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By | August 12, 2019

Hi and welcome back to Coffee Corner on today’s episode I’ll cover the latest in video marketing I’ll go over a cool company case who is using video on their website and I’ll go over some tips and tricks on how to optimize your video for SEO(search engine optimization) So you know the drill Grab a coffee press ‘F’ for full-screen mode and enjoy! Here’s what’s new in Video Marketing Google posts is a new feature that allows anyone with a Google my business account to share video’s, GIF’s and other content directly in their Google searches and maps posts allow people searching for your company to hear directly from you and it’s a great opportunity to curate content you want your audience to see At the moment Google posts is only available in some countries in some categories Facebook tested out it’s new VR 360 experience within it’s news feed with the upcoming release of the film Jumanji Users were able to play a scavenger hunt game with either a VR headset or utilize the 360 video all while within the Facebook app A game for those who seek to find, a way to leave their world behind But Jumanji is not alone The British museum and have also utilized the VR 360 experience within Facebook It’s a step towards VR being more integrated in our digital experience especially as we enter 2018 Expensive to produce, special scribes had to copy out magical spells in hieroglyphs and paint very vivid images of what you would expect to find on your journey to the afterlife One of these books of the dead shows a famous YouTube seems to be jumping on the stories bandwagon with the new feature called reels But with YouTube reels there is no expiration date Meaning, that it will have a longer shelf life than those ephemeral posts that you see on Instagram and Snapchat Reels will allow for up to 30seconds worth of video clips with stickers, music, text and more to be posted Google says the goal is to encourage more casual posting from users who may not want to upload a full video Reels is currently in beat testing mode Spotify is planning to open up it’s video strategy again this year while Spotify is first and foremost a music service It’s been looking for other ways to entertain users and generate ad sales according to Adage Given this is Spotifys third attempt at incorporating video within it’s platform It’ll be interesting to see what direction they go in Now time for a cool video case For today’s video case I want to highlight BMW who recently re-vamped it’s global website They not only integrated video seamlessly into their website but they have also turned it into a space full of various content The reason from this shift from stuffy traditional car website to more content orientated comes down to SEO(search engine optimization) With people often coming to BMW’s site via search engines BMW’s head of digital marketing explains that the goal of the site is to pull people in who are maybe not necessarily looking for a specific car but rather appeal to the lifestyle For instance, if people are talking about drones then BMW should be able to find a connection to their product and create content around that This is especially important as younger people are looking to be connected with and not sold to and actually not just younger people but everyone alike this shift could really resonate Beyond their website BMW turned to Snapchat to launch augmented reality ad’s to further connect with the younger crowd who they say arent as interested on Facebook, they are on Snapchat While the stats are not yet out on BMW’s new approach It’s a forward thinking way of connecting with potential customers and it’s a step away from traditional and rather unexciting car brand marketing techniques Here at Coffee Corner we’re kind of obsessed with the new website we think it’s super engaging and it’s a beautiful integration of video So let us know your thoughts in the comments below Now time for some tips and tricks On optimizing video for SEO(search engine optimization) It’s been getting harder to appear in top search results in the past few years But there is hope! Because appearing in the video’s tab is much easier So try and focusing on becoming a top search result in this tab at the very least and to do that let’s jump into some best practices on optimizing your videos Tip 1: Transcribe your smart script Video transcripts and close captioning makes your videos easier to follow and more easily found Also when you’re drafting your script be sure to include key words that are related to your video Tip 2: Include relevant meta data Optimize your titles and descriptions by doing keyword research to make sure that you’re focusing on key words that people are actually searching for Titles and descriptions play a big role when it comes to video ranking but it needs to represent your content and don’t just name your video file some generic name like “video12345” instead give it a name that includes your key words as this can also help your search ranking Tip 3: Make your video the page focus It’s important that your video is seen so be sure to keep your video at the top of your webpage so that it helps with playrate that ultimately helps with your SEO(search engine optimization) Also, Google only indexes one video per page so be sure your page is focused on one video rather than multiple videos so that it get’s the attention it deserves If you’re looking for yet another channel to follow all things video marketing go to Facebook and check out the CVO group which stands for Chief Video Officer, the links below and that’s it for this episode of Coffee Corner if you like this episode and you like this channel and what we do please hit that like button and if you’re new hit that subscribe button right here and if you missed the last episode of Coffee Corner you can check it out right here and if you want to know about Video Marketing in general you can check out our video marketing blog right here Until next time, bye

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