How to guarantee the top spot on Google Search results!

By | September 9, 2019

– I’m thinking there’s gotta
be a quick way, like, you know, people who wanna work the system and they wanna get on
that first page of Google, like, right away. – So you wanna know if its possible to get on the first page
of Google really fast. Yeah, there’s different
ways of doing that. – How can you
– People do it. – Get to the top of the
Google search results quickly? That’s the question. – Sure. – That’s a great question. Obviously the easiest
way is to pay for it. The top of the Google search results certainly over the last two years has been populated by ads and you’ll see a little square icon at
the beginning of that text, that blue text, that search
text that we all look for. And it will say ‘ad.’ Those are paid search ads
and they’ll come in either singles, three-packs,
or five-packs of ads. If Google doesn’t feel there are a lot of really qualified websites
in your local area, it will actually extend
it and use five packs and a map for paid ads, as well. So the fastest way to get to the top of the Google home
page is to pay for it. – Now interestingly enough, people aren’t actually paying to be on
that first page, right? They only pay when somebody clicks on it. – Well they only pay when somebody clicks and that’s exactly right. So if your content is targeted really well and your keywords are
selected really well, the resulting cost is also
reduced on those clicks. So a simple Google ad might
cost fifty cents a click but you may be seen a thousand times before you ever get a click. The benefit is that your
brand gets some exposure so if your ads actually
have your business name or what you do associated
with your business name, you can use it as a sort of
a brand exposure campaign as well as an actual click campaign to get people to come to your website. – So now all platforms obviously have their own paid campaign mechanisms. We’ve got Facebook ads where
you can boost posts there, display stuff, many different purposes. Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, but Arc, we have a current favorite one. YouTube ads.
– We have a few favorite ones but YouTube
– They’re our favorite. – YouTube ads
– Are awesome. – Are an amazing opportunity for businesses to get some exposure
within their own market. YouTube allows demographics
to be used for targeting so if your know that
your customer segment is, you know you’re that 25-to-35 market and you’re in specific cities or specific even postal codes, zip codes, you can target to them directly. You can target by
interest, you can target by – Your competitor. – Your competitors. There are dozens of ways to do it. And these ads would run immediately before content on YouTube – So that’s the cool part, right? – That your market is watching. – So you know when you’re on YouTube and you’re watching a video and you gotta wait the first six seconds
’til you can skip the ad? That’s what we’re talking about. – And that is free
– Free. – On the ad system. – Only if they continue watching and don’t skip the ad do you actually pay. And it’s been like, what, pennies. – Yeah, it generally is pennies per view. The really important thing is if you structure your content well and you structure your ads well, you can play that system a little bit by reminding people to hit the Skip button at the 26 or 27-second mark. If you’re just using it
for brand and exposure and to sort of explain who you are, it’s a powerful tool to get your message and your product or service out there and not have to pay a whole lot. – Not really. – By driving good traffic,
though, to your site, well obviously you run
the opportunity then of getting some sales out of it. So certainly worth consideration in the bigger picture of
online advertising tools. – Now, you could try this out yourself and you get all those
free coupons from Google, right, for Google Adwords and whatnot and they want you to try it out. Generally speaking, I think
that’s a waste of money, though. – I think the hardest part about using these online ad platforms, whether it’s Google
Adwords, now called Ads, or the YouTube ad system, or Facebook, or Pinterest, or any of
the others for that matter, understanding the platform
takes time and experience and one thing that all of these platforms are extremely good at
– (laughs) Oh yes. – There’s really one thing,
and that is opening your wallet and taking out your money. – Basically. – They’re built to make money. There’s no question about that. So for you to leverage
those tools in the best way, we believe some guidance
and some experience in setting up those campaigns
is always a good idea. And if you choose down the road to sort of learn from
it, that’s fantastic. But out of the gates,
you’re probably gonna wanna have some help to get
the best bang for your buck. And by all means, don’t
jump on Adwords Express or Express Ads or boost posts, because those tools are
built to generate revenue for those ad platforms and
they don’t generally serve you as well as they should. That’s just a, a little hint. – So it is possible to
get to the top of Google. – It is possible, if
you’re willing to put in the time, effort, and
a little bit of budget. – Or a lot. – Or a lot. (snickers) Hey, I’m Greg from Mtek Digital. – And I’m David from Mtek Digital. If you like this video or
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