How to Insert Video in HTML using NotePad text Editor

By | March 6, 2020

Hello, guys Welcome.
In this video tutorial, we are going to insert Video Files
in HTML Document using Notepad Text Editor. To Insert Video Files in HTML from Local Storage
We will Need these 3 Things. A Video File, Which we are going to Insert
Inside Our HTML Webpage A Text Editor Like Notepad, Where we are going
to Write the HTML Code. and the Last One is A Browser to Run the HTML
File. So get started with the HTML Syntax. As we all know, that in HTML we have to use
Tags, to Include HTML Elements, like Audio,Video, Images. To insert video files inside the HTML Document
we have the “Video Tags” for that. Let’s save our Incompelete HTML Document. Choose a path where you want to Save your
HTML File. Give it a name followed by the .HTML Extension.
So the browser can Run this Document as an HTML Document. If we run this HTML File in our Browsers,
This will give us an Empty HTML Webpage. Because by Using Video tags in HTML Document
we have Declared a Video Element inside our HTML Webpage. But the Browser Don’t have a
Video file to Show. To fix this.
We have to Specify our Video File’s Path, Inside the HTML Video Tags so Our Browser
can get the Video File, and Insert that Video File inside our HTML
Webpage. To assign Video File’s Path
Select the Video Starting tag, After the tag name,
we have to Give our Video file’s Location inside this SRC attribute. So if your Video file and the HTML file is
Present on the same Location. Then you just have to give your video file’s
name, followed by the File Extention here. Now refresh the Browser. Our Video File Should
be There. But if your video file isn’t there, Then make
sure that Your Video File and Your HTML File is Present at the Same Folder.
Or if your HTML file and the Video File is present at two different locations like this.
or you are Facing This Error Inside the Console Tab.
then we have to give the full path of our Video File.
Because Browser isn’t able to Detect our Video File in the Parent Location.
{To get the full path of any file, we have to Right-click on that file. Select Properties
and under the Security tab you can copy the full path of your Video file.} Now Paste here the Copied Path. Now Refresh the Browser. Our Video File is Present inside the Browser,
but we are not able to Play Or Start the Video file.
Because there isn’t anything to Control the Video File. To fix this We have to Use HTML Video Tag’s Control Attribute Which give us few Controls Like
Play and Pause Button Seek Bar
and the Mute Toggle Button. These Controls Depends Upon the Browser you
are using. You might get More or Few Controls Depending
upon the Browser that you are using. That’s it For Inserting Video files from Local
Storage. Now, the 2nd Method :
To insert video files Inside HTML Document from External Source like Online Streaming
Platforms. Let’s Remove the Video tags from HTML File. and Open Youtube in your Browser. Select any Video file From there. Scroll Down Little bit and select the Shere button from there. A Small Menu will popUp on the Screen. Select Embed from there. here You have to Select and Copy the given
Code. After that Go back to your Notepad text Editor And Paste the Copied Code inside HTML’s Body
Tags. Save the HTML File and Refresh the Browser. Thanks For Watching This Video.

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