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By | January 29, 2020

I draw this out so if this is my this is
my offer okay what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna have my lead magnet I’m gonna
create this lead magnet that’s gonna lead to the offer okay and this landing
page is going to promote this lead magnet I’m not even going to talk about
the offer where everybody else is promoting the offer this is the model
you want to implement this is where you want to be it because you sending
traffic to a landing page right you’re building your list okay you’re
monetizing your list right you implement some of these ideas that we talked about
and again what I shared with you my friends so far is a lot but you know
what I teach you inside of high traffic Academy is is is it’s tons more all
right I can’t there’s there’s so many things like I want to share with you but
due to time you know I want to respect your time I just feel it’s impossible
for me I can be talking here for all week you know for you which I’m not
gonna do obviously but this is the model that you want to implement so let me
show you a couple examples of some of the things that I was able to do in my
business and I think it’s gonna make more sense to you okay so let’s talk
about first of all let’s talk about the lead magnet what is lead Matt well a
lead magnet okay what is a lead magnet a lead magnet is a piece of value that
solves a specific problem in your marketplace offered in exchange for an
opt-in okay that’s so that’s a lead magnet and the lead magnet can be you
know it can be a PDF can be a video webinar teleseminar can be a mind map
can be a cheat sheet that you’re gonna give away it can be an audio a software
sample whatever whatever we’re upright a lead magnet can be pretty much anything
so this this landing page could say you know what a register for this webinar
what I’m gonna teach you whatever you’re gonna teach him okay it’s gonna be a
video and then on that webinar you give them value you give them content and
then it leads into the offer which is an extension of this sometimes that can be
a lead magnet what I want to do for me is I want my lead magnet
to be something very very cool something different
something I want to show up like nobody else okay where everybody you know most
Parker’s all say you know what I’m just gonna put PDF you know over here I’m
just gonna do the little preframe thing you’re I’m gonna do a little bridge
video over here you seen those bridge videos pages right to work you know
people saying hey my name is Vic and I’d like to introduce you to my friend you
know marketer axe here he’s gonna talk to you about a system that really helped
me bah-bah-bah which is a bridge which is fine right he’s gonna bump your
conversions just a little bit you know if you’re you know if you know what
you’re doing but it’s not really a leave matter
I want my lead magnet to I want to show up but nobody else kind of show you some
examples and so I want my lead magnet to be an actual thing right I want it to be
unique sexy and have a memorable name for it right I want it to be very very
specific okay I wanted to speak directly to their desired and result okay that’s
what I want my lead magnet to be again I’m gonna show you some examples here I
wanted to be easy to consume right and I wanted to create a positive expectancy
so in other words I want my lead magnet to build me up as a marketer at the same
time increasing the conversions for this offer like crazy all right
make sense I want to show you how I do that the hook let’s talk about the hook
so basically it’s a big promise usually in the headline it’s the benefit that
your lead magnet will provide again the hook isn’t has nothing to do with the
offer the hook has everything to do with your lead magnet whatever you lead
magnet is in the hook we’re talking about it’s gonna be here right it’s
gonna be usually in the headline of your landing page okay again I will show you
some examples here it must be very specific and it must focus on one thing
and one thing only okay and the thing that you focus on a
landing page is what to get conversions to get people to opt in and get to your
list that’s what you focus on as the only focus for your landing page is to
get people to your list that’s it okay then they go to the next step and they
focus on the on this is a few things is to bond with your prospect is to give
them value to inspire them and move them to the next step which is getting the
the product promoting okay again I’m going to talk to you and show you
specific examples here in just a second call to action must be
very direct okay you can’t be shy about it you know if you want people to opt in
you’re gonna say you know what enter your email in the inner space provided
or the form provided you’ve got to be very you know direct about it if you
know if you’re called to action on the lead magnet you know you’re promoting
this and if you this is something you believe in and stand behind you know
what your call to action is gonna be don’t get it and you don’t even you
don’t even blink right if your conviction level is that high make sense
so it’s very important I want my coat to actually be mentioned two to three times
on the page so if it’s a landing page you know couple times mentioned you know
call to action helps conversions if you have unusual looking arrows that also
can help conversion sometimes and also on this is specifically true for landing
pages don’t forget the magic phrase and the magic phrase is usually below you
know the submit button on the landing page I would write you know I would add
a little text that basically says information will be sent to the email
address provided above and that helps me come and eliminate a lot of the you know
fake people enter in their fake emails let me take you online right now and I
will actually walk you through an example this was a few years ago in fact
this was in 2010 when I discovered this and I did it totally by accident and
then it would it work so awesome it blew me away completely and then every single
promotion I ever did after that including up to today I follow that
model because it works so awesome all right so does this make sense you know I
I think I’m just you know let me know in the comments if this makes sense let me
know in the comments if this is something that you can you know do you
resonate with this do a mic I don’t want to waste your time here my friend I
don’t know what I don’t wanna waste my time right I want to help you get to the
next level I want to help you bring your business to the next level okay so let
me show you this example this was back in 2010
and I was you know prior to that I had you know I was grinding I was sending a
lot of traffic to affiliate offers and I was doing my own thing and it was just a
lot of grinding I did not experience experiment with lead magnets I was
promoting offers directly and product directly I was making money but I was
working like crazy right in 2010 I had a you know a
big event happen in my wife and I had to basically reinvent myself as a marketer
started from scratch and one Sunday afternoon I was you know we came back
from church and I was sitting at the Home Office and I said you know what I’m
gonna do something I just have this desire I just I just feel like you know
what I’m just gonna do something really really cool for the community and just
for the heck of it I’m gonna include my affiliate link right there was this
product called director of visions that I’ve been using you know for a few years
I think I was like 2007 2008 2009 I was using that heal in 2010 I was in that
product which it was basically a directory of easing publishers right and
solo ad providers and all that stuff it was a good thing I was a member of it
you know it’s $197 a month and it’s a Clickbank product and it’s it’s still
unclear Bank right here so if you go to clickbank just search for director of
reasons here it is right and it’s you know commissions for that is $90 but
basically the idea behind that product is people can go on the on the you know
when people promoting whatever they’re promoting they can promote by sending
solo ads to do buying solo ads from easing publishers right these electronic
magazine publishers and get traffic their way right for whatever they’re
promoting and what Charlie page did we know he is a founder of director of
visions he says basically you know what I’m just gonna create a directory of all
those publishers so that people don’t have to do the manual research and find
the manual on the internet on Google and just save people a lot of time so it’s
like a yellow book of of easiness right like a directory and so great so and I
like the idea I mean it was great the problem was this when people promoted
this product I’ll show you take a look at this page right here right so if I go
to director of meetings right now this is what I see right
it’s $197 still but look at this thousands upon thousands of people were
promoting this product okay convergence on this product was about 1% maybe less
right and right now if I go here there is not even an opt-in page
I can’t even capture you know a lead I can’t it’s it’s ridiculous right how
people just promoting directly sending traffic directly to an
offer and then just hoping they get conversions right well I was a member of
this director of busyness at the time and I really like the product and I said
you know what let me be a little bit strategic here and let me think through
this again I was I’ve never done this before now
I can I can teach you this because I am teaching you from experience but that
time here was my thinking at that time right I said you know what why would
somebody want to buy directory revisions hmm so director of visions is for
marketers who are promoting something and most of those guys were were
business opportunities you know promoters right so I said okay great
why are they promoting their business opportunity
well they’re promoting because they want to make money aha
that’s a little breakthrough okay so people want to make money that’s why
they want to get more exposure so they can make more money but at the end of
the day their true desire their core their core desire is hey I want to make
money okay you with me here right and I also know from surveying people I know
that most of them were not making money but yet their core desire was to make
money so I said you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna try something I’m gonna
take a product from clickbank this was 2010 I’m gonna take a product from quick
bang I’m gonna send I’m gonna you know pick a product I’m gonna send traffic to
the product and I’m gonna use solo ads as the single traffic source for that
product okay and so I did that and I was I was tracking my conversions I was
tracking you know how quickly I could make some money and I’ve made money
within hours okay sending traffic directly now 2010
was totally different world than it is right now right there was a lot of
products that we’re converting you know at you know five percent you know seven
percent conversion rate so you could actually realistically make money
sending traffic directly to an offer the traffic was qualified for the offer
right just for the quick buck so I did that and it worked and I said you know
what I’m gonna create something I’m gonna call 48-hour cash machine right
again something sexy something that would be unique and I’m gonna teach
people how to do this process manually I’m just literally gonna give it
out okay oh it manually so and then I’m just gonna you know recommend directory
revisions as a shortcut okay so that’s exactly what I did laughs I’m just
expressing you guys heard this before you know if you watch my trainings
before cuz I explained it but this is how everything started for me okay and
obviously I have perfected it you know since then and now what we teach inside
of high traffic Academy is the whole totally different level but you can
actually do this right now for whatever offer you’re doing right it works every
single promotion I do I follow this model because it works okay let me show
you everybody’s promoting this page and I
said you know what I’m gonna create a landing page okay capture emails
I’m gonna send traffic to this landing page I’m gonna call this lead magnet
which I didn’t even know it was called lead magnet at that time I’m gonna call
this thing 48-hour cash machine and basically here’s a message I said
attention in less than two minutes you will discover the 48 hour cash machine
how to very easily get cash on demand in 48 hours or less and I proved it myself
and I documented my result so I was confident it could work for people right
and then I did a little quick video here I basically said hey you know it’s a
two-minute video I said hey it’s Vic I would like to give you something for
free today it’s called the 48 hour cash machine I’m gonna show you a model that
I use in my business that allows me to make money within 48 hours or less if
you want it it’s 100% free you know all you need to do is enter your email in
the form below here and I’ll send you you know I’ll get you free access to it
now this is where I was sending traffic to okay everybody else was sending
traffic to this and getting there you know one percent conversion rate I was
getting traffic to this page and I was getting like 50 percent of people to
opt-in to this page I was building my list like crazy
okay now let’s dissect this what is my lead magnet knowing what I now know
right my lead magnet is 48-hour cash machine okay the name is sexy its
memorable it’s easy to remember and it’s something that people you know and what
is that fully our cash machine I wanted my cash right but it’s again it speaking
directly to the the desire of the of the prospect right their ultimate desire and
what’s my hook here well my hook is very easily get cash on
them and in 48 hours or less that’s what
hooks people because that’s what they want don’t they that’s why they’re in
business because they want to make money and if we can make them help them show
them with a way how to make money in 48 hours at Hudson that make sense oh you
see what I’m saying here right so people opt in and then I said okay here is what
I’m gonna do logically speaking when they obtain they
get here and this is a very very simple page and I was just able to replicate
this right before you know right before shooting this video here for you so I
can show you this was something I was do it in 2010 and now that I’m thinking
about it you know what I’m gonna do I’m actually going to update this I’m gonna
make this available instead of HD a leaked and a lot you guys to promote
this because this was this made a lot of people tons and tons of money I’ll talk
more about that in just a minute okay so basically the add the inside here was it
was this very very short video introduction video of myself just you
know abusing my computer’s camera from the computer I say hey this is Vic thank
you for checking this out again this is Sunday afternoon I’m just sitting in my
office right and I would be like I’m just gonna totally be detached from the
outcome I don’t care if people buy director of business or not I just want
to put this out there and just kind of see what happens right so very totally
relaxed totally you know detached from the outcome I said hey 48-hour cash
machine here is the idea here is how it works and there is three things you need
to focus on again my friend here’s a side note for you if you’re working with
people if you are in a network marketing company if you’re building a team you
gotta keep things simple keep it to three to four things okay
confused mind doesn’t take action that’s a little psychological side note here
for you right so when you’re doing your marketing you want to keep things simple
okay marketing again I teach you a lot about this stuff inside of high traffic
area but marketing is basically educate educating and simplification it’s
education and simplification you educate your people and then you inspire and
motivate them right and and it’s simplification it’s keeping things
simple so what I said you this is this logically think and I say you know what
these people want to make money what would be something that’s very easy to
do logically what could they do what did I do well I went to Clickbank and I got
a product so step number one is they need to go and you know create
themselves an account on Clickbank right which is a marketplace and Affiliate
Network the people can promote other people’s products without even having to
buy anything right so I said okay great step number one is quick setup so if
somebody looking logically thinking right I said step number one is they
need to sign up and become an affiliate on Clickbank free to sign up so video
number one I walk them through how to sign up and right below the video I said
you know what here’s a link click here to create yourself a cold bank account
okay if you don’t already have one boom people watch that video they go what you
know what click thank you I get it now I can go to clickbank I can sign up and
they moved a step closer to their end destination okay so what happens here
there is a lot of stuff going on psychologically when this when you when
you when you set your promotions like this number one if they bond with you
better okay they their desire to go to the next step increases and they trust
you more because you show them how to do something they did it and they got
result so make sense okay so then the next step now that you have a Clickbank
account right in the next step is for you to pick a product and so in this
video I walk them through different products and Clickbank and how to pick a
product all that stuff right and again I showed them how to pick a product say
hey you can pick any of these products and you know it created a positive
expectancy for them because they actually went to Clickbank and they saw
all these products and they saw how they could create themselves an affiliate
link right and pick a product so now you have a product you have an account
including you have a product what’s the next logical step keeping it super
simple I know today we’re talking about building a list and lead Matins and this
and that back in 2010 there was no such thing right there was like get traffic
to the product boom that’s what I did right to make money so I said step
number 3 is cash in keep in mind notice how I name my videos right I could say
get traffic and for step 3 but I chose to say cash in cashing in cash and in
sounds a lot cooler and sexier than just get traffic so make sense keep that
stuff in mind because it’s gonna it’s gonna increase your conversions and you
creating your own personality so thing right again we teach you know I teach a
lot about personality and how to how to engineer that
you know it’s high traffic Academy stuff anyway so in this video I talk about you
know cashing in and and and what I do in this video is knowing what director of
these scenes is gonna do right which is a director of easiness and it’s all
about easy ins and because I want them to buy this at the end okay
this lead magnet here in this video cashing in step number three I’m gonna
show them how to get these easy ins but how to do it manually how to go on
Google and how to do the manual research and they can still do it if they wanted
to right that could actually still do that they wouldn’t even have to purchase
the product okay so in this video I show them the manual the long process the
boring process right the boring way and people get it they’re like okay man I
can actually go to Google I can do this this is what you show me in a video I
can follow along I can model it and I can you know find some publishers and I
can run some traffic right boom I can do that
but then at the end of the video I say you know what that’s how you do it
manually but that’s not how I personally do it see by this time what happens was
I’ve established trust with these people I showed them some things they can you
know I created positive expectancy right so there’s trust there is genuine
relationship going on now right and so in the next video after that this is
like a bonus video I said you know what in the next video I’m gonna show you my
super ninja tool aka directory of easy ins that make sense and I didn’t call it
director of these scenes I call it something that’s sexy Dan that’s fun
right super ninja too and I said you know what that’s what I use to eliminate
all that long drawn-out process of manual you know some research and saves
me a ton of time and a tons of frustrations right and and I can get my
all my research done in about three minutes if I wanted to and get you know
access to your hundreds of publishers instantly okay and then in this video in
the next video I show them literally walking through how I use directory
revisions okay and what it’s like on the inside all that stuff what is doing for
me make sense and then below the video so basically my whole pitch here was
maybe about a minute long okay and I said so this is the tool that I use
personal it works really awesome I love it and
you know if you if you wanted to check it out I’m actually gonna place a link
right below this video you can check it out
but I think if you’re serious about taking this to the next level I highly
recommend that you get it that’s it that’s my own call to action ok and I
place this link right here click here to get your own super ninja – guess what
when they click on this look where they go see this now here is the crazy part
everybody else who were promoting director of visions directly ok without
this right they were getting like 1 percent conversion rate ok this model
for me right my conversion rate was 30 percent 30 percent sometimes even more
with cold traffic ok I made I instantly created myself an income of like 30 to
40 thousand dollars per month just like that now and what I would have been
trying right but what’s cooler is what happened was my list I was bit I was
building a list that was giant ok people people trusted me because this because
of this lead magnet right and there was a relationship and people were opening
my emails because guess what I showed them something cool that make sense does
this make sense to you right listen I don’t know what you’re promoting but I
want you to start thinking about being a little bit creative with what you do ok
your lead magnet how can you again what we do inside of
high traffic Academy Elite specifically is you know we take people and put them
on hot hot spots right hot seat and we say ok so what do you do you promoting
this company here it is different ideas for you for different lead magnets
here’s how you could do this here’s how you can structure this right and so it’s
a breakthrough breakthrough after breakthrough because I don’t really have
that larger right now you know 3 just talking to you this camera I at least
hope this is gonna open your eyes and you can be like you know what let me
think about this how I can apply this in my business make sense so the results
were really really awesome and then what I did is I layered over
invisible leverage you know the stuff that I talked to you about in the last
video for traffic right and I turned the whole thing this whole thing into a
into a into a replicated system and I allowed these people to plug in their
affiliate link for this product and promote my system right my lead magnet
this entire funnel and create incomes for them and we had people literally
earning tens of thousands of dollars per month just by promoting this funnel and
what happened was my image my name my goodwill in the community
he was tremendous right and and and that’s kind of how I got you know I went
from nobody to again reinvented completely my business to thirty forty
thousand dollars literally created that overnight and then built it just
snowballed from there right but this model works my friend
again it works okay so let me give a couple other examples here I know
recently well not recently couple a few years ago I joined you know a network
marketing company um and I said you know what everybody else is promoting you
know that company’s website directly or the landing page it’s saturated it’s all
over the place what I’m gonna do is I’m going to focus on a little bit of a
different message right and I created this landing page very very simple I
just had 100% free video reveals how to earn 5,000 to 15,000 per month online
without ever talking without ever talking to anybody step-by-step okay
when they click on show me they opt in okay and I take him to a simple video
right to where I explain to them how money is made on the internet right and
again similar concept what I’m sharing with you right now okay it bonded with
people and it allowed me to create an enormous income and engineer an enormous
income in their company this here’s another landing page that I created
later for that companies basically saying broadcasting now live right
discover how this college dropout turn earned two point eight million dollars
first year working from home with no phone okay and you know by this time I
had some success going on here’s another promotion that we did for
another traffic product this was probably a year ago or so and and you
know the landing page again was different than what everybody else was
promoting again I always do you have your rapper different than what
everybody else is doing right because you want to stand out you
one of you want to be unique you want to have to stand head and shoulders above
the crowd right so hundreds on free this one thing took my income from zero to
$79 per day and you can model it to now again what’s the hook here
well the hook here is this one or delete magnet this is one thing right one thing
and one thing really been knowledge about traffic and conversions okay
and then what’s the big you know hook is $7,900 per day and you can model it to
hey I can model it too right so that’s because now this page converted at like
sixty percent plus with cold traffic right and here is your magic phrase over
here right information will be sent to the email address provided above again I
practice what I preach my friend

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