How to Implement Effective SEO to Increase Your Blog Post Search Ranking

By | October 19, 2019

Hello. Amber Vilhauer here, your
online business growth expert. And during today’s 4-minute fast-track video,
I’m going to be talking to you about search engine optimization and how to
optimize your blog post to get better results inside of Google. How excited are
you to check out this step? It’s really an important one though because it’s
unbelievable to me even to this day how much traffic I am getting to my website
just from google. I don’t even have to pay for that traffic. They’re just coming
to me organically through my website and the reason is because I have optimized
my blog post and I started blogging from the very beginning stages of my business
and I did it very consistently every single week moving forward. If you start
early, if you stay consistent, and if you follow these tips to optimize your blog
post, just imagine the amount of traffic you’re going to be getting to your
website in the future. So this is more of a long-term goal, but it’s such a good
tip to start implementing. Alright so let’s start top to bottom. Number one is
your title of your blog post. Instead of getting too fancy pants and creative
with your title, think about what are people searching on in Google in order
to find this blog post. So I would stay pretty basic with your language, pack
those keywords in there such as: “the 3 ways to reduce stress” because
people might be searching for ways to reduce stress, right, and then your blog
post is going to come up. So that’s going to be your title. People love lists, so if
you can do 3 ways, 7 ways, 37 ways 61 ways, 101 ways: those are always
going to be the articles that get the most traffic so keep that tip in mind, too.
Then have a short introduction about why this topic is so important, how the you
know the reader should be feeling you know: do you ever feel so stressed out
that you literally can’t see straight or your heart starts pounding and you feel,
you know, like you can’t calm down and everything just becomes overwhelming?
Well I get that. These 3 tips are really going to help calm you down
immediately within 30 seconds or less. Whatever that
intro is: keep it short and keep those keywords in there here again: “ways to
reduce stress.” Then I want you to break up the blog post into those 3
sections. So you would put “first way to reduce stress” with a short description
paragraph, “second way to reduce stress” with a short description, “third way to reduce
stress.” Now we have “ways to reduce stress” in our title, in our introductory
paragraph, as our subheadings 1, 2, and 3 and then you want to add it again into
your concluding paragraph where you say you know again: “if you ever if you have
issues with feeling stressed out these three ways to reduce stress are
dramatically going to help you but let me know which ways you reduce your
stress by leaving a comment below.” Now you don’t want to get obnoxious with how
much you’re using “ways to reduce stress” but you definitely want it in there
regularly throughout. Usually what I do is I write the blog post as naturally as
possible then I review it and see could I add in “ways to reduce stress” naturally
anywhere else in this blog post? Another tip is to add in an image into that blog
post. Now when you are adding in this image, rename the file of the image to
three-ways-to-reduce -stress.jpg. Three ways to reduce
stress. Then upload the image. Now Google is going to tag that image under the
images section of “ways to reduce stress” and you can get traffic to your website
and images as well as for the blog post. Plus it’s going to help your overall
ranking with that blog post as well. Then if there is an opportunity, see if you
can link one of the phrases “ways to reduce stress” somewhere in the blog post
see if you can make that a link to another product, a program, a service
offering, another blog post, because Google is going to pay special attention
when scanning that blog post for bold key phrases links and
that has color to it but just for the sake of you know being easy on the eyes
Don’t add a lot of color to your blog post because it’s annoying and
distracting to your view to your viewers, but if you do those things consistently
on all of your blog post moving forward, it is unbelievable what’s going to
happen in terms of getting you traffic inside of Google, ok? That’s a great tip
for you. Did you like this tip? I hope you did. I love these 4-minute fast track
tips because I’m going to teach you about how to build your online platform,
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  1. Nathan Aponte Post author

    So if you can get organic traffic to your website, why even pay google for a banner ad?

  2. Chasen Chess Post author

    OK. You are TOO cute. Great post. Great content. Thanks. Keep rockin!


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