How to improve web app & site SEO with Google Lighthouse Audit for free!

By | August 28, 2019

Hello all, in this video we’ll be demonstrating how to improve and measure your web app. and site SEO with Google’s new SEO tool
called Lighthouse audit for free. SEO is not dead. Kknowledge Management is just an another name or whatever you say. All website owners and webmasters want to excel on that Google search result page or SERP. In early 2018, Google released an important and must-use SEO tool called Lighthouse that offers insight on how to improve the quality of your pages. Lighthouse, in fact, is an open-source, automated tool for improving the performance, quality, and correctness of your web pages or websites. When auditing a page, Lighthouse runs a barrage of tests against the page, and then generates a report on how well the page did. From there, you can use the failing tests as indicators on what you can do to improve your app or the website, based on the results. Throw any public URL to the Google’s ultimate SEO tool Lighthouse, it will perform audit from mobile-friendliness to accessibilities to progressiveness to performance and whatever a webmaster or a website owner need to know to have a fast loading web app or website. Lighthouse is available in
different modes say Google Chrome Dev tools, common line, node module and other
features as stated in this official page. Traditionally, you might be using Google
PageSpeed tool insight’s view to check your website’s mobile friendliness and
desktop performance. In this test, our website has performed 84 out of 100 and
is a good optimization for mobile version and it still has a
couple of things to fix. The same applies to the desktop mode as well. Even though this scores 85, there is still a couple of things to fix.
Okay, these are quite a traditional ways and now let’s look on how to perform
Lighthouse audit. As said earlier, throw any public URL to your browser
or Lighthouse audit tool, for example we are opening our website. Click this 3 dot
in Google Chrome. We are going thru to the easiest way. And then, go to the tools or go to the developer tools or you can automatically open developer tools with Ctrl+Shift+I. Okay here you are. You have the option to select a responsive user
agent or a responsive or a choice of your of smartphone. For this demo, we’ll
be leaving the responsiveness. This is website and then this is the Lighthouse
audit tool that performs audit which helps you identify and fix common
problems that affect your website’s performance, accessibility and user
experience plus more. Okay, click perform an audit, it will perform – it will check performance, progressive, best practices, accessibility and SEO. Okay, we were wrong/misnomer that in this video – at the start of this video, we said that is
just only about checking SEO but in fact SEO is one of the five audit reports
that Lighthouse generates for us. As you can see, Lighthouse is loading our
page — to the throttle major — throttle to measure performance on real device, 3G and say other aspects as you can see in the video. 19 seconds
average speed — JSON file Interesting facts over here. On the left
side, you can see the audit tool has automatically scrolled our website on
various devices, initially it was responsive and then finally to pass
through Nexus 5x version and now there’s no CSS or it is testing something almost
there lighthouse is now generating our on this piece of pretty report this wait
oh here we go holy crap the performance of this wave
app is 1/8 only no no biggie no because this website rose after a seven point
seven seconds that’s a big no need to do a lot for the performance of this
website as you can see the report perpetual speed index shows how quickly
contents of these are visible is okay there’s a song there are some
opportunities like we are using on your CSS rule this can be controlled okay the obviously boot time is too high
since to read on is new to be fixed and and another part progressive web edge
score 45 out of one under six failed audits the pace is not fast enough for
three z5 what is past there are some items to manually check cross-check this
is accessibility feature those it has this border relatively good on the
accessibility feature it’s seven seven and on this practices 63 yes he is quite
good it is scoring 90 out of 100 on fill audit report and then in pass reports
for su perspective and there are some things to check manually like mobile
friendliness weekends boom over friendliness test according to it
structured data validity test you can download this report are clear
and try again dragon perform with a new audit trail
we’re going to the Google structured data testing tool blade gets around
tests you on this page there are no errors or
warnings homeless bandit you it’s arrested we are testing all
friendly test you okay the piece is moral friendly
this piece is easy to use and mobile friend in it that’s all there are some mirrors that he putted you taryn’s
on these five areas lighthouse or atul definitely helps us to learn inside of
our website

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