How to GROW Your YouTube Channel Like the PROS

By | November 22, 2019

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  1. Think Media Post author

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  2. More Sivan Post author

    Please do more of this, i like seeing you talk in that kind of stage ❤

  3. Joey bags Shadday Post author

    I started my channel flying my drone in cool places showing what it can do and how. I h it can provide, check it out and subscribe,

    Wanted to ask if you had any pointers on making my channel more appealing to the public. Love your channel and your videos, you help a ton, keep it up, and thanks again.

  4. The House of ASMR Post author

    Thank you for all your help! I just did my first video🙏🏻⚜️

  5. ツFíRèFóXx Post author

    I've been trying to make a gaming channel but they make people cringe I need help !!!

  6. Monika G. Post author

    hello,I want to buy a camera for vlogging n youtuber videos
    n i m confused between canon m50 and 200 d mark ii
    Can you please help me out
    what camera would you choose
    I hope you reply soon

  7. CHEFPK Post author

    Absolutely great advice. My main series is 61 episodes long and has brought me over 14k subscribers in about 7 months and climbing.

    But, honestly, that doesn't matter as much as understanding HOW my very niche channel can cross niche to bring interests together.

    Just getting started.

  8. Lily Wermter Post author

    Thank you so much for the info and advice! Just started my own youtube channel! 🙂

  9. Oscar Vlogs Post author

    Hey everyone. Subscribe to my channle like this video to confirm thank you all hope you guys like my channle

  10. JoyGeeks Post author

    I love this content you made Sean, super helpful 🙂thanks!

  11. Mr Phone Doctor Post author

    Views while you snooze! Love it. wheres the merch?

  12. KODI'S WORLD Post author

    I was curious if i made a song on someone else's beat would i get paid if i put it on my channel

  13. MrJunnerChickens Post author

    Think Media i subscribed you and thanks for your new advice, you the one of the kind🙂

  14. The Metal Machine Post author

    I will exchange subscriptions with anyone FAST AND LOYAL just respond! Lets grow together!

  15. TechReviewPH Post author

    hello…thanks for this video and I'm very thankful for you videos. I'm making my own YouTube because I'm inspired to make because of your videos here in Youtube

  16. Miss Matti Post author

    That was some great content Sean! I sort of 'have a couple of shows' or series. I started a project I call The Upcycle Project and then I have my Mend with Matti-series. I have a lot of content planned for both in the upcoming months. After watching this I realize how powerful that kind of content strategy actually can be so I will put more focus on that.

  17. Rose Gumera Post author

    I just started my interview with the entrepreneurs show… what do you think is the best name of my show?

  18. Jonte Haglund Post author

    Starting a travel vlog with 3 videos a week, is that a sort of show?

  19. S.M ART pokemon Post author

    If you give me 1 subscribers I will give you 2 subscribers, 2 subscribers then I will give 4 subscribers……………………………..
    If you give me 5 subscribers then I will give you 10 subscribers
    Write the no. Of subscribers you gave sincerely

  20. English is Fun Post author

    I’m so happy for finding this amazing channel! Your tips are helping me so much! You’re awesome!
    I’m from Brazil 🇧🇷😉

  21. Sullivan J Photography Post author

    Loved your information! Yep, I have a show…it's actually on in a couple of hours, lol! It's called, "The Macro Photography Live Chat Show". It's every other Thursday at 5pm PDT. I have to say that I don't have many people watching the show. I'm not sure why because my guests are top-notch Macro photographers and my website has been one of the top 20 websites for Macro Photographers? Now, the people that do watch the show say that they love it so again, I just don't understand why the views are so small? But thanks for asking 🙂

  22. Orson Prime Post author

    I’m Subcribing To Anyone .✅✅✅

    Who Subs and Likes This And Comments “ Done “

  23. Matt MirrorFish Post author

    Killer tips Sean! Big fan of everything you do. I love the Q&A format because it means you don't need to think of every topic and if your audience is engaged you'll never run out of content.

  24. Isaiah The Legacy Post author

    Just came out with my first video, thanks for all the tips

  25. Waqas Iqbal Post author

    Important for New Youtubers like me. 1) Persistence 2) Passion 3) Patience

  26. EerieTales Post author

    I'll subscribe to anyone who subscribes to me! Small youtubers lets lift eachother up!😊😊

  27. Cooking recipes by shah Post author

    Amazing information! Especially for new YouTubers like me. Really encouraging video, thanks for sharing.
    It’s definitely hard to grow on YouTube but not giving up is the key.
    Learned a lot from your video, thanks again!!!

  28. Plant Based Homestead Prepper Post author

    Love the video. I do a show on Saturdays at 505pm

  29. NotVicious Post author


  30. GB ApeEra Post author

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  31. Jay Carver Post author

    Those people in the crowd were supposed to be digital marketers and they didn’t know who Gary V was? I’m assuming they just started last week then lol….anyway great job man! Definitely going to put your advice into action.

  32. JP Lyrics Post author

    Any aspiring youtubers wany to help each other grow?💖

  33. Koaly’s World Post author

    1like=2 subscribers for those small youtubers who lost hope growing thier channel

  34. R&R Twins Post author

    If you are reading this, I hope your channel becomes successful
    Let’s show some love for each other !

  35. TRAVEL STARS VLOG Post author

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    🔥I’ᗰ ᖴᗩᔕT🔥

  36. CoolKids-AJ Post author

    im small YouTuber..a new here…so many tips that can learn for this channel…Many thanks THINK MEDIA>

  37. Slingshot Strikes Back Post author

    I want to share with people my journey to health and happiness, and help to create a community of love and respect for ourselves and our bodies. I will also be exploring how my depression affects my weight gain and loss. Other than ME, I don't have anything thats unique to bring to the channel. Any suggestions?

  38. Vivek regmi Post author

    Hey Sean! That was some amazing content. It was exactly what I needed to see right now. I am a technopreneur and I am planning to start a youtube "Show" where I will build a web-app for my own start-up from the ground up. I want it to be an educational show where I am gonna show them how to build a start-up. I will discuss the idea, it's market research etc, then for the next 6 months make videos showing the progress of the website I am building. And eventually, launch, do the marketing and everything. I am not sure if people would want to see it and if I will be able to consistently create content for my channel.
    I would really want your opinion and your advice.

  39. Home life Music Post author

    1 like = sub
    For all youtuber that's needs help let's work together

  40. Eva Brownell Post author

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  41. Adulting by Lola Post author

    Any small Youtubers want to support each other and help each other grow?

  42. MrMatmanGentleman Post author

    I have a singing/gaming channel and right now pretty niche

  43. Destiny Phillips Post author

    I just started my channel on Lifestyle and Nursing School and am so close to 100 subscribers!! This video is so helpful!

    Any small YouTubers want to help each other out?? Lets support each other and become friends! ♥️

  44. Chilled Thug Life Potato Post author

    Willing to support anyone , leave a reply 🙂

  45. Essy Chilcutte Post author

    Double tree cookies were so Weird to me They have this heated box and hand you a warm cookie

    I was having a bad day and a Cookie can be nice if your having a hard trip.

    Me Umm No I want my room key to actually work… not chocolate.

  46. Essy Chilcutte Post author

    It was really nice to meet you!
    Vidsummit was actually really helpful.

    I am working on my channel startup I am a DIY artist and My Artists friends do some amazing Arts and Preforming so for me it's easy access to content creating. The problem was finding my voice being self conscious etc. Met all these creators and was told over and over I was FUN that I was Pretty and the BIGGEST creator I follow was the sweetest person ever!

    How cool is that 1200+ videos 10 million subs and they are a genuinely Nice person. Love it!

    ***my vision***
    To start small Sewing hacks tr hings you can do Some are in other videos but are hard to see as they are filmed on phones too dark blurry and other issues like sound is bad m or even in other languages.

    Point is to make the videos that I struggled to understand and things I had to figure out in an archive that's useful to folks who share my interests.

    I started before Youtube even before Google and Yahoo could help you find how to guides. I found Videos by mail, magazine, new letters and actually took lessons. READING old and new books on How to Sew/craft.

    So now I have thousands of notes each is a Hack, trick or an original* I am sure someone else Does it hack…

    Anyway that's me

    Style I figured out
    Gear I got covered
    And Studio I signed a lease on.

    So now its a matter of time and… a name. I NEED Something. And I am not good at Names.

    Learning to edit*
    And yeah

    Let's do this

    Next year Vidsummit
    Will be ready for reviews!

  47. Procrastium Post author

    Really hope this youtube thing works out cuz I got a midterm tomorrow that I haven't studied for…

  48. Mei Yu Kang Post author

    Lets support each other beginners youtubers unite. Please subscribe. Thank you.

  49. Silent ASMR Post author

    Hii i’m new here and just uploaded my first asmr video 🌸

  50. Salve Sigua Post author

    Hi in the philipines .firstym here ur channel thanks for imfomation.i lear the content.and other.

  51. Xena Luv The Cat Post author

    It's cliche to say this but I feel imma explain it better; just make videos about something you are passionate about, you know u are passionate when you enjoy making the video more than u like watching the numbers grow. When you are in love with what you do it distracts you from the numbers and the competition and, that's the biggest downfall for new YouTubers like myself… TOO FOCUSED ON NUMBERS, waiting to get monetized and comparing yourself too much with the competition. Hope this helped someone.

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    i hug you💓 kindly hug back🚩

  55. Kenya Parrot Post author

    I can’t wait until I can start a Q&A show about parrots 🦜 thanks for this .. great video

  56. Summer Joy Beaulieu Post author

    Looking for new subscribers! Trying to get my channel going. It’s Vlogs, Travel, Music, DIYs, Plants. I would also love some new channels for me to follow. 🧡✨

  57. Jacob Roubic Post author

    Looking to grow my channel I film skits and stuff like that

  58. Juicegasm Post author

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  59. Entrepreneur Journey2018 Post author

    Thank you for the info, i think the best way to grow fast is to post trending content and YT will boost it organically

  60. Shade NoShade Post author

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    Amazing! Thanks sean! Always a great spot for the right perspective

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    This video was awesome… Thank you…. So much learning from your channel.

  68. Clarece Leona Post author

    Thank you! I can’t wait for the day I make it big and I get to shake your hand and thank you personally for what your content has done for me!

  69. Mohammed Foysal Miah Post author

    Hi Sean I just want a say you're a great I have been watching your videos over the last couple weeks regularly, I'm new in this platform I work on road safety and trying to reach people on YouTube, Question which one is better out vidIQ or Tubebuddy? Thank you for all your tips.

  70. Phalon Reacts Post author

    I'm definitely going to try this strategy. To see if it works for my channel.

  71. SillyFilms Post author

    I feel so stunted and it's a shame because my content is good now and I really enjoy it but I just can't reach anyone

  72. Passion of Life Post author

    Small Youtubers such as me out there let's help each other I will subscribe back to y'all reply here


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