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By | January 15, 2020

– In this video, I’m gonna share with you the strategy that we’ve repeatedly used to generate over 10 times our daily average website traffic. Let me show you on the computer. So just to show you how successful this strategy is, you can see here, this
is our google analytics. These two big peaks here
are from two articles we’ve written using this strategy recently and it consistently
generates over 10 times the amount of website
traffic that we normally get. And we’ve tested this in
lots of different industries and it works really, really well. Before I get into that, you should really, really subscribe to our channel. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel or connected with us on social, we create weekly tutorials, videos to help you generate more leads and sales online. We teach you everything you need to know around social media, video, marketing online. So please do subscribe
and connect with us, it’ll be worth your while, I promise. So here’s an example here which is a list of influencers in a certain niche. So this strategy works by, number one, using a tool to identify influencers on a specific topic. Number two, creating a
list of those influencers as an article, like this one here. Number three, then linking to all of these influencers’ accounts on the list. Number four, reaching
out to these influencers and saying, hey, we’ve written an article
of top influencers. You were featured. Number five, what normally happens is those influencers will share that to their large online audiences. One, it’s good because
this is a valuable resource for your audience, is relevant, it’s a list of influential people that you can learn from; and two, it generates a lot of traffic because influencers like
their egos being stroked, they like being shown to look good, and these kind of lists
make them look good, so they share it with their audience. So this is what it looks like here, just to show you. We’ve got an article here with an intro, we’ve got methodology to show how the list is calculated. One thing that’s important here is you want to show that
this is backed up by data, it’s not just a list that
I’ve come up with in my head. We’ve used a tool to identify this. How to gain value from this list? I like to share this
because it shows people how they can gain value
from reading this article. And then we have the
list here of influencers, their accounts, and a few bits of data to back up how influential they are. Now let me show you how to create one of these for yourself. Number one, you need
to think about a topic that you want to create this on. Now it needs to be something relevant around your industry. So, for example, if you’re an accountant, you could create a top list of influencers in the finance industry. If you are a marketer, like me, you could create a list
of top 100 marketers. Whatever it is, it needs to be relevant to your business, your industry, and what your audience are interested in. So once you’ve come up with that topic, you then go to a tool like this. This is an influencer
identification tool called BuzzSumo. They have a free trial
which you can test out. There’s other tools out there
like Onalytica, Followerwonk. Just Google influencer identification tool and you’ll find a load. Various pricing dependent
on how advanced they are. So once you’ve opened the
influencer identification tool, in this case BuzzSumo, we then type in the keyword that we want
to create a list around. So let’s choose digital
marketing in this case. Click Enter. So now this is gonna bring
up a list of top influencers around the key phrase, digital marketing. Now, BuzzSumo gathers data from Twitter. So this is mainly based
around data from Twitter, but other tools use different sources. Once you’ve got this list, you’ll see here in BuzzSumo
that there’s some columns on the right which show you
some data around the influencer. So Page Authority, Domain Authority, Twitter Followers, Retweet Ratio, various different columns of data to show you how this
influencer performs on Twitter. But there’s lots of really great marketers on here that you should follow. But yeah, in your case, there will be lots of accountants, or finance
people, or builders, or whatever it is that
you’re creating a list on. Once you’ve got that, then
you want to export the data. So I’m gonna export it
here by clicking Export. Once that’s exporting,
what this is gonna do is it’s gonna export this
to an Excel spreadsheet, which I can then identify the top 100, delete the rest, and make
it look like a nice table that we can then input
into a blog or an article. It kinda looks like The Matrix because there’s loads and
loads of pieces of data. You can see there’s the
ID, Twitter account ID. We don’t need that. There’s a Twitter handle, bio,
page authority, et cetera. So again, you can choose
what you want in your table, in your list of influencers. You may even not want to use a table. You may want to just write the
influencer’s name in a blog, add an image, and then do it like that. But this is how we do it. So
first of all, I’m gonna delete the columns we don’t want. So I do want their Twitter handle. I don’t want to include their bio. So let’s just say I was
making a simple table here which is going to include
the Twitter handle. I can make that title look a
bit better, Page Authority. So now we have a table here
which we can highlight. We can put a number on the left-hand side to make it so it’s numbered,
and pick the top 100. So we can now put a column on
left potentially saying Rank, where they’re ranked. And now we have this table, we can highlight it in Excel here, make it look nice by adding
some bars around it like that. So now we’ve got that table, we can right-click Copy. Now we need to go into wherever we write our articles or our blogs. So in our case, it’s WordPress. Let’s just say I’m going to
add a new post in WordPress, but you could be doing this on anything, Blogger, or whatever
you create articles on. The Top 100 Digital Marketing Influencers on Twitter in 2019 Name it whatever you want. And we tried using keyword research to check that it’s optimised for SEO. And then I can Control
or right-click Paste, and look, it’s pasted in the table here. Another really, really important thing, for each of these Twitter accounts, make sure you add a link
to the person’s Twitter. We want them to know,
it’s a valuable resource, it’s gonna send traffic to their Twitter. They’re going to be
more likely to share it if you’re generating traffic towards one of their accounts. Another really important
key thing to increase the amount of influencers that share this is to ensure you create
some kind of imagery which includes a photo of them. Psychologically, if
people see their own photo on a piece of content, they’re gonna be more likely to share it, especially if it’s a piece of content that makes them look good. I’ve included an intro,
how the list is calculated. We actually reached out to BuzzSumo and asked them how their tool works ’cause we wanna make sure we
get the information right here, but you reach out to whichever influencer identification tool you use. And then here is the actual list, okay. So you can see we’ve chosen
the different content, Page Authority, Reply
Ratio, Retweet Ratio, URL Share Ratio. But you can easy click and it
goes to the Twitter account of the person we’ve listed. So when you’ve got a lovely
article written like this, with some nice imagery at the top, and methodology, post it. The next step is to reach out to all of these individual
people and let them know that they’ve been
featured in this article. So there’s a number of
ways you can do that. We tend to do it through Twitter, so direct messaging on Twitter; you could email them; you could look at their website on their contact form and do it that way. What you don’t want to do
is ask them to share it. You don’t wanna look like
you’re just trying to just get traffic here. This is a valuable
resource for your audience. All I do is I reach out and say, hey, we’ve identified you as an
influencer using BuzzSumo, and this is the article,
just to give you a heads up. And that’s what you do. And then you wait for
the traffic to come in. And that’s it. Thank you so much for watching. If you haven’t subscribed already, please do so around this video, or connect with me if this
is on another channel. And we share weekly videos teaching you how to generate more leads and sales through social media marketing, video marketing, and content marketing. Thank you and I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

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    Dan, awesome video. I was actually looking for your Twitter studio video but ended watching this. Great stuff. Robin

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    I am missing something, how do you identify the top 100 if the exported data shows thousands?


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