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By | August 8, 2019

Do you wanna get more video views? Well today I’m gonna teach you one simple hack that will get you a ton more video views. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to share with you how to get more video views on Linkedin. (upbeat music) Now before we get started, I have a quick question for you guys. How many of you guys have ever submitted a video on Linkedin? Here’s the thing with Linkedin, they lack video content
and they’re craving for it. So much so where if you
just upload a video, you will get way more traffic on Linkedin then you will if you just posted an update that’s text related. I kid you not, in most cases you’ll see a four, five X difference. That’s a one simple hack and of course if you enjoy this, make sure you subscribe to this channel cause I have more tips, but don’t worry we’re not done there yet. I’m going to teach you some other hacks that will get you the
most out of your videos that you upload to Linkedin. So the first tip I have for
you is upload a SRT file. What most people don’t
realize about Linkedin is a lot of their videos are autoplay, people at work when they’re on Linkedin, they’re not hearing what’s happening If you have a SRT file, that’s all that text is
happening in the videos, that allows people to follow
along without their speakers. You could go to,
get your video transcribed and upload that
transcription into Linkedin. In addition to that, with Linkedin when you’re uploading a video you’re writing a description
about that video. You can use tools like Ubersuggest that will tell you all the popular keywords you should go after. That’s the second thing you want to do. Leverage popular
keywords, not just in your description when you’re uploading a video but also when you’re
using tags on Linkedin cause you can use tags,
a lot of the tags I use are like digital marketing, hashtag seo, hashtag google analytics, these are all phrases
that get searched a lot, which helps me get more traffic. The next tip I have for you is the first line in your
Linkedin description should be a short, one sentence. The moment people click see more, cause when you use short short sentences, Linkedin cuts it off, you have click see more to read the rest, Linkedin’s like, Oh people are engaging They’re clicking see more. That causes your video
to go much more viral. The next tip is to
respond to every comment, answering it and of course
asking another comment. When you do that, it’ll encourage more and more comments
and that’s one of the main factors in Linkedin’s algorithm, they’re purely looking at comments. The more you can get the
better off you’re going to do. So encourage em and also respond
to em as fast as possible right when they come in, cause that’ll cause people to keep coming back and leaving more and more comments. And last but not least, when you’re recording videos on Linkedin, I already mentioned that
comments do wonderful things. In your video, just ask
people to leave a comment and ask them a question. When you do that and
they leave more comments, you’ll naturally go
more viral on Linkedin. So that’s it. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this
video, like it, comment, share, subscribe to the channel. Of course if you need help
with your digital marketing, check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital.

39 thoughts on “How to Grow Your Business Using Video on LinkedIn | Neil Patel

  1. Millionaire Mind - How To Make Money Online Post author

    I've just started on LinkedIn. Thanks for sharing this! This was what I was looking for to help me! Thanks so much! Lets connect guys!? 🙂

  2. Cooper Landing Fishing Guide Post author

    I'm already starting to see a big bump in business by being more and more in the LinkedIn space 🙂

  3. Nick Gorman Studios Post author

    Thanks Neil – definitely going to try these hacks!

  4. Matthew Padiyara Post author

    Is there a particular length of video that works well in your experience?

  5. wedoebe Post author

    This was soooo powerful! The best 3mins I've experienced in a long time.Thanks Neil as always.

  6. James Scott Post author

    Don’t sleep on this one people. Neil is handing this to you on a plate

  7. NickVasilich Post author

    Hey Neil, thank you for one more useful video.

    But your video made me stuck!
    I’m digging deep within social media add yesterday found out another recommendation for LinkedIn hashtags. They suggest to use no more than 2-3 tags.

    Could you please explain why do you recognize to use even more tags?

    And, please, suggest how to evaluate popular relevant tags for LinkedIn? I mean what service to use to find best hashtag for LinkedIn?

  8. Dace Damio Post author

    Hello Neil Patel,

    Love your content and you as a person.!!
    Keep making great content!!

  9. Janek Beglarjan Post author

    Hello neil If I make an title called friskis och svettis ekby and I make sub category in the post friskis och svettis price friskis och svettis open hours friskis och svettis enviorment is this over optimalzation kind regards

  10. jimjurisvideos Post author

    Neil, can I use LinkedIn with a laptop? I don't use it now because I am under the impression I have to use a cell phone or a tablet in order to be able to post on LinkedIn.

  11. Shajidur Rahman Post author

    It is a little late to comment. Please forgive us today's video was really awesome that I could never forget because I'm thinking how to make video marketing. So a little encouraged to see your video. Again a big thank you again

  12. Ali Mirza Post author

    🔥 LinkedIn has been huge or me (Esp video content) … I think now that they have live coming our soon, it will be interesting
    Organic reach on LinkedIn is deff higher than other platforms
    let's crush it on LinkedIn

  13. DaZzling Boy Prashant Post author

    Sir iam your big fan…..Iam always watching your videos…….Neil Sir In future i wanna meet you really….it's my wish…..i hope one day it will become true…..I also want to be a big business man like you……Your one thing i like the most is that

    Neil knowledge: Grow your business it's really right.

    Iam expecting too much to meet with you….i hope one day we will meet sir….

  14. Crane Truck Hire & Transport Services - On The Move Transport - Gold Coast And Brisbane Post author

    Your work is amazing Neil. I tried reaching out to your company but had no answer back from anyone.

  15. Host Promo Post author

    I didnt know LinkedIn does videos now, I may need to create my account now. Thanks! 🔥

  16. Luminary L&H Co. Ltd Post author

    Already followed, are you over 30,000 Linkedin connection that can't add connection?😀

  17. hamza yunusa Post author

    You my mentor sir!,

    I have a question sir, as a web developer just getting started on LinkedIn, what type of content should i be posting to get at-least my first client as a web developer?

    Thank you very much.

  18. Dhruvanshi Pandya Post author

    What about bulk email? What tool should I use for it? Is that better option? Please suggest

  19. Manuel Valentin Post author

    Thank you Neil! I have been thinking about advertising on LinkedIn for a while now. But I haven't thought much about video because I simply haven't seen much there. I am very happy I came across your video. Q: are there restrictions against content promoting wealth-building, crypto, Forex, etc. as there are in FB?

  20. Carprincess Post author

    Great video Neil. I'm not sure if I'd use videos on LinkedIn, at least not at the moment, but I definitely agree with using captions on videos on LinkedIn. Whenever I'm on there, I'm not listening to any videos, I'm reading


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