How to Index a Page in 60 minutes on Google | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #30】

By | December 10, 2019

Many people wonder what would they need in
order to have a webpage indexed within 60 minutes since its publication. Personally, I don’t think it’s just a quirk. For those who deal with SEO in a professional
manner, knowing immediately where content ranks is important (although it probably won’t
be the final position, at least it gives an important signal). In order to speed up this process or to force
it, we need to let Google know that we have published new content on our website, and
there are various ways to do that: URL Check: in your Search Console account
there is a special section where you can enter the URL of your website and ask Googlebot
to scan it and index it as soon as possible. Links: by inserting a hyperlink into the new
article, we’re actually inviting Google to scan it. In order to facilitate this process, we can
use the “Latest Articles” section in the sidebar or on the homepage. The same applies to backlinks from external
sites. Sitemap: by adding the new article to the
sitemap.xml list, we’re actually making sure that the bot will notice the new article and
proceed to its scanning and indexing, at the next check. Social share: sharing a new article on Social
Networks is an excellent idea in order to make it stand out. By doing so, it could actually get linked
from a webpage that is being scanned by Google bots in the next couple of minutes. Ping Services: there are dedicated websites
that deal with notifying the search engines when a particular website has been updated. I personally assimilate these solutions to
spam methods and therefore I do not recommend them. Of all these options, the most effective is
generally the first, because it only takes a few minutes to find the new article on Google. Obviously I assume that your site is already
indexed in Google, but if not, you can use the “site:” operator followed by the domain,
for example “” and you will be able to see how many and which pages have
been indexed so far.

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