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By | August 15, 2019

I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with a
lot of phone calls emails about how we can make you number one on Google. You’re
probably heard enough. Well, I want to make sure that you understand the right
questions and the safeguards to make sure you’re getting every pennies worth
out of your SEO investment. So, one of the most frequent questions
people ask me is “How did you get started in this business?” Long story as short as
I possibly can make it is I was fired 6 times in my 20’s. I was too bossy to
have a boss. I always knew more than everyone else did.
Typical 20 year old. But I just… After (I think) my sixth boss and waiting for… I
never forget. I would wait for weeks for social media come out of legal
and the red tape of getting anything done or just driving me nuts.
So, but I my last job was over… My husband’s like, “Maybe we should try that
self-employment thing.” So, I was very, very lucky the last job. Literally on the last
training I went to, I met one of the founders of Yahoo and she and I
completely hit it off. She hired me on the spot to do her training for her. And I was scared to death. I started traveling around the country with her. I
was training million-dollar advertisers for Yahoo. So, people that spent a million
dollars a month on paid search with Yahoo and there’s a lot of them at that
time. So, I would roll into a city and I’d have all my notebooks and I’d set up my
room and pretty much it was about punking… Yep. Good. Let’s go Punk Yahoo. So,
I would get all these guys that were super smart and they would roll in and
they would try to Punk me. And I’m very competitive. So, I was always like I’m up
for the… I’m up for the challenge. So, through that meat grinder. I learned how
to be a trainer. And subsequently built my business based on the referrals that
I got from from those people. Which is great. I learned so much and it was like…
It was 320 slides. I’ll never forget. And every slide… Had just about every slide
had 3 points in a story. So, I had to have that cold. And I’ll never forget my
final exam before I got hired by Yahoo. There was 3 or 4 of the
executives. They were in the back of the room. I had to give my whole presentation
and then I was scored. And ultimately, I was able to pass that and got hired by
Yahoo to be a trainer. This is Gracie, by the way. What I saw was a huge amount of
disservice to a lot of business owners. They wanted to be successful online but
they were incredibly intimidated by all the jargon, all the rhetoric, all the
acronyms, all the Google algorithm conversations. And I was too because I
felt like they were the most underserved and also the ones that would taken
advantage of the most. These guys, guys rolling in with all this
fancy language and you wish you were as smart as I was and you should just pay
us and just go away, let us do our job. And I got really really tired of that. So,
when I started my agency wrote my first book. –Findability Formula. I wanted to
create content that was accessible and helpful to people who were not nerds. Who
didn’t live to learn every line the Google algorithm. People that really were
just trying to get do good work, take care of their families. Put food on the
table. You know, they’re just they’re just working hard and they’re just trying to
market their business like anyone else. So, I built findability group which was
my first agency. I had that for 10 years. We were a full service internet
marketing company. Paid search social SEO. I sold that when I had 16 employees.Iin
my 30’s I had something to prove. I wanted a sign on the side of the
building. And when I finally got the site inside the building, it was taking a toll
on me. I was traveling a lot. I had a lot of health problems from stress and
I finally decided that it was time for me to sell the agency. So, I sold the
agency and that’s when I found it Findability University
and my whole tagline is empowering businesses to dominate online. Meaning,
pull back the curtain. Show them how things really work. How people think. And
understand that through data so business owners can understand data and then
interpret that data to create content that’s meaningful that connects and
converts. And that’s been my mission ever since I sold my agency. And why I’ve
written my last 2 books is because I want to empower businesses to do this
themselves. And I always had a vision for what I wanted to do. I wanted to have
retreats and I wanted to have them in amazing locations. Everyone, we call the
workations. You know, everyone got to come work
really hard and then maybe play a little hard.
Because I don’t work a nine-to-five. You know, I travel around the country, I work
everywhere that I travel. I work from home. I work with clients. So, I don’t have
a traditional lifestyle by any means. You know and I like it… I like it that way. So,
if I’m gonna architect my own business, I’m gonna do it my way. And my way was
about making it easy. Making it accessible and making it fun. And that’s
why I get out of bed every morning. Because I get really jazzed when I see
other business owners see the light bulb go off. And they’re like, “Okay. How come no
one’s ever explained it to me like this?” I love hearing that because that means
they really… They connected with the content. They had a good time doing it
and hopefully it takes their businesses to a whole new level through an
online searches and being able to really finally take ownership of their own
marketing online. When I left Yahoo search marketing, I was convinced that I
was a trainer. And I was a trainer. It was hardcore. You shush,
I talk you, take notes, you leave. There was no interaction. So, when I sold my
agency, I decided that I want to be a professional speaker and I thought… Well
that’s like a Tony Robbins, right? And I wanted to be a speaker who could help
businesses transform and what I learned very quickly is I was not a speaker, I
was a trainer. And a speaker… Speaking, being a speaker is a much different
lifestyle than being a trainer. So, I joined the National Speakers Association.
And that was hugely transformative to my life because I was able to understand
what it meant to get audience interaction. To get audience
participation. To get them doing the work. So, about 5 years ago when I sold my
agency, I decided to put people behind the laptops and let them have their own
journey. And that’s what I do now is I through private coaching and through
retreats and training. You know, I want people to feel empowered that they can
do this themselves. And as a professional speaker, I thought I have to roll in like
Tony Robbins. And what I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t about being a
celebrity from stage. That was not… It was not congruent for
me. It was about being empowering people through my speaking to do it themselves.
And for a long time, I didn’t really think that I could do it. I didn’t think
I could give the power back to the audience because I was always so used to
being in charge in front of an audience look, “How smart I am.”
And I decided that it wasn’t about how smart I was. Is about how smart they were.
And that was a big turning point in my career where I feel like I finally could
understand how to pivot from highly technical topics to something that makes
it accessible and fun. I was on Oprah twice. I was… I got recruited by Tony
Robbins. I did 7 international events because he Hayes Booker search for easy
non-technical SEO and they found me. Go figure. And I got all these great
opportunities. And as I went through this the 7 international gigs with
Tony… And I I realized that that was not who I was. I realized that being a
keynote or was not what I wanted to do. It was very glamorous but it felt very
soulless to me. And so the reason that I built Findability University is because
I wanted to access and reach someone. I wanted to see if being a professional
speaker was really what I wanted to do. And it turns out it’s kind of a hybrid
between speaking and training. So, the evolution of is very
interesting because it started off as of course. Flanagan graphic design. That was
my first business. My second business was web arts which was a website design
company. Then my third business was findability group. Then that was my
agency. And now it’s Findability University. Now, I had Heather Lutze
for a long time. But Heather Lutz is a reality television star. And so I didn’t
want that. I own that domain Heather Lutz without the e. My name is Heather Lutze, with the e. So, I realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t a professional
speaker, I didn’t want to be a celebrity. So, I went ahead and switched to Now, what’s interesting is that before the recession, findability
comm was a $200,000 domain. And the guy who was selling it wanted $200,000 for
it. Well, I was not going to spend that kind of money. Then after the recession,
the number got a whole lot nicer like around $4,000. So, I finally was able to
secure as my domain. And that was a big turning point in the
evolution of my business and my domain because now I was really leading with
not only an industry expression that was being commonly used. But also a way to
think about SEO differently. And I still to this day
hate the word SEO because I think it’s riddled with misunderstanding. It’s
riddled with snake-oil shysters really. Who roll in with all this fancy
knowledge and all these technical terms and overwhelm the business owner to such
a point they just write a check. And I think the reason that the average
turnover rate with SEO companies is about a year because I think that
ultimately there’s only so long a business owner will wait to see results.
And then they’re going to try it again and again and again. And I find that once a
business owner decides that they’re going to be fully invested in how their
findable online, that’s really where the money shows up. It’s where
their thought leadership shows up and ultimately it’s how you bring real
profitability to an online presence. At Findability University, we are not an
SEO agency. We are the un-agency. We feel very strongly about empowering you, your
marketing teams. No matter what your size, no matter what your budget helping you
to finally access what people really want. So, think about human nature through
data. If we could connect, I can show you the tools I’m going to get you connected
with that data. Then we can carefully craft content, social media videos based
on what people really want. Their heartbeat as opposed to how we want to
put ourselves out into the world. That’s real findability and that’s why I
do what I do every day. Man, I love SEO. I hope you’re geeking out with me too. Make
sure to subscribe to my channel. Hit the bell button so that you get notified
every day of easy the non-technical tips and tricks to
make you the most findable business online.

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