How To Improve Local SEO

By | August 11, 2019

if you’re a local business then
chances are you probably want to get found by local prospects now in this
video I’m going to walk you through three key points to make sure that you
increase your chances of getting found by those people that are close to your
business Hey there! Shane black from Perl
Digital Marketing here and in this quick video I’m going to show you or speak to you about three key points to help get your local business found by more local
prospects. The benefit there is that you’re going to attract more leads which
will hopefully convert into more clients and bring more revenue to your business
and revenue is good because revenue equals growth and growth equals smiles.
So number one, first off in order to make sure that your business can be found by
local prospects is that you need to get listed in local directories. Now, there is
a key point here. You need to make sure your name address and phone number
listed across directories is the same the problem with any discrepancies is
that search engines can see it as that you’re not tending to your online
presence and they may decrease your rankings and we don’t want to decrease your rankings we want them to increase. So tip number one is you need to get your
business listed on local directories the name address and phone number needs to be the same across all of them. Now, get listed on directories that you
immediately think of Yellow Pages, Yelp all those ones that we all think of but
don’t just stop there think of some specific industry only directories or
websites that you can get listed on so for example if you’re a financial
planner look at financial planner or personal finance specific websites. Point
number two is you need to be producing consistent content so this is in the
form of any way that you’re comfortable with so for me personally I like to do
video and then pull out either blogs or etc from that video to really
exponentially increase the amount of content that I’m able to generate from my time spent but not enough local businesses and generating content. Make sure that
content is focused on the keywords you want to be found for by your local prospects and what you’ll see is your rankings increase
over time. Point number three is that you need to optimize your Google My Business
profile now this is kind of like the social media page for your business it
lives on Google, it’s where people can review you, it’s where your map or your
business address is located so that when people are searching for you you’re
going to pop up. Now don’t just optimize your Google My Business actually post on
it from time to time so putting up relevant posts treat it like a
Facebook page and put up relevant posts keep it fresh, keep it consistent and
what you’ll see is that your business will increase in rankings within the
local market. So that’s it to wrap up there’s three tips that I’d suggest
that you look at in order to increase your local presence so
obviously there’s gonna be a lot more that comes in to play but if you focus on
these first three first then you’re going to see your presence increase so
just a recap get listed in local directories make sure that your name
address and phone number are the same step two produce consistent content and
then step three make sure that your Google My Business profile is optimized
and fresh so if you’d like to learn more about SEO or how to improve your online
presence make sure you hit subscribe make sure you follow us and until next
time stay classy

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