
things like Gmail and maps it is actually a really good idea to restart
your device not exactly sure why but it just seems to be that when I restart it
then things work otherwise sometimes you get things like Maps downloading but
then you’re not actually being able to run the application so at this point
restart your device okay so device restarted if I swipe over
we still have the Play Store so everything has taken everything should
now work we should be able to download any app we like from the Play Store as
you would on any other Android device outside of China so if I jump in first
things first I’m going to get some standard google apps in there so I’m
gonna get stuff like Chrome and it’s just as simple as you would on any other
Android phone get a few more and that’s about it really once you have installed
everything that you want to install as you would on any other Android device
this should be good to go there are a few caveats to this whole experience
things like Netflix I’ve understand don’t yet work with this Chinese wrong
that this phone is running because it’s also not an approved device and what you
actually where the bottleneck is but until that point you might find that
certainly app experiences don’t play nice with this method of getting Google
services on to your Android phone nonetheless it does work for some of the
most important stuff so hopefully if all things went to plan you now have Google
Play services on your shiny new Huawei mate 30 or make 30 Pro if you still have
any questions you can of course drop us a line down below in the comment section
or hit us up on social media also if you haven’t subscribed yet please consider
clicking that button just down in the corner and hit the bell for
notifications so you know when we post a fresh new content hopefully see you soon
thanks you

100 thoughts on “How to install Google apps on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro

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    Or just buy a Note 10+ and you already have a better phone than Mate 30 Pro

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    Good app am from Kenya and my huawei mate 30 pro is doing all things perfectly play store Google gmail thanks huawei

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    I think this video is misleading. There are other, more honest videos out there that show a number of official Google apps not functioning correctly when sideloaded.

  5. Tom Burnham Post author

    I'm not saying don't do this, but I would think carefully before doing so, especially in the case of Google Pay. If something goes wrong and you lose money or its stolen, I can see insurance not covering it as you've had to unofficially sideload the app and its not officially compatible. With there being a very high limit on Google Pay purchases, this would be a serious concern for me.

  6. tom swan Post author

    im curious, if one looks into own devices, g account, then one sees there mate 30 pro. so googl knows its a mate 30 pro which should not have access to the playstore in the first place (its a query away). im wondering why the device is not masquerading itself as p30pro or so, which had the g services from the beginning.
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    Hello guys, I would like to get a new huawei device, I know now we can get Google play store by following this process, but my problem his Google apps updates and all apps we will download by this process. The updates of the apps will be automatically setup as a any Android device?
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